Foyles - blogs - blogsen-gb01/02/2015 22:40:1215GUEST BLOG: Coco pops up her novel, Craving, Esther Gerritsen has created one of the great literary mother-daughter relationships, full of mutual antagonism. Here she explains how the manipulative matriarch Coco came to life....31/01/2015 00:00:001302GUEST BLOG: Majorca's mystical past Cornwell, granddaughter of John le Carré, reveals how researching the great Catalan writer Ramon Llull helped bring her debut thriller, The Serpent Papers, to life....29/01/2015 00:00:001301Pretty as a picture book of the most fun things about becoming a parent is rediscovering the magical world of children's picture books. Charlotte Pope, who runs the Children's department at our Bristol Cabot Circus branch, picks out some of the best recent titles that should make bedtime stories fun for all involved....09/01/2015 00:00:001298The best fiction of 2014 at Foyles feel that 2014 been a very good year for fiction and our customers seem to agree, with big leaps in sales in all our branches. Our web editor, Jonathan Ruppin, looks at why this might be, selects his top titles and explains why Dutch novelist Peter Buwalda's Bonita Avenue is his book of the year....15/12/2014 00:00:001297Making failure into an art've probably heard of the writer Franz Kafka; but what about Hans Kafka? No? Well, there's a reason for that......09/12/2014 00:00:001296The noir prophet returns Hamilton-Jones, from our Charing Cross Road shop, celebrates the return of William Gibson with The Peripheral, which should delight fans of his early futuristic works, such as Neuromancer....01/12/2014 00:00:001293GUEST BLOG: Behind the magic Ryan reveals how he put together his stunning paper-cut and screen-printed illustrations to create his latest book, The Kingdom Revealed....21/11/2014 00:00:001294GUEST BLOG: Why does the Ukraine crisis matter to the West? Wilson, author of Ukraine Crisis: What It Means for the West, highlights the issues that matter about the Kiev Uprising and Russia's response....19/11/2014 00:00:001292GUEST BLOG: India's forgotten sacrifice Catherine Hall reveals the surprising history of Brighton Pavilion and its Indian guests during World War I....05/11/2014 00:00:001291GUEST BLOG: Meetings with remarkable Londoners author of Londonopolis: A Curious History of London picks ten of its most unusual inhabitants, including the real-life inspiration for a Bond villain, the artist that even Turner felt inferior to and the pattern-cutter who took the fashion world by storm....28/10/2014 00:00:001290