Four Seasons in Japan

Four Seasons in Japan

Fiction & Poetry, Modern & Contemporary Fiction
Hardback Published on: 22/06/2023
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Bookseller Reviews

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Four Seasons in Japan
A gorgeous, moving coming-of-age novel set in small-town Japan
Flo, an American translator living in Tokyo and one of the characters in Nick Bradley's debut novel The Cat and the City, is going through a rough patch wh... READ MORE
John Wilson
Four Seasons in Japan
Stunningly Beautiful
This book had be engrossed from the first page to the last. I have read a book quite like it before. Stunningly beautiful. The characters and relationships... READ MORE
James, Canterbury.
Four Seasons in Japan
Seasons, Journeys and So Much More
This story follows Flo, a translator who is looking for her next work to focus her passion on. And along with her story, we also get to read the story ... READ MORE
Four Seasons in Japan
A novel that moves through the seasons like poetry.
A heartwarming novel that takes us out of Tokyo and into a small town, and into a book-within-a-book: A beautiful novel of parallel stories, as Flo transla... READ MORE
Four Seasons in Japan
Beautifully written
This book was incredible. It immerses you in japanese culture and makes you want to find out more. Gave me studio ghibli vibes which made it very nostalgic... READ MORE
Patrycja Kostecka


Flo is sick of Tokyo. Suffering from a crisis in confidence, she is stuck in a rut, her translation work has dried up and she's in a relationship that's run its course. That's until she stumbles upon a mysterious book left by a fellow passenger on the Tokyo Subway. From the very first page, Flo is transformed and immediately feels compelled to translate this forgotten novel, a decision which sets her on a path that will change her life...

It is a story about Ayako, a fierce and strict old woman who runs a coffee shop in the small town of Onomichi, where she has just taken guardianship of her grandson, Kyo. Haunted by long-buried family tragedy, both have suffered extreme loss and feel unable to open up to each other. As Flo follows the characters across a year in rural Japan, through the ups and downs of the pair's burgeoning relationship, she quickly realises that she needs to venture outside the pages of the book to track down its elusive author. And, as her two protagonists reveal themselves to have more in common with her life than first meets the eye, the lines between text and translator converge. The journey is just beginning.

From the author of The Cat and The City, Four Seasons in Japan is a gorgeously crafted book-within-a-book about literature, purpose and what it is to belong.

  • Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
  • ISBN: 9780857529343
  • Number of pages: 336
  • Weight: 453g
  • Dimensions: 222 x 144 x 32 mm

Customer Reviews

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Four Seasons in Japan
Four Seasons in Japan
This is such a lovely story. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Kyo is sent to live with his grandmother, Ayako, by his mother. He is 19 and has failed... READ MORE
Monica Hanna
Four Seasons in Japan
Fabulous and incredibly descriptive
This book within a book is just lovely. A slow paced book about Flo, a translator of Japanese to English, and a book she starts to translate. Flo has a few... READ MORE
Karen Farrow
Four Seasons in Japan
Finding and building a future in Japan outside the mega city.
(This review is based on a free review copy from the publisher via Net Galley UK) Kyo’s life ends at nineteen, when he fails his university entrance exams... READ MORE
Matthew K Spencer
Four Seasons in Japan
Fiction addiction review
I really loved this book got absorbed in Kyo and his grandmother stories so much that I read it in 2 sittings. Thought the idea relating to the 4 seasons w... READ MORE
Terrie Lewington
Four Seasons in Japan
Just lovely!
I’m a sucker for a Japanese themed book (I’m a sucker for Japan to be honest). They’re always so loving and gentle, like a big pillow! This one is no excep... READ MORE
Elaine Nicholson
Four Seasons in Japan
Book within a book, cleverly written
Flo is struggling with a break up. She is a translator from America, living in Japan, translating from Japanese to English. She finds a book ‘The sound o... READ MORE
Rachel Quinlan
Four Seasons in Japan
A love letter to Japan
This book-within-a-book novel follows the lives of three characters: Flo - the translator, Kyo - the lost boy, and Ayako - the grandma. Flo finds a book ... READ MORE
Sophie Davidson
Four Seasons in Japan
A beautiful read
I loved the setting for this story, as it really brings rural Japan sharply into focus. It is written from the point of view of Flo, a translator who works... READ MORE
Alyson Hilbourne
Four Seasons in Japan
Very well written
3.5 rounded down It’s spring and cherry blossom season in Tokyo, Japan and yet American translator Flo Dunthorpe is in despair following the poor recepti... READ MORE
Celia Short
Four Seasons in Japan
Loved it
The book is melancholic, evocative, and compelling. There are heart to heart conversation between friends. Where failure, resentment and devastation engulf... READ MORE
Rudra shree
Four Seasons in Japan
A story about love and finding your potential in life
Nick Bradley has written a beautiful story focussing on two young lives; both trying to work out who they are, where they fit in to society and where they ... READ MORE
Stephen - the bookworm
Four Seasons in Japan
A beautifully written novel that has a book within a book. Books about books are always a win for me. Nick has described Tokyo so well, I want to visit imm... READ MORE
Samantha Schofield
Four Seasons in Japan
A truly remarkable and captivating novel
'Four Seasons in Japan' by Nick Bradley is a truly remarkable and captivating novel that deserves nothing less than five stars. From the moment I started r... READ MORE
Pupak  Mohebali
Four Seasons in Japan
Not going to lie, I was close to DNF early on. It took me a while to get into it but once I got going, I realised why. This is because I had zero interes... READ MORE
Four Seasons in Japan
A cleverly structured novel within a novel
I very much enjoyed Nick Bradley’s The Cat and the City, its distinctive feline striding through the lives of a disparate set of Tokyoites. Similarly cleve... READ MORE
Susan Osborne
Four Seasons in Japan
Flo finds a book left behind by a homeless man on a train she's travelling on. She's a translator by trade and starts to read and translate this story as s... READ MORE
Nic. C/ Nickiknackinoo
Four Seasons in Japan
A beautiful, soul searching, educational, gentle story!
One of the most beautiful stories I have read in a long time. Nick Bradley lives the essence of Japan, it’s culture, it’s integrity, it’s simplicity and i... READ MORE
Judith Sage
Four Seasons in Japan
A story within a story
I read this book courtesy of NetGalley. A delightful charming read with the main part being a story within a story. Set in Japan with wonderful descriptio... READ MORE
Grey Lady
Four Seasons in Japan
Novel set in JAPAN
Four Seasons in Japan is an intimate look at life in contemporary Japan, as seen by both locals and outsiders. It’s a gently paced book that takes place ov... READ MORE
Four Seasons in Japan
A brilliant debut novel and it makes you think about life!
Flo is an American living in Tokyo, she’s just broken up up with her girlfriend, she’s stuck in a bit of a rut and she's not sure if she should move back t... READ MORE
Karren's Reading Nook
Four Seasons in Japan
A beautiful piece of writing
This novel follows the lives on three main characters across different timelines. Flo lives in the bustling modern city of Tokyo - she is surrounded by peo... READ MORE
Nicole Harris
Four Seasons in Japan
A celebration of life and love in Japan
Flo sees herself ‘as a bridge between cultures. She becomes entranced by a book she reads and wants to find the author for permission to translate it into... READ MORE
Sandra Morgan
Four Seasons in Japan
Thought provoking and totally captivating
This was a slow unfolding tale exploring life struggles, family bonds and awakenings. The characters and story involved the reader at every step and every ... READ MORE
Four Seasons in Japan
This is a fascinating book and I strongly recommend it
I love The Cat and The City, an original and intriguing book. I had high expectations for this one and I wasn't disappointed. Another story with a brillian... READ MORE
Four Seasons in Japan
Beautiful book
Really enjoyed this book. I don't really think the framing device worked or was at all necessary, but other than that I loved it. A very interesting insigh... READ MORE
Pilar  Arechiga
Four Seasons in Japan
Fiction addiction book club
A fantastic read, really good pace and great structure. Really enjoyed learning about the culture of Japan and the characters were really interesting, it l... READ MORE
Amy Fallon
Four Seasons in Japan
Fiction Addiction review
My book club were given a copy of this book to review and I can honestly say I loved it. Its one of the best books I've read this year. It's a beautiful an... READ MORE
Renee Southern
Four Seasons in Japan
Fiction addiction book CV lub
Read this as part of our bookclub Learnt a lot about Japanese culture. Very interesting
Colin Williams
Four Seasons in Japan
Slow to start but the story picks up
Started slow but he introduced each character giving brief insights, leading you gently into the story. Loved the mix of old and new Japan and good detail... READ MORE
Deborah Robinson