Foyles - blogs - blogsen-gb27/04/2017 10:09:0215Philippa Gregory Looks Back on Thirty Years of Writing Historical Fiction an extract from Philippa Gregory's Foreword to the 30th anniversary edition of her first published novel, Wideacre....27/04/2017 00:00:001613Foyles' Find Your Way Through ... Depression the tv series 13 Reasons Why and Prince Harry's revelations about his own mental health have both sparked important debates about teen wellbeing. ...24/04/2017 00:00:001609Meg Howrey on the Impossibility of Avoiding Science in Fiction her new book, The Wanderers, is published, exclusively for Foyles, Meg Howrey discusses why all writers of contemporary fiction are going to have to deal with science, and the interesting things that happen between and beyond the categories....24/04/2017 00:00:001611Sara Paretsky Recalls a Childhood as the 'Town Giraffe' in Lawrence, Kansas her new V I Warshawski novel, Fallout, is published, Sara Paretsky recalls her childhood in Lawrence, Kansas and how the town has provided the inspiration and setting for several of her novels, including Fallout....20/04/2017 00:00:001608Angie Thomas Introduces The Hate You Give Thomas introduces her debut, a powerful YA novel inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement....18/04/2017 00:00:001607Read an Extract from The Beautiful Bureaucrat an Extract from The Beautiful Bureaucrat...13/04/2017 00:00:001606Clover Stroud on Being a Daughter, a Mother and a Writer Stroud introduces her book and describes life as a daughter, a mother and a writer. ...12/04/2017 00:00:001605#FoylesFive: Kurt Vonnegut month marks the 10 year anniversary of writer Kurt Vonnegut's death. With his keen eye for social and political satire, wit and humanity, Vonnegut became a voice that resonated with readers across generations. ...11/04/2017 00:00:001599Fanfare for the Common Man (and Woman) explains his fascination with the interaction between big-picture events and decisions and the rest of us, and how that plays out in his new book....10/04/2017 00:00:001604Far Away by the Something-or-Other: How a Kid from New Jersey Learned to Love Victorian Novels Rekulak recounts how he - eventually - fell in love with Victorian novels....03/04/2017 00:00:001603