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Authors at Foyles

Welcome to Authors at Foyles, where you'll find authors who have really struck a chord with us and whose work we wanted to showcase. You'll find interviews, extracts, selections of their own favourite books, and much more besides, as well as being able to see their available publications at a glance. Below are the most recent authors to join our illustrious roll call. Do use the Find Author menu below to see the full list.

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Recent Authors

Simon Simon Garfield

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Simon about the part school played in forming his perception of time, the clock and the calendar as symbols of power and why we are not helpless in the face of an accelerating world.

Victoria Victoria Hislop

Bestselling author Victoria Hislop introduces her new novel, Cartes Postales from Greece, and discusses the importance of images to her and her book.

Ali Ali Benjamin
Fiction, Children's

Exclusively for Foyles, our junior interviewer, Elaine, chatted to Ali about her fascination with jellyfish, silence and grieving and feeling like an alien in a changing world.

Carolyn Carolyn Parkhurst

As her new novel Harmony is published, we talked to Carolyn about opening up discussions about Asperger's, the isolation of parenting a special needs child and being your child's advocate, no matter what.

Deborah Deborah Levy

Exclusively for Foyles we spoke to one of this year's Man-Booker Prize shortlistees Deborah Levy about the value of confusion and ambiguity, the difficulties of trusting those who are in a position of caring for us and why she admires Marguerite Duras.

Yuval Noah Yuval Noah Harari

Read an extract and an exclusive introduction to his new book Homo Deus: a Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari.

Jonathan Safran Jonathan Safran Foer
Fiction, Non-fiction

We talked to Jonathan about having fun while also addressing some very serious questions about identity, continuity and loyalty, irreconcilable dilemmas and the uncomfortable place where words and action break.

Eimear Eimear McBride
Fiction, Non-fiction

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Eimear about her immersive, experimental prose style, the notorious minefield of writing about sex and the difficulty of 'turning off' her characters' voices once the writing is finished.

Max Max Porter

As his debut novella Grief is the Thing with Feathers is published in paperback, we talked to Max about the relationship between his book and Ted Hughes’ work, Crow; how a meeting with a friend of his late father helped him re-shape the role of Crow, and how writing has changed him as an editor.

Carol Carol Birch

Born in Manchester, Carol Birch published her first novel while living in Ireland, but now lives and writes in Lancaster. She also teaches creative writing and reviews regularly for a number of national newspapers. Her latest novel is Jamrach's Menagerie.

Ayelet Ayelet Gundar-Goshen

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Ayelet about why writing is the only playground open to adults, her encounter with the real-life counterpart of her protagonist and the desire to waken as many lions as possible.

Naomi Naomi Williams

As her debut novel Landfalls is published in paperback, exclusively for Foyles we talked to Naomi about 'playing' with the facts, pitting oneself against nature and trading one utterly daunting research task for another in the form of her next book.

Sarah Sarah Duguid

Sarah talks about the inspiration behind her debut, Look at Me, and how her own early years on a farm differed from the bohemian lifestyle depicted in her novel. Plus, read an extract from the book.

Lucia Lucia Berlin

Lucia Berlin, one of the great post-war American short story writers, is finally back in print in the UK, with this new collection, now in paperback, of 43 of her finest works, introduced by Lydia Davis. You can read or download one of our favourites, 'Stars and Saints'.

Zillah Zillah Bethell

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Zillah about inventing a language and a caste system for her children's debut, A Whisper of Horses, how children have an innate moral compass and the challenge of balancing ethics, nature and technology.

Gavin Gavin Extence

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Gavin about his unusual take on the redemption story, the importance of the Occupy movement and being drawn to subjects that have an element of humour implicit in them.

Rowan Hisayo Rowan Hisayo Buchanan

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Rowan about her debut Harmless Like You, her mixed race heritage, the possibility of there being no 'right choice' and how she discovered 'therapy cats'.

Mark Mark de Jager

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Mark about the influence of computer games on his debut, Infernal, heroes and anti-heroes and living in a household of writers.

Sara Sara Taylor

We talked to Sara about writing an agender character, the difficulty of seeing our parents as people and about how her next novel is the one for which she's been saving all her autobiography.

Rachel Rachel Elliott

Whispers through a Megaphone is a novel about about finding an oasis of silence in the inescapable din of the modern world, featuring a woman who hasn't left her house for three years. Its author, Rachel Elliott, discusses why life veers between comedy and tragedy, how her psychotherapy training helped in creating her characters and the strange situation of being able to write reviews of so many of our everyday experiences online.

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