I Love Me!

I Love Me!: A First Book to Build Confidence and Self-esteem

Children's, Baby, Toddler & Preschool
Paperback Published on: 12/05/2022
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A first book of positive affirmations – perfect for building confidence and self-esteem in very young children.

Every morning, we look into the mirror with Daddy. Together, we say words to help us feel proud and brave, powerful and strong...

Brimming with positivity, I Love Me! is a fun and empowering book of affirmations to help little ones stand tall. Written by Marvyn Harrison (founder of Dope Black Dads) and with art by Diane Ewen (the award-winning illustrator of Floella Benjamin's Coming to England), this upbeat book is perfect for sharing, easy to put into practice, and celebrates the very best in all of us!

With joyful, uplifting statements for each day of the week, it provides an enjoyable routine to help prepare young children for the wider world of nursery and school. The book also includes a bright, fold-out ending and tips for parents and carers.

  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan
  • ISBN: 9781529083880
  • Number of pages: 32
  • Weight: 210g
  • Dimensions: 250 x 250 x 4 mm

Customer Reviews

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I Love Me!
Really lovely book with positive message
This is a really lovely book to help build a child’s confidence, and with a different message for each day of the week, helping them to learn the different... READ MORE
I Love Me!
Great book!
This is a wonderful book! So beautifully written, it addresses issues without being too 'in your face'. It's impossible not to feel positive after reading ... READ MORE
Charlotte Griebenow
I Love Me!
Bright and engaging, with a positive message
We love this book! Bright colours and bold pictures make the book engaging, and the text gives a powerful message of self belief and self confidence. I enj... READ MORE
Rebecca Harrison
I Love Me!
Great little book to start the day positively
Great introduction to affirmations and building self confidence. A great way to start the day when they are feeling a little wobbly. A must have book in ... READ MORE
Sally Furniss
I Love Me!
I received this book for free but this is an honest review. Well what can I say? My daughter suffers from low self esteem and believes that she’s useless, ... READ MORE
Lucie Fish
I Love Me!
Positive and upbeat
I was sent this to review but these are my honest opinions. This is a great book to have on your bookshelf to help your little ones grow up inclusively an... READ MORE
Victoria Valentine
I Love Me!
I really liked reading this book with my toddler. The affirmations were really positive. We will definitely read this often. I received this book for free... READ MORE
Lynsey Stead
I Love Me!
Amazingly Powerful Message
I received this book for free, but this is an honest review. This book had such a lovely and powerful message, that kids and parents can easily take on boa... READ MORE
Katherine-Jane Cope
I Love Me!
loved it
I got this book for free and this is my honest review, what a super little book,the sayings are bold , strong and what every child should be thinking or sa... READ MORE
sam impey
I Love Me!
What a lovely uplifting book
I got this book for free but this is an honest review, My husband and I love this book. It’s just so lovely to have one featuring diverse characters and f... READ MORE
Stephenie Wright
I Love Me!
I this to my 5 and 6 year old and it’s such a lovely positive book. They were reading it with me and saying the affirmations and then we spoke about why it... READ MORE
Claire Vinall-Smith
I Love Me!
Be Positive
‘I love me’ is a lovely book with a powerful message. Excellent shared reading for a child around 5 years old. Bold colourful pictures carry a heartfelt me... READ MORE
Gavin McLaren
I Love Me!
I love me
The children look in the mirror with their dad and begin their day with positive affirmations. The pictures are colourful with diverse characters. The t... READ MORE
Runa Begum
I Love Me!
Lovely book
What an amazing book for children to give them self confidence and teach them the importance of empowering themselves. My 2 year old and six year old both ... READ MORE
Carrie Ridley
I Love Me!
Lovely book
I received this book as a gift, but this is an honest review. I highly recommend this book. It’s a great way of teaching the days of the week as well as i... READ MORE
Laurene McIntosh
I Love Me!
Very special book
Very cleverly written book with a great message. Very colourful illustrations.
Sian Welburn
I Love Me!
A beautiful empowering book
A really nice bright colourful book with every powerful message It's a very simple read but my 3 year old loves it as we repeat back the words for each da... READ MORE
richard turner
I Love Me!
Great message!
I received the book for free but this is still an honest review. A bright and cheerful book with a wonderful message. It’s fun and positive with the aim o... READ MORE
Leah German
I Love Me!
Strong message rings home
The book was well written and had fun inspiring pictures. A brilliant message presented to kids in a fun and friendly way. Tip top.
Matthew Emmott
I Love Me!
Absolutely love this!!
Love this book, such a great daily routine to bring in to your own family. Simply & perfectly written. Great way to start conversations of affirmations & p... READ MORE
Soesen  Edan
I Love Me!
This is a feel good story, full of self-worth and confidence boosting for our little ones. It makes you feel fantastic about yourself and highlights what y... READ MORE
Heather Coe
I Love Me!
Beautiful book!
This is such a gorgeous book for starting up a conversation with your little ones about what makes them special and unique. Brilliantly bright and colourfu... READ MORE
I Love Me!
Raising confident children
My children have absolutely loved reading this book, especially the I am … parts loudly and proudly. It teaches them great daily affirmations to remind the... READ MORE
Camila Pascoal
I Love Me!
Great to support building self confidence
So helpful for shy children and those who struggle with self confidence! Helps build a good habit of positive affirmations and helps children recognise wha... READ MORE
Kalina Warchol
I Love Me!
A story that must be told
I received the book for free, but this is an honest review. I love that this book introduced me to a new concept, and a new way to empower my children, th... READ MORE
Laura G
I Love Me!
Beautiful book inside and out
LSuch a beautiful book. A great way to help younger children create a positive mindset abiut themselves. Affirmations are important to have a healthy menta... READ MORE
Katie Oakes
I Love Me!
A sweet book
I love me, is a lovely book for children to help them build on their confidence. My little girl does have confidence and anxiety issues so I hope with cont... READ MORE
Sarah Ball
I Love Me!
A beautiful book full of beautiful words
A really beautiful book full of strong messages. A book full of positive and empowering words aimed at young children.
Claire Harding
I Love Me!
A morale boosting,heartwarming book!
What a fantastic book for little ones to boost their self esteem. If they had any worries or insecurities beforehand this book will help knock them on the ... READ MORE
Laura Taylor
I Love Me!
A great positive book for little ones
I enjoyed reading this with my little one. It encourages little ones to be proud of themselves for their bravery, kindness and their beauty. A great book... READ MORE
Louisa Martinez
I Love Me!
Inclusive and beautiful message for our children!
My children love this book. We love that it is inclusive and has started some healthy conversations in our home about different races and all of us being e... READ MORE
Kirstie Brown
I Love Me!
Lovely book
We love this book such a fun engaging book. Teaching children the basic of self love. So we'll written.
Jolene Stanley
I Love Me!
My 3 and 5 year old both enjoyed this book. It's a wonderful book which encourages positivity and self esteem. The images are bright and engaging. All in a... READ MORE
Kimberley Jayne
I Love Me!
So much love for this book!
Both my 4 and 6 year old, LOVE the positive affirmations, and not just for them, it’s actually inspired me (40 something) to join in with them, and build c... READ MORE
Sue Davies
I Love Me!
Amazing book
My kids loved this book! Very inspiring and a big confidence boost for me son. Would definitely recommend this book for anyone with children!! ❤️
Angela casey
I Love Me!
Feel good book
Read this with my 5 year old and although short it sent a powerful message and my son enjoyed repeating the statements and the discussion aroun dot was bea... READ MORE
Hayley  Alkins
I Love Me!
A great confidence booster, positive book
This is a great book for children and adults too to b honest. It's all about positivity and self confidence. So lovely to read and help boost that self lov... READ MORE
Hayley Shuttle
I Love Me!
Empowering, colourful, inclusive
This isn't necessarily a story that I would want to read over and over again, but it is a great book for primary school children to read several times and ... READ MORE
Alison Powell
I Love Me!
Beautifully illustrated
This book is fantastic for talking about self esteem and boosting our confidence. I’m so glad to have this on our book shelf. My daughters really enjoyed ... READ MORE
Zee Elsdon
I Love Me!
Beautiful story for children!
We love this book!! The pictures are bright and colourful and exciting the story is great and promotes self esteem and encourages children to think about h... READ MORE
Jessica Stevenson
I Love Me!
Great to boost self esteem
What a gorgeous book. It’s a wonderful way to boost self esteem in children. My son loves this and has already read this several times on day one. I recei... READ MORE
Hannah Brown
I Love Me!
Fantastic book for building confidence in children
My son absolutely loved this book and he was able to relate it to positive affirmations he learns in nursery. It can be difficult to find a book to support... READ MORE
Julianne Goodliffe
I Love Me!
Lovely lovely book!
What a lovely book! Full of self motivation and self love. My little boy loved it and repeated all the phrases. We read it regularly. Would highly rec... READ MORE
Laura Poole
I Love Me!
Great confidence builder for chikdren
I had this book free but this is an honest review. Our family absolutely loved this book, it is so different to anything else we have had. It encourages ch... READ MORE
Karen Hughes
I Love Me!
Lovely ideas to build confidence in our precious children
I was gifted this book but this is my honest review. I am not a massive fan of books that solely focus on one parent as I feel that children who don’t have... READ MORE
Donnah Isaacs
I Love Me!
Building confidence
What a big, beautiful book! Bright and colourful with wonderful illustrations, it helps to encourage confidence in young children and build self esteem by ... READ MORE
Elaine C
I Love Me!
Just a remarkable book which everyone should read
In the world we live in today the book is a ray of light. Not only for children but everyone would benefit from reading this. My kids loved shouting out lo... READ MORE
Tom Browell
I Love Me!
I love me
I received the book for free, but this is an honest review. A book to help with children’s self esteem and build self confidence It really did exceed all... READ MORE
Jennifer  Lipscombe
I Love Me!
Helping children feel good about themselves
This was a free gift but this is my honest review. My 2 daughters aged 3 and 7 really enjoyed this book. They joined in the positive affirmations such as ‘... READ MORE
Duncan Newberry
I Love Me!
Fun & rewarding
This book was amazing and helped introduce powerful positive affirmations and promote confidence to my children. The illustrations were colourful and engag... READ MORE
lauren okeeffe
I Love Me!
A lovely positive read
This is such a gorgeous and positive book for little ones (and their adults too) and perfect for building their confidence. After a few readings my eldest ... READ MORE
Jo  Denning
I Love Me!
Because book to build confidence
Such a great first book for building confidence and self esteem. Filled with positive affirmations. Beautiful illustrations make this book even more specia... READ MORE
Eleanor Candy
I Love Me!
Really lovely book
“I received this book for free, but this is an honest review!” My son really liked this book. He’s been struggling with his confidence at school, so this i... READ MORE
Beth Fitzgerald
I Love Me!
Fantastic book full of positive affirmations
I was sent this book to review and was so impressed with it. I have never read a book like this to my children before but their reaction was fantastic. The... READ MORE
I Love Me!
Got this book free via little readers
Really loved this book it exsplaines everything so well and my 3 and 4 yr old loved reading the book would highly reccommend it and give it 10 out of 10
Rachel cooke
I Love Me!
Bright and positive book
My 4 year old loves this book. It is so colourful and has really helped him go back to preschool after the half term break as sometimes he has a bit of a w... READ MORE
Carly White
I Love Me!
Powerful book
Such a powerful book for little readers. A very important message is promoted throughout the book, yet in a fun and engaging way. My daughter enjoyed the b... READ MORE
Claire Walter
I Love Me!
Such a lovely book!
I received this book for free, but this is an honest review. This book is such a fantastic idea and so lovely to read aloud as a family. Personally, I thin... READ MORE
Sarah Purkins
I Love Me!
I love Me! Excellent title
This book, I love Me, is excellent for children, to learn to love themselves. Also accept that not everyone is the same. Everyone is special in their own w... READ MORE
Pat Kirwan
I Love Me!
Good for confidence
I read to book to my 6, 3 and 1 year old. Reading the mantras to my 6 year old and then practicing them with him so so good for his confidence. It was so n... READ MORE
Perdus Begum
I Love Me!
Lovely book for all ages
This is a lovely book suitable for both children and adults as he messages it conveys are essential.It boost children’s confidence and self esteem.Childre... READ MORE
Petya  Valcheva
I Love Me!
Bold, bright, super exciting, fun and educational.
This book is perfect for my nearly 5 year old twin girls , it’s great for explaining emotions and feelings and it really does help boost their self esteem,... READ MORE
Carl Doherty
I Love Me!
Positive messages for little ones!
I received this book for free but this is an honest review. I love this book, it’s so positive with easy to understand messages for little ones. Really br... READ MORE
Elizabeth Clement
I Love Me!
Lovely book
What a lovely little block pa led with positivity! This book is packed with positive affirmations helping build confidence and self esteem for little ones.... READ MORE
Tracy Baddiley-Watson
I Love Me!
Positive book for young children
We thoroughly enjoyed reading this together. My daughter didn't join in during the first read through but did after a couple of reads. Now she practically ... READ MORE
Jo Dearnaley
I Love Me!
Great idea
Loved this books easy introduction to affirmations. I’m really keen to introduce mindfulness to my daughter early so this will be used daily!
Hannah Hegarty
I Love Me!
An amazing positive book
Such a great book for helping children learn about positive affirmations, my 4 year old has loved repeating them with me and really enjoys telling me she i... READ MORE
I Love Me!
This message is on point! Love it
This is an an amazing book. My children love reading and repeating the words. Positive mantras for us all to use. Lovely illustrated and a perfect book for... READ MORE
Ray Haran
I Love Me!
Really empowering
A great book, great colours. Easy to read. Allows the child to feel empowered and to feel good about themselves, whilst being fun to read ;)
Girl gang Mummy
I Love Me!
Great book for helping kids confidence
This is such a good book to own. I'm all for helping build children's confidence. I read this book with my 4 year old and he was able to read out some bits... READ MORE
emma godfreu
I Love Me!
Engaging and inspiring
This is such a delightful and positive book to help little minds understand how there is room for every feeling in life. It is acceptable to think about an... READ MORE
Laura Emmett-Griffith
I Love Me!
Positivity perfect
I received this book for free, but this is an honest review. Positivity just radiates from this book! We've read this book daily since receiving it and i l... READ MORE
Vicki Leaver
I Love Me!
Fun, positive Confident booster book.
I received this book for free, but this is my honest review. This book is lush. We loved it love how its boosted confidence, we lobe how bright and colour... READ MORE
Rachel Fraser
I Love Me!
Great resource for parents and carers
Please note: I was given this book for free but this is an honest review. I really enjoyed this book for my young children, one of whom started school this... READ MORE
Karina S-D
I Love Me!
Lovely book, great representation
Lovely book, such a difference to have a young childs book without purely white characters. Brilliant message too - we should all be kinder to ourselves, a... READ MORE
Jen Matthys
I Love Me!
Fantastic book!
I wasn’t sure what to think of this book upon first glance, but whilst reading it, my children instantly became fixated. It was fun, uplifting and gave the... READ MORE
Kimberley Morgan