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Authors at Foyles

Welcome to Authors at Foyles, where you'll find authors who have really struck a chord with us and whose work we wanted to showcase. You'll find interviews, extracts, selections of their own favourite books, and much more besides, as well as being able to see their available publications at a glance. Below are the most recent authors to join our illustrious roll call. Do use the Find Author menu below to see the full list.

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Recent Authors

Helen Helen Dunmore
Fiction, Children's

In this exclusive interview for Foyles Helen talks about about mothers and daughters, the barrier we cross when we use violence against another human being and which period in history she herself would choose to visit.

Polly Polly Clark

As her debut novel, Larchfield is published, exclusively for Foyles we talked to Polly about hers and Auden's lives came to be connected, the sense of being gradually silenced by the roles of wife and mother and how questioning advice can mark you out as a troublemaker.

Amor Amor Towles

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Amor about the challenge of creating a compelling narrative confined within the four walls of a single building, exploring the narrow border between the unbelievably actual and the convincingly imagined and how the Bolsheviks used the hotels of Moscow to provide Western visitors with their first impression of the new Russia.

Heather Heather O'Neill

We talk to Heather about where addictions come from, the physical and psychic geography of love and unleashing her fury through her female protagonist.

. . Samer

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Mike Thomson, Samer's editor, about how he became involved with Samer, the difficulties of taking in the horrors Samer describes and why educating people about the Qu’ran is the key to defeating Daesh.

Jaroslav Jaroslav Kalfar

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Jaroslav about the horror and incomprehensible loneliness of space travel, the relationship between ambition and love and the complexity of the legacy of communism.

. . Bandi

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Deborah Smith, Bandi's translator, about the characteristics of North Korean fiction, and the urgent, oral quality of Bandi's writing, how and why she became a translator of Korean literature and why she is feeling encouraged by the current state of ficiton in translation in the UK.

Min Jin Min Jin Lee

Exclusively for Foyles we talked to Min Jin Lee about the paucity of books and films describing the Korean-Japanese community, the importance of pachinko - the adult gambling game - to Japanese culture and its economy and why being mediocre is not the worst thing a person can be.

Beth Beth Underdown

Exclusively for Foyles, we chatted to Beth about the centrality of religious belief in 17th-century England, how the English Civil War paved the way for the witch hunts and the connection she feels to Matthew Hopkins.

Holly Holly Smale
Fiction, Children's

Our junior interviewer Elaine caught up with Holly to talk about how her own time as a model informed her books, playing with the first person narrative and why boys love the series too!

Jennifer Jennifer Ryan

Exclusively for Foyles, we chatted to Jennifer about her debut, The Chilbury Ladies Choir, set during World War 2, the horror of having to talk about her book in public, the appeal of writing about wives and mothers on the home front and how the Mass-Observation project informed her novel.

Stella Stella Duffy

As London Lies Beneath is published in paperback we talk to Stella about the complex meanings of her book's title, the different kinds of poverty, faith and spirituality and her Fun Palaces campaign to get communities more involved in the arts.

Jake Jake Arnott

Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Jake about the real-life Edgworth Bess, the secretive world of the molly-house and the rough poetry of 18th-century slang.

Georgia Georgia Hunter

We chatted to Georgia about why her grandfather left his Polish Jewish heritage behind, surviving against the odds and why she chose to fictionalise her family's true story.

Alice Alice Broadway
Fiction, Children's

Exclusively for Foyles, we caught up with Alice Broadway to discuss her debut Ink, the potency of tattoos, the fear of the Other and the power of myth.

Edouard Edouard Louis

'Violence is violence, spit is spit, it’s not flowers.' Exclusively for Foyles, we talked to Edouard Louis about the nature of violence, the ways in which he is and is no longer 'Eddy' and why he would rather talk about issues than paragraphs.

Davina Davina Langdale

Exlusively for Foyles, we talked to Davina Langdale about being inspired by Cormac McCarthy when it came to writing her stunning debut, how the real life John Evert became the ultimate imaginary friend and lifesaver and why she loves the London Library.

Steven Steven Uhly

Steven's translator Jamie Bulloch talks to Steven about overcoming the contradiction of being a victim as well as belonging to the nation of perpetrators, why he chose to tell part of the story through diary entries, letters and poems and why it's important to understand the personal trap that national identity can be.

Elif Elif Shafak

Bestselling Turkish author Elif Shafak on her new novel, Three Daughters of Eve.

Rick Rick Bass

As his definitive short story collection is published, we talked to Rick Bass about how activism and writing should complement each other, why the short story and the novel are are as dissimilar as the earth and moon and the correspondence between the processes of geology and of writing.

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