City of Spies

City of Spies

Paperback Published on: 17/09/2020
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City of Spies
Great espionage debut...
This wonderful debut espionage thriller is a perfect blend of fact and fiction, loosely based in some of the real events that happened in Lisbon on 1943. T... READ MORE
Emine at Bromley
City of Spies
An enjoyable romp of a spy thriller!
I wasn't initially quite sure what to make of this book. I think I'd expected something a little more hard-bitten. But in the end, City of Spies is somethi... READ MORE
Jess Woo


'De Mornay is a welcome recruit to the ranks of female spies' The Times SHORTLISTED FOR THE SPECSAVERS DEBUT CRIME NOVEL AWARD LISBON, 1943: When her cover is blown, SOE agent Elisabeth de Mornay flees Paris. Pursued by the Gestapo, she makes her way to neutral Lisbon, where Europe's elite rub shoulders with diplomats, businessmen, smugglers, and spies. There she receives new orders - and a new identity. Posing as wealthy French widow Solange Verin, Elisabeth must infiltrate a German espionage ring targeting Allied ships, before more British servicemen are killed. But, the closer Elisabeth comes to discovering the truth, the greater the risk grows. With a German officer watching her every step, it will take all of Elisabeth's resourcefulness and determination to complete her mission. But in a city where no one is who they claim to be, who can she trust? 'Perfectly captures the conflicted loyalties of wartime espionage in neutral Portugal . . . atmospheric . . . tense' Sarah Armstrong, author of The Wolves of Leninsky Prospekt 'Casablanca meets le Carre' A. K. Turner, author of Body Language

  • Publisher: Zaffre
  • ISBN: 9781838770709
  • Number of pages: 464
  • Weight: 337g
  • Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 26 mm

Customer Reviews

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City of Spies
A great, rip-roaring espionage thriller
This was a great, rip-roaring espionage thriller! We meet Elisabeth (codename Cécile) in 1943, just as her cover as a member of the French resistance is bl... READ MORE
City of Spies
City of Spies by Mara Timon is a very well written spy thriller set in wartimes and an excellent debut novel! Whilst it was a bit confusing at times, due t... READ MORE
Emma Hayley
City of Spies
Mara Timon's debut is a blend of fact and fiction, historical fiction set during WW2, featuring widowed SOE agent, Elisabeth de Mornay, codename Cecile, op... READ MORE
Maria Joao Pires
City of Spies
Wonderful WW2 Spy Story
I absolutely loved this book, a wonderful espionage story set in Europe during World War Two! I knew a little bit about Lisbon being a city full of spies d... READ MORE
Nicki M
City of Spies
A spy thriller to keep you guessing
This book had me hooked from the first chapter, it is a spy thriller where no one is who they say they are and is broken into different sections of where E... READ MORE
Nicola  Albinson
City of Spies
Spy Drama
Hmmm... not an easy book to review. I loved the cover, it is simply beautiful. When I read the extract, I loved the story and was drawn in very quickly. I ... READ MORE
Lucie Nagy
City of Spies
Badly written and stereotypes for characters. Take Sandy, the sandy haired gritty Scotsman. Or Mireille, the petite Resistance minx etc. Gave up around hal... READ MORE
Kevin Bowman
City of Spies
Great perspective spy and history!
A slow start but I was hooked after that, takes a couple of chapters to get into but once the story really begins you learn and follow the history, charact... READ MORE
Tammy Tudor
City of Spies
Compelling and atmospheric WW2 spy thriller
If you’d asked me for my thoughts about City of Spies at the end of Part One, I might have observed that it reminded me of other books I’ve read that featu... READ MORE
What Cathy Read Next
City of Spies
A good story but characters didn't grab me
A WW2 thriller set in Portugal in 1943, where we find Elisabeth (aka Solange, Veronique, Nathalie...) working undercover following an audacious escape from... READ MORE
Lucy Williams
City of Spies
Quite enjoyed this
This was an interesting take of a woman's role during wartime in what was essentially at that time a man's world. Elizabeth de Mornay is in Paris, she is a... READ MORE
Fiona koncsol
City of Spies
Enjoyable World War II Spy Thriller
Elisabeth de Mornay is an SOE agent based in Paris; but when her cover is blown she flees, eventually ending up in Portugal. Here she receives new orders a... READ MORE
City of Spies
4 Stars!
A classic story of spies, packed full of intrigue, heartbreak and British stubbornness. Set in the midst of the Second World War, City Of Spies is a highly... READ MORE
Millie Hall
City of Spies
Loved It
Absolutely loved reading this, it’s one of those that you just want to keep reading and never end. It’s quite hard to review without giving too much away. ... READ MORE
City of Spies
Complicated storyline with lots of twists
As the name suggests city of spies was a complicated tale following Elizabeth de Moray and her various quests in France &Portugal mainly. I found the histo... READ MORE
Hannah Bishop
City of Spies
A promising synopsis, but it didn't quite live up to it.
Rating 2.0/5 'When her cover is blown, SOE agent Elisabeth de Mornay flees Paris. Pursued by the Gestapo, she makes her way to neutral Lisbon, where Europ... READ MORE
Paul Cooke
City of Spies
Addictive Reading
I loved this book! I flew through it in about 4 days I was completely hooked. There are loads of twists and turns along the way to keep you guessing the wh... READ MORE
Nicola McHugh
City of Spies
Pacy espionage thriller with a plucky female SOE agent in the neutral capital and port of Lisbon.
I usually steer clear of espionage thrillers for the simple reason that I find them hard going and although the character list at the start of this book di... READ MORE
Valerie Hall
City of Spies
I really like reading books that are based on true events, as along with a good story, you always learn something that you didn't know. This book falls in... READ MORE
A Upton
City of Spies
3.5 stars rounded up to 4.....
“City of Spies” is a debut novel by Mara Timon and is an easy to read, espionage thriller set in neutral Portugal in 1943. “When her cover is blown, SOE a... READ MORE
A Mother’s Musings
City of Spies
On tenterhooks
At the height of the second world war, we are immediately thrown into the world of occupied France and into the life through the eyes of 'Elizabeth' - a Br... READ MORE
Ja Amid
City of Spies
Spies in the sun
A spy novel set in 1940s Lisbon, centred around a female character in the Special Ops group that operating for Britain during the war. The setting was don... READ MORE
Tessa Page
City of Spies
A Gripping Thriller
City of Spies is set during WW2,a story about espionage,murder,the Gestapo even love and a brave SOE Agent real name Elizabeth de Mornay but using many al... READ MORE
Chrissie Mortimer
City of Spies
Felt like a sequel
I did enjoy this book, but it felt very much like a sequel even though it's not, and at the beginning this nearly put me off. However as I had an advance c... READ MORE
Caroline Tiller
City of Spies
Fun & Thrilling Debut from Mara Timon - looking forward to more adventures
Meet Special Operations Executive Elisabeth de Mornay - it's 1943 and her cover has been blown so she must flee Paris, France to avoid the Gestapo. Next ... READ MORE
Sean Byrne
City of Spies
A tense thriller
This book offered a different perspective on the WWII spy thriller as it was set predominantly in Lisbon, Portugal. English spy, Elisabeth (Nathalie, Cec... READ MORE
Charlotte Booth
City of Spies
This was very enjoyable to read. I loved following the main character, SOE agent Elisabeth de Mornay, and her time undercover in Lisbon. Elisabeth was a ve... READ MORE
City of Spies
Difficult Times
Mara Timon City of Spies. I knew that this type of book was of interest to me being a fan of Foyle's War and television programs of a similar vane. I wa... READ MORE
City of Spies
Well written and well researched novel with action, spies, intrigue and espionage
Thanks to Bonnier Books for a review copy. Mara Timon’s debut novel tells the story of Elisabeth de Mornay, a female SOE agent in 1940s Europe. The story o... READ MORE
City of Spies
Fast paced and exciting!
No one is who they claim to be... This was such an enjoyable read! I am a huge fan of World War Two books and this was just action packed from beginning t... READ MORE
Amanda Thomas
City of Spies
Who to trust?
I was nearly put off from this by the (extensive) character list at the start of the book however fortunately I was not. This is fully on action from the s... READ MORE
Sarah Goldthorpe
City of Spies
A tense and dramatic tale of espionage
Those who know me well know that not only am I a book geek but I am also a history nerd with a special interest in stories set during both World Wars. So ... READ MORE
Amanda Oughton
City of Spies
I loved this book, it grabbed my attention from the start and kept it the whole way through! I was really drawn to the character of Elizabeth, and felt b... READ MORE
Angie Holdsworth
City of Spies
A Good Wartime Story
My thanks to NetGalley and publisher Bonnier Books UK for the ARC. I did so enjoy this book; fast-paced, well-written with good dialogue and excellent char... READ MORE
City of Spies
Great Spy Story
Set in Paris and Lisbon in the Second World War, the spy network and work that is done is under the spotlight in this novel. The speed of the novel is ste... READ MORE
Samantha Buchanan
City of Spies
Packed Full of Intrigue!
Lisbon 1943 - Portugal was a neutral country during the Second World War, but that doesn’t mean it was a safe country! The capital city became a place of e... READ MORE
Maureen Ellis
City of Spies
Great book!
What is there not to love about this book? A strong woman lead, spying, glamour, treachery, romance it has the lot! I would have liked more time spent on E... READ MORE
City of Spies
An Entertaining Read
City of Spies follows our hero, Elisabeth, as she flees from Paris in June 1943. Her identity as a Special Operations Executive is near to being discovere... READ MORE
Tricia Beckett
City of Spies
Brilliant spy drama
Elizabeth de Mornay is an SOE in Paris but when her cover is compromised she is forced to flee the city. With the Gestapo hot on her heels she goes to Lisb... READ MORE
Ria Koncsol
City of Spies
Brilliant spy drama
Elizabeth de Mornay is an SOE in Paris but when her cover is compromised she is forced to flee the city. With the Gestapo hot on her heels she goes to Lisb... READ MORE
Ria Koncsol
City of Spies
Brilliant characters
I am totally bowled over with this story, it is courageous, emotional and brings out the best and worst of people on both sides of the second world war. E... READ MORE
Susan Hampson
City of Spies
A fresh take on WWII Espionage
Mara Timon’s debut novel is one of intrigue and espionage in World War II. With little preamble, we are thrust straight into the action as, betrayed to the... READ MORE
Alan Taylor
City of Spies
A young woman must think fast to survive in a city of secrets and betrayal
Realistically exciting and a thriller which maintains a breathless pace, this is an adventure in wartime Europe which expands on the already fascinating st... READ MORE
City of Spies
Not my usual!
This is certainly not my usual kind of read but there was certainly an attraction when reading the blurb. Interesting to see a female lead character but th... READ MORE
Peter Christie
City of Spies
I really loved the storyline of this magnificent book ! ❤️
This is a classic romance set in early 19th century England, amongst the moneyed classes. What’s really likeable about it straight away is the central char... READ MORE
Mohammad  Bilal
City of Spies
Love it!
In this story about secret agent Elisabeth de Mornay, we follow her as she flees Paris after her cover is blown before infiltrating a German spy ring after... READ MORE
Hope Knapper
City of Spies
I loved this book! I am not too much of a fan of historical fiction but this totally changed my opinion! Its amazing and thrilling- after reading this book... READ MORE
Kashish Naik
City of Spies
A fascinating and unique spy thriller!
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved how Mara Timon blended fact and fiction to create this thrilling novel. Before I read this novel I had no idea that... READ MORE
Eloise Spencer
City of Spies
Amazing Debut
I really loved this book. I am a fan of WW2 historical fiction in general but this really got my pulse racing and opened my eyes to a world I knew little a... READ MORE
Rebecca Ackrill
City of Spies
Edge of Your Seat!
At first glance this probably isn't my usual "type" of book but I must say I was quickly proven wrong. The character list at the beginning of the book did ... READ MORE
Emma Togneri
City of Spies
Highly recommended!
This book is so gripping and compelling to read, it pulls you in right at the deep end and then makes you think a lot of what is going on, but its all a tr... READ MORE
Ash byrom
City of Spies
I recommend this one !
Lisbon , 1943. When her cover is blown , SOE agent Elisabeth de Mornay flees Paris. Persued by the Gestapo , she ends up in neutral Lisbon . Posing as a we... READ MORE
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