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Authors at Foyles

Authors logoWelcome to Authors at Foyles, where you'll find authors who have really struck a chord with us and whose work we wanted to showcase. You'll find interviews, extracts, selections of their own favourite books, and much more besides, as well as being able to see their available publications at a glance. Below are the most recent authors to join our illustrious roll call. Do use the Find Author menu below to see the full list. We've also recently launched our Bookcast series, the next best thing to catching an author's live appearance at one of our Foyles events.



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Recent Authors

Rachel Rachel Hamilton

As her second book, The Case of the Exploding Brains, is published in paperback, exclusively for Foyles, Rachel explains why she loves geeky heroines.

Graeme Graeme Simsion

We talked to Graeme about 'geeks' and why those with 'non-standard' personalities are becoming more accpeted; the challenges of writing a funny book about someone with Asperger's and why he gave a conference address from the top of a ladder dressed as a duck.

Jonathan Jonathan Trigell

Exclusively for Foyles, Jonathan introduces his new book, The Tongues of Men or Angels, explaining why he decided to write about the apostle Paul and how Paul's stories transformed a small sect of Judaism into a world religion.

David David Walliams

As the paperback of Demon Dentist hits the shelves, our junior interviewer chatted to him about standing up for what you believe in, the book that changed his life and what makes a good story.

Kate Kate  Mayfield

Read an extract from Kate Mafield's powerful memoir of living above her father's funeral home in 1960s Kentucky.

Rachel Rachel Khoo

See two of the hundred delicious recipes that make up Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebooks.

Lena Lena Mukhina

Read an extract from The Diary of Lena Mukhina, an account of a teenage girl's life in the besieged city of Leningrad, published in English for the first time.

Dylan Dylan Evans

Read the opening of The Utopia Experiment, Dylan Evans' account of his attempt to live out a scenario of global collapse, free from modern technology and comforts, his subsequent descent into madness and his gradual recovery.

Cecilia Cecilia Ekback

Cecilia Ekback discusses her debut novel Wolf Winter, set amid the frozen isolation of northern Sweden in 1717. She talks about growing up in an such an icy world herself, the absolute authority of the Lutheran Church and the ruthless elimination of the paganism of the Laplanders.

Anna Anna Smaill

Anna Smaill talks about The Chimes, set in a future London where music has replaced the written word and life is orchestrated by a vast musical instrument that inhibits people's ability to remember the past.

Mark Mark Stay
Fiction, Children's

Exclusively for Foyles, and illustrated with stills from Robot Overlords, Mark Stay describes the process of moving from script to screen to book, through 20 drafts, taking more than four years of development and production.

Peter Peter Korn

Read an extract from Peter Korn's Why We Make things and Why it Matters, plus an exclusive interview which he discusses the similarities between writing and woodworking, the status divide between white and blue collar work and the effect creativity can have on one's personal life.

Ann Ann Morgan

Exclusively for Foyles, Ann Morgan introduces her book, Reading the World, about her project to read her way around all the globe's 196 independent countries (plus one extra), sampling one book from every nation.

Laird Laird Hunt

As his story of a female soldier fighting in disguise alongside men in the American Civil War is published, we talked to Laird Hunt about how women might have been able to remain undetected on the battlefield, the false glorification of the Civil War and the parallels between his story and Homer's Odyssey.

Rabih Rabih Alameddine

Exclusively for Foyles, we spoke to Rabih about the surprising commonalities he shares with the 72-year-old blue-haired female protagonist of his latest novel, An Unnecessary Woman, why he mails postcards to himself and how art is of no consequence and the most sublime of human endeavors at the same time.

Gayle Gayle Forman

Read the opening pages of Gayle Forman's new novel I Was Here plus a selection of her top YA picks.

Emma Emma Hooper

As her debut novel is published, we talked to Emma Hooper about the allure of the Canadian prairies, taking a chance on a talking coyote and how her musical background contributed 'rhythm and white space' to her writing.

Jonas Jonas Karlsson

Jonas Karlsson, author of of Kafka-esque novella The Room, talks about empathy and what acting can teach us about writing. With audio recordings of Jonas reading from the book.

Claire Claire Freedman

'Underpants' author Claire Freedman shares her favourite picture books.

Natalia Sanmartin Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera

We talked to Natalia about the role Pride and Prejudice and other literature plays in her debut, The Awakening of Miss Prim, why there is a grain of truth in one of her character's assertions that women writers spend too much time looking at themselves, and the parallels between eating and reading.

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