Foyles - blogs - blogsen-gb01/09/2016 04:35:4515#FoylesFave: Happy People Read and Drink Coffee, from our Birmingham shop, tells us why Happy People Read and Drink Coffee has stolen her heart....30/08/2016 00:00:001477Read an Extract from Land of Fish and Rice an Extract from Fuchsia Dunlop's Land of Fish and Rice, including a recipe for Shanghai fried rice with salt pork and green pak choy....30/08/2016 00:00:001481Publisher Harriet Sanders Introduces the Macmillan Collector's Library Harriet Sanders Introduces the Macmillan Collectors Library and provides an insight into the title selection process. ...24/08/2016 00:00:001473Diana Bretherick on Researching in Turin, the 'Devil's City' writes about her investigations into both the city of Turin and the real-life inspiration for her detective Cesare Lombroso (1835-1909), the world's first criminologist, who lived and worked in the city. ...23/08/2016 00:00:001475#FoylesFive: Personal Development, from our Bristol shop, suggests five of the best books for when we need a little extra inspiration and encouragement in life....21/08/2016 00:00:001482Paul MacAlindin Introduces Upbeat, his Account of his time as Musical Director of Iraq's National Youth Orchestra describes some of the most memorable moments and musicians in the Iraq National Youth Orchestra's all-too-brief history....18/08/2016 00:00:001474Martha Collison introduces her new book Twist and shares her recipe for her 'Bollywood Bar' for Foyles, Martha introduces her book, and shares a recipe for her fabulous 'Bollywood Bar'...17/08/2016 00:00:001472Robyn Young Introduces her new Historical Fiction Series for Foyles, Robyn introduces her new historical series, which opens with Sons of the Blood at the end of the 15th century, and explains why she is so excited about the new way of working she has adopted. ...16/08/2016 00:00:001471#FoylesFive: Women in Sport's sport, women in sport and women's relationship with sport is a hot topic. Here, Janette rounds up five of the very best books to inspire and inform....15/08/2016 00:00:001476David Goldblatt's Greatest Olympic Moment for Foyles, David Goldblatt reveals his greatest moment from Olympics past. ...11/08/2016 00:00:001470