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Help and Support for Foyles Marketplace

What is Foyles Marketplace?

Sellers and Seller Rankings

Condition Listings

Delivery costs and times

Refunds and Returns

Buying (or ordering)

Become a Seller on Foyles Marketplace


What is Foyles Marketplace?

Foyles is delighted to work with a world-wide network of sellers who list their books as available to sell via our website. The books are often Out of Print or unavailable from the normal supply chain and this is a great way for us to make these items available to you.

You place your order with Foyles and we contact the seller, who sends the book directly to you within 2 days of receiving the order. Foyles charges you only when the book has been despatched to you and will provide all the normal order and despatch emails.

You can use your normal Foyles website login to check on orders and you can order from Foyles directly and the Marketplace in the same shopping basket. However, there are different terms and conditions for Marketplace orders and different delivery charges. You can see these here.

The sellers are also wide-ranging - from large retailers to small independents. They are located world-wide but the highest number can be found in the UK and US. Sellers may sometimes list more than one version of the title for sale if the condition differs. We only list those books with a condition of Good or better.

Prices are set by the Sellers and tend to reflect the availability of the item in question. This can be affected by the Seller's local market as well as the international market. Therefore Seller's prices can be less, more or the same as the List Price, but cannot be amended by Foyles. Despatch costs reflect the costs of sending the goods to the customer by the Seller and also cannot be amended.

Interested in Selling via Foyles Marketplace? You can find out more and sign up here.

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Who are our Sellers?

We partner with Monsoon Commerce who manage the seller network internationally. The sellers are also wide-ranging, from large retailers to small independents. They are located world-wide but the highest number can be found in the US and UK.

What do the Seller Ratings mean?

The Seller rating is based entirely on how many orders the seller has successfully provided to customers versus cancelled or refunded. Orders refunded as 'lost by carrier' are included in the calculation, resulting in a percentage of successful orders.

= 95 - 100% orders fulfilled
= 85 - 94.99% orders fulfilled
= 70 - 84.99% orders fulfilled
= 60 - 69.99% orders fulfilled
= 1 - 59.99% orders fulfilled

Interested in Selling via Foyles Marketplace? You can find out more and sign up here.

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What do the various conditions mean?

Sellers choose one of the following condition levels but can also fill in more information in the Seller Comments. Please note that Foyles is not responsible for the accuracy of these listings, but if the 'condition is not as described' upon receipt then the order can be returned to the seller for a full refund.

New = The title has not been pre-owned and shows no defects or signs of wear.

Fine/Like New = No defects, little usage. May show remainder marks. Older books may show minor flaws.

Very Good = Shows some signs of wear and is no longer fresh. Attractive.

Good = The average used book with all pages present. Books with loose bindings, highlighting, cocked spine and torn dust jackets can still fall into this category.

Fair = Obviously well-worn and handled but no text pages are missing, however, it may be without endpapers or a title page. There might be markings, but they do not interfere with readability.

Poor = All text is legible but may be soiled and have binding defects. Reading copies and binding copies fall into this category.

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What are the Delivery costs and times?

The costs of delivery are averaged, based on the location of the seller and the buyer. Because the costs are incurred by the Seller rather than Foyles, any standard offers or charges on despatch do not apply to Marketplace orders. Costs are charged on every copy despatched. This means that multiple copies of the same item each incur an individual charge.

Delivery Costs

Delivery Location

Postage Type

First Book

Each Additional Copy/ Book

UKUK Second Class£2.95£2.95
E.U - European UnionAirmail£4.15£4.15
Rest of the WorldAirmail£8.15£8.15

Sellers will despatch goods to customers within 48 hours of receiving the order.

Despatch times vary depending on BOTH the Seller and buyer's location and the averages listed below are guidelines not guarantees. Use the table to calculate the estimate relevant to you. Every item displays each seller's location.

Estimated Delivery Times

Calculate Seller & Buyer Location


E.U - European Union


Rest of the World

UK3 - 10 days5 - 14 days21 - 28 Days21 - 35 Days
E.U - European Union5 - 14 days5 - 14 days21 - 28 Days21 - 35 Days
USA/Canada21 - 28 Days21 - 28 Days4 - 14 days21 - 35 Days
Rest of the World21 - 35 Days21 - 35 Days21 - 35 Days21 - 35 Days

What if the order does not arrive?

Foyles Customer Services must be informed of any missing parcel within 90 days of our despatch notification email and we will refund the entire cost of your Marketplace order including postage. Except in exceptional circumstances no replacement is available, due to the unique nature of Marketplace items.

Refunds will only be agreed when enough time has passed that the parcel can be considered lost. These times are;

UK or EU delivery location from a UK or EU Seller = 15 days after Despatch notification email.

UK or EU delivery location from a non-UK or EU Seller = 45 days after Despatch notification email.

USA or Canada delivery location from any Seller = 30 days after Despatch notification email.

Rest of the World delivery location from any Seller = 45 days after Despatch notification email.

It is therefore important to know where the Seller is based as well as your despatch address when calculating whether a parcel is overdue. The Seller's location is included in your Order History, Order and Despatch Notification emails as well as visible during your initial purchase.

If the delivery does arrive, but is later than these 'late' times we will refund your postage cost even if you still wish to keep the goods. You will still need to contact Foyles Customer Services and inform us of the later delivery.


What if the goods arrive damaged?

If the goods do not arrive as described for any reason then they can be returned to the Seller. Upon receipt at the Seller Foyles will refund the full order cost including the initial and return delivery costs.

It is vital that the goods are returned within 60 days of the Despatch notification email and that the Packing Slip (delivery note) that was included in the parcel is also included in the return parcel. The Packing Slip provides the address to send returns (which will vary by Seller) and a Tick Box for choosing a return reason.

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Refunds and Returns

Marketplace orders are excluded from the Foyles standard Terms and Conditions. However, a Returns and Refunds system is available. Except in exceptional circumstances no replacement is available, due to the unique nature of Marketplace items.

Please note that returns are NOT accepted at Foyles branches. Instead goods must be returned directly to the Seller.

Orders cannot be cancelled or amended once they have been placed, i.e. once you have seen the Order Confirmation screen and/or received an Order Confirmation email.

Upon Delivery goods may be returned to the Seller for a full refund in the following circumstances;

  • Condition not as described
  • Wrong item
  • Item damaged
  • Incomplete Set

Return to the Seller must take place with 60 days of our Despatch notification email and the Packing Slip provided on Delivery must be included, with the return reason selected.

For Delayed or Lost Deliveries see What if the delivery does not arrive?

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How do I buy (order) a Marketplace Item?

Marketplace items can only be ordered via our website. However, if you are in our stores and wish staff to guide you through this process they will be happy to do so. Payment is also currently only taken via our website.

Foyles' standard Search, Browse and Ordering Services are available on Marketplace items. You can create a Shopping Basket with a mixture of items bought from Foyles, eBooks and Foyles Marketplace items.

Here are the variations from the normal services. Please note that when you order a Marketplace item you agree to All Marketplace Terms & Conditions.

How do I find Marketplace Items?

You can restrict your Search to Only Marketplace Items (or exclude them) by using the Advanced Search. This has an Include Marketplace option with; Yes (include all products), No (exclude all products with Marketplace listings) Only (Show only products with Marketplace Listings).

How do I identify Marketplace Items?

Every product that includes Marketplace listings has the Line 'x New & Used from £x.xx' underneath the Prices on both the results listings or on the individual Product Page.

This is a summary line telling you the cheapest available price and the number of listings of the product available to buy. Clicking this line will open up all the Marketplace Listings for you to browse them.

How do I choose which listing to buy?

Customers will use their own criteria in determining what is the best offer for them. Information is provided on the condition of each listing, The price of the product and Postage as well as the Seller's reliability.

When factoring in postage you should use the Delivery Chart to see what the cost of delivering to your address will be.

Foyles takes no responsibility for the accuracy of these listings as all information is provided by the Seller. However, if goods are not as described (this includes diferrent editions etc) then return for a full refund is possible.

When you choose a listing you are buying the specific item listed, which is why later replacement is not normally possible. You may notice that the same seller has more than 1 listing for the same title - this may reflect a different condition or that the Seller has listed every copy they have separately even when at the same price.

What is the Availability of Marketplace Items?

All Seller listings refer to stock that the seller has at the time and we show the Available Quantity they provide. This does not guarantee availability when the seller receives the order and checks their shelves, but if they cancel the order because of this you will be promptly contacted and no monies will be taken.

You can check the availability of any item in a Foyles Store by using the Check Store Stock button. This will list each store's current stockholding and allow you to reserve it.

The General Availability of the product is reflected in the Online Availability field. See a glossary of these messages.

Why is a listing I saw no longer there?

Our Marketplace listings are real time and reflect whether the seller has added or reduced their items, or sold them to other customers.

If you are interested in a listing but are not yet certain about buying it, we suggest adding it to your basket now. This will 'hold' the item for 12 hours and make it unavailable to other Marketplace users. Please note that this doesn't stop the seller still selling out in other ways and we can't guarantee availability.

I've decided - How do I Buy?

Just click the Add to Basket button with the Seller Listing you want. This will be added to your Shopping Basket that appears in the top right of your screen. You may continue shopping or Checkout as normal.

As a default your order quantity will be 1. You may change this within the View Basket option to a higher quantity as long as this is no higher than the Available quantity listed by the Seller.

Can I save my order for later?

Yes - you can use the normal Save for later option. When you add marketplace items to your basket we 'hold' the item which stops it being listed to others. This hold expires in 12 hours. So if you complete your order after this time and the item is no longer available you will be warned and may be able to choose another listing of the item.

Please note that the 'hold' does not stop the seller seliing the item to other customers in other ways than via Foyles Marketplace.

Can I Alter or Cancel my Order?

Until the Order is completed you can use the standard View Basket and Order History options to change any aspect of the order. However, once the order has been completed - which means once you have seen the Order Confirmation screen and/or received an Order Confirmation email, we will be unable to amend or cancel any element of a Marketplace order.

If you have placed an order with other items then we can cancel and amend orders for books ordered from Foyles but neither eBooks nor Marketplace items can be cancelled as they are processed immediately.

How can I pay for my Marketplace Items?

All Foyles standard payment options apply including payment by Foyles Gift card and Foyalty card. However, please note that although payment is only taken at despatch of the goods because, orders cannot be cancelled there is no means of refunding you except in the specfic refund circumstances listed above.

Can I earn Foyalty Points?

Yes - the standard points values apply. Please note that the value is based on the product value of that particular seller listing and as normal does not include the despatch charge.

Do Promotional codes or Reservation discounts apply?

No. The Seller sets the prices on their listings and no additional discounts can be applied. Our Reservation discount is only available on stock in our own branches and can be seen via the Check Store Stock Option.

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Become a Seller on Foyles Marketplace

Our Seller network is managed by the highly respected Monsoon Commerce (aka Alibris). Once you signed up you have access to all of their marketplace channels including Foyles. You can find out more and sign up here.

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