Foyles - blogs - blogsen-gb21/04/2014 11:44:1615GUEST BLOG: Tackling taboos the Mirabelle Bevan Way Sheridan, author of the 1950s-set Mirabelle Bevan Mysteries, explains how she tackles subjects that were taboo at the time, like sex and violence....18/04/2014 00:00:001260Once upon a time in the west Westerns remain popular in America, they have largely fallen out of favour with British readers. This is a great pity, suggests Joshua from our Waterloo branch, as they are missing out on some wonderful fiction, both classic and contemporary....15/04/2014 00:00:001245GUEST BLOG: Generating questions thriller writer Chris Pavone explains how revising the script for the screen adaptation of his debut, The Expats, revealed a fundamental truth about what ensures readers keep turning the pages....10/04/2014 00:00:001256GUEST BLOG: Is Hitler a suitable subject for satire? Who’s Back is a controversial satire - already a bestseller in Germany - that imagines Hitler returning to present-day Berlin. Its British editor Katharina Bielenberg, of MacLehose Press explains why she chose to publish the book in the UK....03/04/2014 00:00:001253GUEST BLOG: Who's coming to dinner? Cityread London is a campaign to spread a love of books and reading to the widest possible audience throughout our capital. Cityread London blogger Aoife Mannix introduces the book chosen for 2014, as well as the title aimed at younger readers featured for the first time this year, and explains why literature is food for the soul....27/03/2014 00:00:001259GUEST BLOG: Bitesize Berlin and more DeMarco introduces Readux Books and their elegant range of short works translated from German and Swedish....18/03/2014 00:00:001250GUEST BLOG: Life of pie food bloggers Aki Kamozawa and H Alexander Talbot, authors of Maximum Flavour: Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook, present a mouth-watering recipe for strawberry pie, as perfected by Alex's grandmother....13/03/2014 00:00:001252GUEST BLOG: International Women's Day - Marguerite Duras mark International Women's Day, author Joanna Walsh, creator of the #readwomen2014 campaign, explains why Marguerite Duras has been such an inspiration to her writing....08/03/2014 00:00:001249Football highlights, from our St Pancras branch, identifies some of the best intelligent football writing coming out of small independent publishers....03/03/2014 00:00:001246GUEST BLOG: Postcards from Paris Chadwick introduces 60 Postcards, the remarkable project that invited strangers to take part in a moving tribute to her late mother....26/02/2014 00:00:001247