Cleopatra and Frankenstein

Cleopatra and Frankenstein

Paperback Published on: 02/02/2023
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Bookseller Reviews

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Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Beautiful, Sudden, Explosive
A wonderful piece of literary fiction, featuring the most vibrant cast of characters, covering all methods of representation. The striking cover reference... READ MORE
Beth at Andover
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Realistically raw
Mellors explored so many issues that plague our lives at the moment in such a tender way. It was heartbreaking and funny and relatable. It was one of the b... READ MORE
Shannon Funnell
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
A great debut!
I really enjoyed Cleopatra and Frankenstein, but it wasn’t at all what I expected. The main themes centre around addiction, trauma, art, love and all the b... READ MORE
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
I loved this book so much! It's beautifully written and the characters are all so well drawn that you can't help caring for each and every one of them - I ... READ MORE
Helen at Scarborough
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Fans of Sally Rooney will adore this
Beautiful, funny, poignant and unputdownable. Coco Mellors reminds us that life and love are messy but there's always something bright at the end of it. ... READ MORE
Violet Daniels
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
A rare and powerful mediation on love.
I love this book! The characters are complex and flawed, bringing them to life in my mind. They felt human and real, and I think the author has done a beau... READ MORE
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
A coming-of-age and mid-life crisis story mixed with all the ups and downs of friendships, relationships, and family
I absolutely adored this book. I am always a sucker for a character-driven novel, and Cleopatra and Frankenstein is that and more. The novel follows Cleo, ... READ MORE
Chloe L
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
An immersive, character-driven narrative
Coco Mellors' novel takes readers on a journey through the lives of a young English artist and an older American advertiser, whose paths cross in New York.... READ MORE
Bridget @Sutton
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
The unbearable ordeal of youth and love
I wish I had read this faster, but life has a funny way of interrupting me at the worst possible moments. This story, the characters, the troubles they go... READ MORE
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Frustratingly Beautiful
Cleo and Frank now hold a special place in my heart. It begins with the two meeting at a party; a young brit who is in need of a visa after finishing Univ... READ MORE
Megan from Wolverhampton
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Vibrantly shimmering, but not for me
First, the positives. In the book Mellors describes a hummingbird that one of the characters finds - this little creature is so unbearably delicate with t... READ MORE
Harry McWhirter
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
A heart baring, gut punching bit of brilliance
I wondered if I might not find the characters believable. If you have the same concern, I’ll settle it for you: This is a love story, so completely and utt... READ MORE
Phill - Waterstones Bookseller
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
a love letter to NYC
Cleopatra and Frankenstein follows the marriage between a 25 year old and a man 20 years her senior, and the way that relationships, and what happens insid... READ MORE
Rheannah Boyen
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
I didn't love it. Then I really did.
Cleo is a struggling artist in New York when she meets Frank, twenty years her senior. Frank has his own advertising company. He likes to think he is young... READ MORE
Katy Wheatley
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Character driven story covering many difficult themes!
Love a character driven book and this was pretty great! I enjoyed the writing style and how so many difficult themes were explored. Although your life may ... READ MORE
Helen Dipietro
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
A gift to the literary world!
Mellor’s flawlessly captures the raw emotion of humankind in her searing debut. This book is perfect. I both loved and hated each character. It left m... READ MORE
Oliver Stanton
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Mellor's debut offers a sharp and insightful look into contemporary relationships in all their glory and messiness
Cleopatra and Frankenstein was one of the first books that I gave 5 stars to this year and, now that the year is coming to an end, I can confidently say th... READ MORE
Emily at Waterstones Exeter


For readers of Modern Lovers and Conversations with Friends, an addictive, humorous, and poignant debut novel about the shock waves caused by one couple's impulsive marriage. New York is slipping from Cleo's grasp. Sure, she's at a different party every other night, but she barely knows anyone. Her student visa is running out, and she doesn't even have money for cigarettes. But then she meets Frank. Twenty years older, Frank's life is full of all the success and excess that Cleo's lacks. He offers her the chance to be happy, the freedom to paint, and the opportunity to apply for a green card. She offers him a life imbued with beauty and art-and, hopefully, a reason to cut back on his drinking. He is everything she needs right now. Cleo and Frank run head-first into a romance that neither of them can quite keep up with. It reshapes their lives and the lives of those around them, whether that's Cleo's best friend struggling to embrace his gender identity in the wake of her marriage, or Frank's financially dependent sister arranging sugar daddy dates after being cut off. Ultimately, this chance meeting between two strangers outside of a New Year's Eve party changes everything, for better or worse. Cleopatra and Frankenstein is an astounding and painfully relatable debut novel about the spontaneous decisions that shape our entire lives and those imperfect relationships born of unexpectedly perfect evenings.

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • ISBN: 9780008421793
  • Number of pages: 384
  • Weight: 330g
  • Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 29 mm

Customer Reviews

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Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Cliches and Chaos!!
Everything about this book is quirky, mostly too quirky to the point of trying too hard. It has a certain vibe but it didn't provide that energy to carry i... READ MORE
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Too many indulged narcissists
Bought this for a poolside read. Im perhaps not target readership demographic as I’m 45 but I struggled to sympathise with any other the characters. So muc... READ MORE
M Kearney
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Cliches and Chaos!!
Everything about this book is quirky, mostly too quirky to the point of trying too hard. It has a certain vibe but it didn't provide that energy to carry i... READ MORE
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Massively pretentious
If you try to get past the gut- wrenching writing style and slightly irritating clichéd characters, the book picks up around the middle. It is reminiscent ... READ MORE
Olivia Hill
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Written like a Wattpad fanfiction, Cleopatra and Frankenstein makes for an uninspiring read. Mellors manages to invent intolerable characters that renders ... READ MORE
Eve Maris
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
I had really looked forward to reading this book, but I couldn't get to the end. I disliked the constantly drug-taking throughout the story. I persevered f... READ MORE
Helen Dagger
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Enjoyable but not blown away
I enjoyed this book as a holiday read but not sure I’d insist others read it. It felt at times a bit unrealistic and introduced characters and their deepes... READ MORE
Francesca MacVean
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Utter tosh.
Don't get me started, this book is a really put you off romantic fiction for life. The title draws you in, only to be trapped in a nonsensical love story. ... READ MORE
Ian Paternoster
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Don't believe the hype
This book put me in such a reading slump. It's taken me over two weeks to finish it. I found it very slow with nothing worth noting happening for 2/3 of th... READ MORE
Shelley Connor
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
I didn’t know what to expect from this book but I found full enjoyment from reading it. It explores an unexpected relationship is the be all and end all. I... READ MORE
Jade Muir Kenny
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
One of the best books I've read in a long time
If I could give it more stars, I would. Loved the characters (well most of them), loved the dialogue, the setting, the plot, everything. Only regret is tha... READ MORE
Louise Stephenson
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Sparkling as New York frost
A well written novel, brimming with sharp prose and acidic wit. Changes moods in a heartbeat, and the characters are well drawn in their different aspect... READ MORE
Melanie Mason
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Monsters and Modern life
I absolutely loved this book, it filled a space in me with misfits and empathetic loneliness that comes with life in a metropolis. It's filled with people ... READ MORE
Jess Thomas
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Not a love story
Many people seem to this this is a love story, but it’s not and never claimed to be. It’s not happy and it’s not cute. It’s raw and honest and ugly. It’s e... READ MORE
Hope Taylor
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Heartbreakingly human
A stunning rendition of the beautiful tragedy of human nature. The author touches on many of the complex struggles of being human, and whilst the depth of ... READ MORE
Maddy Bevan
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Not as expected
Not quite what I expected - descriptions of drug taking and gay sex in first 100 pages put me off in case remainder of novel was similar=more graphic. I qu... READ MORE
Penny Still
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Warming, thought provoking and clever
Loved reading this! A beautifully written treat with a bit of everything I look for in a book.
Nicky Ward
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Beautiful and Entrancing
The way she describes and explores the relationships, no matter how unhealthy, is beautiful. The story is so vivid one can imagine being there.
Millie Boulcott
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
Beautifully written
I adored reading this book. I physically couldn’t put it down. Not because it had major plot twist or anything like but because I was so emotionally attach... READ MORE
Ro Goodwin
Cleopatra and Frankenstein
One of the best books I’ve read in a while
Gripping, heartfelt. Didn’t want to put it down once I started reading. The story lines are beautifully written and the characters are interesting and comp... READ MORE
Holly Guest

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