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Authors at Foyles

Welcome to Authors at Foyles, where you'll find authors who have really struck a chord with us and whose work we wanted to showcase. You'll find interviews, extracts, selections of their own favourite books, and much more besides, as well as being able to see their available publications at a glance. Below are the most recent authors to join our illustrious roll call. Do use the Find Author menu below to see the full list. We've also recently launched our Bookcast series, the next best thing to catching an author's live appearance at one of our Foyles events.

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Recent Authors

Rebecca Rebecca Mackenzie

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Rebecca about how her own experience as the child of missionaries infomed her writing, the use of a colour-coded gospel as an evangelising tool and why the missionaries stayed in China even after the outbreak of war.

Zana Zana Fraillon

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Zana about why all of us, and especially children, need to understand more about the plight of refugees and asylum seekers, why she wants to tackle the slave trade next, and having a garden gnome as a lifelong comfort object.

Ben H Ben H Winters

Exclusively for Foyles, we spoke to Ben about creating an alternative American history in which the Civil War never happened, and his distress at the extent to which racial injustice is still a part of the American experience.

Sarah-Jane Sarah-Jane Stratford

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Sarah-Jane about the exhilaration of writing about the invention of an industry in a world that was changing apace, how the ‘Surplus Women’ took advantage of a changed world and wrought a lot of changes themselves and how radio changed women's lives.

Fredrik Fredrik Backman

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Fredrik about the challenges of writing Britt-Marie - and where his character overlaps with hers, trying to explain his love of sport and the importance of being seen.

Andrea Andrea Hoffmann

As Farida Khalaf's memoir about her capture by ISIS and eventual escape is published, we talked to her co-author Andrea Hoffmann about Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Andrea about how she came to meet Farida, the shame and stigma Farida feels about what happened to her, and making a new life in Germany.

Jessie Jessie Burton

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to The Miniaturist author, Jessie Burton, about her new novel, The Muse, nature of muses, what life was like for children of the Empire in the 1940s, and how a book lives on beyond its final sentence.

Andrew Andrew Miller

A marriage devastated my tragedy leads to a remarkable journey in Costa Novel Award winner Andrew Miller's new novel the Crossing. He talks about unknowable characters, the sentence that kickstarted the novel and the beauty of sailing terminology.

Boris Boris Fishman

Exclusively for Foyles, Boris talks about growing up around Russian women who were members of this Soviet-Jewish self-abnegating cult of love, the significant material and creative evolution he has recently witnessed in Moscow and how global sameness is both lethal and depressing.

Emma Claire Emma Claire Sweeney

Exclusively for Foyles, we interviewed Emma about her unusual setting of a boarding house staffed in part by people with learning disabilities, female literary friendships, and the desire to mind-read.

Natasha Natasha Pulley

As her debut, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, is published in paperback, exclusively for Foyles, we chatted to Natasha about the appeal of the Victorian period, why mirrors and rings play such a crucial role in fairy tales and the difficulty of functioning, and especially communicating, in Tokyo's wholly different culture.

Garth Risk Garth Risk Hallberg

As his vast, New York epic, City on Fire is published in paperback, we talked to its author about the link between the noughties and the 1970s, about writing a '1970s New York Bleak House', and the 'spooky magic' of fiction.

Lauren Lauren Groff

Exclusively for Foyles, Lauren, whose novel Fates and Furies is set in Florida and New York, talks about how locations influence fictional characters.

Neil Neil Oliver
Fiction, Non-fiction

Read an extract and watch TV presenter Neil Oliver discuss his first novel Master of Shadows, an epic historical adventure that spans the continents, from Scotland, to Rome, to Constantinople and the great siege and fall of 1453.

Stewart Stewart Foster
Fiction, Children's

Stewart talks about how writing for children compares to writing for adults, and then answers questions put to him by our junior interviewer, Elaine, about how a stranger he met in Soho Square provided the inspiration for one of his main characters, what makes a superhero and what he would like readers to take away from his novel.

Jill Jill Dawson

As her new novel about Patricia Highsmith is published, exclusively for Foyles Jill talks about capturing the truth, her admiration - and distaste - for Patricia Highsmith and creating a 'third space' in which to write.

Edmund Edmund de Waal

Read an extract from The White Road and take a unique view inside the workspace of Edmund De Waal as he talks about what he needs to create his pots, the unique material that has been his obsession for most of his life and why breaking is as important as making in the history of porcelain.

Kit Kit de Waal

As her debut novel set in England in 1981 is published, exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Kit about being 'both and neither', the kindness of strangers and the benefits of political correctness.

Jennifer Jennifer Bell

As her debut children's novel, The Crooked Sixpence, the first in her 'Uncommoners' trilogy is published, we talked to children's bookseller, Jennifer Bell about girl power, the influence of Narnia and how she set about creating 'uncommon' objects.

Daisy Daisy Johnson

Exclusively for Foyles, Daisy Johnson introduces her debut short story collection and chats to us about the 'unquiet land' that is her stories' setting, how the fen locked itself into her head and the narrative thread that runs through the stories of things that return, even if you'd rather they didn't...

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