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In Memoriam

Fiction & Poetry, Modern & Contemporary Fiction
Hardback Published on: 09/03/2023
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Bookseller Reviews

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In Memoriam
A masterwork of World War One literature
There isn't really a 'right' word that I can find to describe this stunning debut - it is harrowing, yet uplifting; beautiful yet truly sickening. There ar... READ MORE
Harry McWhirter
In Memoriam
A rival to Birdsong or the Regeneration Trilogy
Wow what a book ! I am not going to relate the plot or tell you about the characters but instead record my reactions ( There is a good synopsis above and o... READ MORE
Tracey McHardy
In Memoriam
A gripping and heart wrenching story
This book is completely engrossing and thoroughly poignant. We follow Henry Gaunt and Sidney Ellwood from their idyllic countryside boarding school to the ... READ MORE
Tilly at Croydon
In Memoriam
The characters!
I was a little hesitant going in because I have been prioritising more own voices narratives (as sometimes books that are not own voices can delve into typ... READ MORE
In Memoriam
Life, Death and everything in between
In January 2015 I read a proof copy of a relatively unknown author whose second novel was due out later that year. The story, much like Winn’s debut, revol... READ MORE
Edward Woods
In Memoriam
A simply stunning and unforgettable love story.
I’m kicking off 2023 and the first review of the year with an absolute belter of a book. In Memoriam by Alice Winn is out 7th March but I read it last mont... READ MORE
Emily Fordham
In Memoriam
Quietly heartbreaking
Fully capturing the awful horrors of the First World War, this beautifully written and atmospheric debut novel is quietly heartbreaking. We follow Gaunt an... READ MORE
Beth at Chesterfield
In Memoriam
As beautiful and tender as it is violent and horrifying
This book has held me captive since reading it back in December. As a bookseller this is one of the instances in which I have been so grateful to receive a... READ MORE
Safie at Gloucester
In Memoriam
Came for the gays, stayed for the history
4.5✨ In Memoriam is heartfelt and lovely and engrossing and gives me flashbacks to many first hand accounts of the war from other literature and pieces of ... READ MORE
Noah Pittrof
In Memoriam
A Timeless Tale of Love and War.
'In Memoriam' by Alice Winn is a gripping and heart-shattering love story between two soldiers in the First World War. The novel follows Henry Gaunt and Si... READ MORE
José Antonio García Sagardoy
In Memoriam
A moving tale of love and loss amid the carnage of World War One
I received a proof copy from Penguin in exchange for an honest review, which you can find below. This is the first book I have read in 2023, and it seems ... READ MORE
Sam E
In Memoriam
No cunning plan! (with apologies to Blackadder)
Can I say this is a gorgeous read, about a book which features so much horror, and pain, and death? Perhaps not, but I truly loved this book, and the endi... READ MORE
Fiona Ellwood at Leicester Highcross
In Memoriam
I finished reading this two days ago and I literally haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I feel like "In Memoriam" is under my skin and the only w... READ MORE
Amy Killoran
In Memoriam
Love in a time of war.
This book is utter perfection. Tender, brutal, absolutely heartbreaking. I envy anyone reading this for the first time;it stands up against books such as B... READ MORE
Rebecca Ashley
In Memoriam
A Masterpiece.
In Memoriam is a revelation. I have encountered stories this special only a handful of times in my life, and the fact that this is a debut novel blows my m... READ MORE
Poppy Rivers-Vincent
In Memoriam
Devastatingly Beautiful
The writing in this book is haunting and extraordinary. It doesn’t hold back on the terrible horrors of the First World War and the devastating impact it h... READ MORE
Laura at Blackpool
In Memoriam
I was transfixed
This book is phenomenal - you won't ever regret reading it, I promise you. I flew through it; my heart has been broken and fixed so many times in the past ... READ MORE
Rowan Maddock
In Memoriam
A Stunning Debut
This is a magnificent debut. Ellwood and Gaunt are public school boys at a prestigious boarding school. As the First World War begins to tighten its grip o... READ MORE
Katy Wheatley
In Memoriam
Believe the hype!
After hearing so many booksellers raving about this book, I had to pick up a copy and boy am I glad I did. Very rarely do I choose to read novels based in ... READ MORE
Bookseller Emma
In Memoriam
Heartbreakingly beautiful
The perfect historical fiction book. In Memoriam is set during the First World War and introduces us to Gaunt and Ellwood, two best friends at private scho... READ MORE
Megan  Metcalfe
In Memoriam
Heart wrenching
Reading this on the tube in london, then whilst travelling in France, I became more connected to the story. Alice Winn has written a truly beautiful and he... READ MORE
Lucy Lightning
In Memoriam
A beautiful romance haunted by the horrors of war
It almost goes without saying how beautiful this book is. The hesitant but also intense love and passion between Ellwood and Gaunt is both heart-rending an... READ MORE
Libby Low
In Memoriam
A truly beautiful, romantic, brutal book. With all the high praise for this book, my expectations were sky high, and goodness me , this not only did not d... READ MORE
Kurde @Horsham
In Memoriam
Beautiful queer historical fiction
Ellwood and Gaunt fall in love at their all-male boarding school but neither can admit this to the other. Torn apart and brought back together by the First... READ MORE
In Memoriam
Gorgeous Writing about a Tale of Love and War
In Memoriam is a fabulous writing, about two boys being secretly in love during the time of the WWI. There are gorgeous idyllic scenes, e.g. English countr... READ MORE
Nora - Trafalgar Square
In Memoriam
Devastating, vivid, brutal, and heartbreaking
In this love story set throughout the First World War, Gaunt and Ellwood are two public school boys who are in love with each other, and are both oblivious... READ MORE
Rebecca at Tunbridge Wells
In Memoriam
An incredible read
A story of forbidden love between two young men who find themselves at the Western Front in WWI. The tender, heartbreaking romance is in direct contrast to... READ MORE
In Memoriam
Favourite read of the year so far...
I was recommended the book by my colleague and I will in turn recommend this to everyone I know! I sped through reading this as I was so captivated by the ... READ MORE
Sarah at Croydon
In Memoriam
Heart Breaking
A heartbreakingly beautiful tale about friendship, love, and everything you would do to protect the people in your life. This book broke my heart and my... READ MORE
Daisy Wilkes
In Memoriam
Ellewood and Gaunt
"In Memoriam" took me by complete surprise, it's not a subject matter I'd normally delve into, but I was very quickly drawn in by Ellewood's charm and Gaun... READ MORE
In Memoriam
Etched in my heart forever
'"I think", said Gaunt... "that if he gave me the smallest hope - I should wait forever."' 1914 and the war feels far away to Henry Gaunt and Sidney Ell... READ MORE
Emma Smith at Bedford
In Memoriam
This is absolutely one of my top books of the year. It is the most beautiful book on the effects of war, told in a really brutal but stunning way. The rela... READ MORE
In Memoriam
Beautiful, harrowing, mesmerising
An utterly mesmerising and truly beautiful read. Alice Winn has created a masterpiece. Gaunt and Ellwood’s relationship feels so tangible, the love and als... READ MORE
Mason at Oxford
In Memoriam
An incredible debut!
I absolutely adored these characters from the very beginning. Winn has depicted the innocence of the young boys who fought in WWI, and how they were all im... READ MORE
Annie Mac
In Memoriam
An assured, elegant debut
This is a brilliantly crafted novel, set amongst the atrocities of war, which charts the developing relationship between two young men. It is so easy to be... READ MORE
Jonathan Reed
In Memoriam
A genuine challenger to Birdsong's crown.
What an incredible book In Memoriam is and for it to be the author's debut novel is more remarkable still. Alice Winn perfectly captures the horror, the fu... READ MORE
Matt at Waterstones Online
In Memoriam
a well deserved win
I read this book as part of the longlist for the debut fiction prize, and it was one of my favorites. It's beautifully written, poignant, and left a wonder... READ MORE
emily collins
In Memoriam
A truly remarkable epic
It is difficult to put into words the range of emotions I have experienced while reading this absolutely fantastic debut novel. The author writes with aut... READ MORE
In Memoriam
Painstakingly beautiful and terrifically tragic
In Memoriam is the book I’ve been searching for! It’s filled with love and sorrow and the horrors of war that can sometimes be forgotten. I stayed up all n... READ MORE
Erin Cooney at Greenwich
In Memoriam
Absolutely stunning
Give this book ALL the awards. Alice Winn writing had me stopping multiple times to just process the lyrical beauty of her words. She gave me the same feel... READ MORE
Holly at Oldham
In Memoriam
Gorgeous Book
I’m not really the type to read historical fiction but this book gave me every bit of love and respect for a time so wildly far from my own experiences. ... READ MORE
Maylan Murray
In Memoriam
Alice Winn captured my heart and will steal yours too
A beautiful and moving portrait of young men in love against the backdrop of the horrors of the Great War. There are moments of bleak atrocities contrastin... READ MORE
In Memoriam
A stunningly sad, beautiful and moving debut!
Such a beautiful book I couldn't put it down!!! Books set in the war are not normally something I would reach for but the balance between the history a... READ MORE
Eleanor  Raper
In Memoriam
A story of hope, love, and brutality
I have always been incredibly moved by the tragic events of WWI, so I knew this novel would take me on a heartbreaking, emotional journey. I was instantly ... READ MORE
Talia at Cambridge
In Memoriam
There is so much power in this book
This is my second attempt writing this as I needed a few days for this to digest...sometimes you have to let a novel sit with you before you write a review... READ MORE
Violet Daniels
In Memoriam
A stunning debut
Alice Winn's mesmerising novel of love during the horrors of the first World War is heartbreaking and beautiful and truly one of the best novels I've ever ... READ MORE
Jen at Harrogate
In Memoriam
‘Gaunt, in fact, represented the only real trial Ellwood had ever gone through. Unrequited love was a difficult thing to live with, but Ellwood managed because Gaunt needed him.’
The way in which this book mended, broke and then repaired my aching heart over the course of this tragic and brutal love story will leave a mark on me tha... READ MORE
Nicola O'Donnell
In Memoriam
Heartbreakingly beautiful
This gets a solid 4.5 from me, I read this as part of the Waterstones Debut Fiction Prize and immediately fell in love with Ellwood and Gaunt. The witty, m... READ MORE
Yasmeen Abbasi


A gripping, heart-shattering love story between two soldiers in the First World War. It's 1914, and talk of war feels far away to Henry Gaunt, Sidney Ellwood and the rest of their classmates, safely ensconced in their idyllic boarding school in the English countryside. At seventeen, they're too young to enlist, and anyway, Gaunt is fighting his own private battle - an all-consuming infatuation with his best friend, the dreamy, poetic Ellwood - not having a clue that Ellwood is in love with him, always has been. When Gaunt's German mother asks him to enlist as an officer in the British army to protect the family from anti-German attacks, Gaunt signs up immediately, relieved to escape his overwhelming feelings for Ellwood. The front is horrific, of course, and though Gaunt tries to dissuade Ellwood from joining him on the battlefield, Ellwood soon rushes to join him, spurred on by his love of Greek heroes and romantic poetry. Before long, their classmates have followed suit. Once in the trenches, Ellwood and Gaunt find fleeting moments of solace in one another, but their friends are all dying, right in front of them, and at any moment they could be next. An epic tale of both the devastating tragedies of war and the forbidden romance that blooms in its grip, In Memoriam is a breathtaking debut.

  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • ISBN: 9780241567821
  • Number of pages: 400
  • Weight: 500g
  • Dimensions: 218 x 140 x 38 mm

Customer Reviews

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In Memoriam
Simply divine
In memoriam’ is a 2023 debut we will all be talking about for some time. Winn, following in the footsteps of Pat Baker, Sebastian Faulkes and other authors... READ MORE
Emine at Bromley
In Memoriam
Compelling and heart-breaking
An extremely well-written novel centred around the relationship of Gaunt and Ellwood, set during WWI. Dead Poet's Society meets Brokeback Mountain meets 19... READ MORE
Joanna Rawlins
In Memoriam
Early Book of the Year contender! One of the best debut novels I’ve ever read.
This book tells the story of two friends who become soldiers on the front line during WWI, but who are both head over heals in love with each other, but ne... READ MORE
Bookstagram: Shanes.Library
In Memoriam
So well written, sadness & madness, tender & brutal...
A love story about two young men effectively starting at the beginning of the First World War is at the core of this. Gaunt (half German) and Ellwood are ... READ MORE
In Memoriam
An epic, heartbreaking live story
When I read the blurb of this book it was as if someone had taken all of my favourite things and made the perfect novel for me. And I’m pleased to say that... READ MORE
Callum Langston-Bolt
In Memoriam
In Memoriam is a new classic of modern World War One literature
In Memoriam is a new classic of modern World War One literature to add to the canon of Regeneration, Birdsong and Strange Meeting. Winn has clearly researc... READ MORE
Daren Kearl
In Memoriam
Makes WW1 fresh again
In lots of ways this is a told-before story for anyone familiar with the literature of WW1 in fiction, memoir and history - so it's to Winn's credit that s... READ MORE
Roman Clodia
In Memoriam
This is a wonderful book, at times unbearably horrific, at others gentle and heartbreaking. Taking us from the idyllic public school world to the horrors ... READ MORE
Marilyn Stanley
In Memoriam
A gripping debut novel about the horrors of WWI, and “the love that dare not speak its name”
4.5 stars, rounded up. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an eArc in exchange for an honest review. In Memoriam is a well crafte... READ MORE
In Memoriam
Heart achingly stunning
Absolutely heart achingly stunning. The tears have trickled down my cheeks uncontrollably throughout this book. What an incredible portrayal of the brutali... READ MORE
Mrs G Librarian
In Memoriam
Gripping and beautiful
This devastatingly powerful novel follows a group of friends from their privileged public school into the horrors of the trenches during the First World Wa... READ MORE
In Memoriam
Beautiful, and brutal, exploration of love and war
Highly recommended to those who love WWI fiction and romance. Somehow, this story feels both timeless and long overdue.
C Glithero
In Memoriam
Wonderful - I couldn't put it down!
Truly superb book, one of those books that when you're in a bit of a funk and can't find quite get your teeth into anything and then this came along and re... READ MORE
Liv G
In Memoriam
Experiencing life’s challenges in World War 1
Such a heartwarming and sensitive book that is beautifully written. It will take you to places that many of us will not go to or experience in real life. L... READ MORE
Vivienne Galloway
In Memoriam
Beautiful queer WW1 story
In many ways, In Memoriam is a WW1 story that has been told many times - 2 public schoolboys volunteer and quickly learn the horrible realities of war in t... READ MORE
Sarah Bell
In Memoriam
Highly Accomplished Debut
Thank you to the publishers for this review copy. I had allowed this to slide down my pile because everyone was raving about it... I know odd perhaps but s... READ MORE
Fiona Sharp
In Memoriam
Movingly beautiful
What an amazingly moving book that truly brings home the horror of the 1st world war. I read it within a day and am very sorry that the book has finished a... READ MORE
Rebecca Cavanagh
In Memoriam
An exceptionally beautiful, poignant and moving story of queer love set in ww1
Incredible !! I read this late into the night, an unputdownable read. Gaunt and Ellwood shall stay with me for a long time. Her prose is stunning and atmos... READ MORE
Ayesha Wood
In Memoriam
Haven’t finished it just yet, but I can’t put it down!
I just picked up a copy at my local Waterstones last weekend, and I can tell you that this debut doesn’t disappoint. Sounds a little crazy but if you were ... READ MORE
Jin Sun
In Memoriam
ALICE WINN – IN MEMORIAM ***** I read this novel in advance of publication through NetGalley in return for an honest review. What an amazing tour de forc... READ MORE
Charles Coussens
In Memoriam
stunning, heart-wrenching debut novel
content warnings: extreme gore & violence, war, death, murder, suicide, grief, homophobia (internal & external), racism, PTSD, panic attacks, trauma i.. d... READ MORE
In Memoriam
The true heir to 'All Quiet on the Western Front'
This book left me completely stunned. It's rare that something as innocuous as a darker next page showing through to the current page is enough to reduce ... READ MORE
Kathryn Washburne
In Memoriam
Government sponsored barbarism
This book brings home the harrowing barbarism of the First World War. Although a work of fiction it brings alive the emotional trauma that a generation of ... READ MORE
Ieuan  Jones
In Memoriam
Amazing ! Alice Winn must be over 100 years old to so capture the culture of a boys boarding school in 1913 onwards and then the horrors of the 1st world w... READ MORE
John Middlehurst
In Memoriam
I bought this book a while before it won waterstones debut fiction prize, and after finishing chapter one I spent about half an hour questioning myself on ... READ MORE
Arden Pole
In Memoriam
An excellent novel dealing with the close relationship of two Oxford students, before and during the 1st WW. The book is harrowing in its description of li... READ MORE
In Memoriam
pls read
made me cry so emotional and sweet but also not at the same time pls pls psl read I need in memoriam tiktoms to relate to
amy booyah
In Memoriam
In Memoriam by Alice’s Winn
In Memoriam by Alice Winn is a story of two young men who go to the same private school and are both soldiers in the First World War. At a time when homose... READ MORE
Christine Rennie
In Memoriam
this is is a masterpiece
i just loved this book, its perfection, beautiful, its a masterpiece. i just couldn't stop reading it i was so good, i stayed up the whole night just to f... READ MORE
amy lowell
In Memoriam
What a triumph for a first novel
It’s hard to believe that this is a first novel. At school many years ago I was fascinated by the War poets - Wilfred Owen , Siegfried Sassoon et al which ... READ MORE
Barry Snelgrove
In Memoriam
A beautiful, heart wrenching novel
Vivid, beautiful and real. A must read.
Lydia Scambler
In Memoriam
In Memorian Alice Winn
I much enjoyed this sensitive book, both shocking and affirming in its portrayal of young lives threatened both physically and emotionally by the huge cha... READ MORE
Helena  Arguile
In Memoriam
In memoriam
This book is outstanding. It will stay with me forever. I became completely immersed in the world of first, the public school culture and then the horrif... READ MORE
Wendy Dalton
In Memoriam
Gut Wrenchingly Amazing
This book literally blew my mind. I went through so many different emotions. The main one being in the futility and waste of war. Losing a whole generation... READ MORE
Jacqueline Batt
In Memoriam
Love and war
It’s possible that I have read too much about this Great War. I found this a little derivative. She writes excellently, her descriptions of the trenches a... READ MORE
Rosie Ayres
In Memoriam
Epic and Intimate
“He thought perhaps all the pain would sour the love, but instead it drew him further in, as if he were Marc Antony, falling on his own sword. And it was a... READ MORE
Books and Tea Make Me Happy
In Memoriam
My new go to recommendation!
A touching and haunting love story set in the trenches, if you loved song of Achilles then you will love this book. I will definitely be re-reading it and ... READ MORE
Emily Panniers
In Memoriam
Could have been so much better!
There are only a few good novels set in and around the Great War and rather more bad ones. Sandwiched in between these are a myriad of wholly indifferent o... READ MORE
Clive Woolliscroft
In Memoriam
Utterly haunting and heartbreaking
Ellwood and Gaunt will find their ways into your heart and will linger for years to come after finishing this debut. Perfect just perfect.
Holly Affleck
In Memoriam
Brilliantly narrated - a story of horror & compassion
IN MEMORIAM by ALICE WINN .....The Preshutian is a boy`s only boarding school. The story begins, shortly before the start of WW1, 28 July, 1914. The frien... READ MORE
David Norman