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The Empusium: A Health Resort Horror Story by Olga Tokarczuk
2024's Best Translated Fiction
Until August by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Happy Place
Western Lane
The House of Doors
The Luminaries
Forbidden Notebook
Mrs Gulliver
Paradise Rot
A Woman of Pleasure
The Nursery
Beyond the Wall
Wish I Was Here
Backbone of the Nation
Goodbye Eastern Europe
Ten Birds That Changed the World
AI 2041
A Stone is Most Precious Where It Belongs
End Times

New & Recommended Teen & Young Adult

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The No-Girlfriend Rule
The Poisons We Drink
Blood Debts
The Marble Queen
Cruel Illusions
Future Hopes: Hopeful stories in a time of climate change
Nick and Charlie
Radio Silence
I Was Born for This
The Bad Ones
A Tempest of Tea
The Crimson Moth
In the Shallows
Compass and Blade
Where the Dark Stands Still
Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac