Children's, Age 9-12
Paperback Published on: 30/03/2023
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Bookseller Reviews

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the world is waiting for this book
Jamie Rambeau is an 11-year-old non-binary kid in their last year of primary school, and the decision for which secondary school to go to is looming over t... READ MORE
Aaron Cawood
This book will change lives. It would have changed mine.
Jamie is a non-binary kid living their best life, having the best time with their two best friends and playing video games before their world changes forev... READ MORE
Jamie Lee at Trafford Centre
Books like this are going to change the world for the better.
An utterly gorgeous story overflowing with compassion, acceptance and heart. This is the kind of story that’s beneficially for readers both young and old. ... READ MORE
Kate at Chichester Waterstones
A must-read book!
Jamie is such an amazing book. It's both a story and a guide and written brilliantly. It's such an important and hopeful book that I cannot wait to recomme... READ MORE
Jessica Kingsley
A bundle of hope
Jamie is living their life as a carefree, young non-binary kid when reality comes crashing down. At a presentation evening at school the children are prese... READ MORE
Poppy Flaxman
Making space for yourself in a world that won't make space for you
L. D. Lapinski's dedication in this book reads simply 'this book is for you'... and they're completely right. Jamie and their friends are fantastic, lovab... READ MORE
A glorious, groundbreaking middle grade novel beaming with pride
I started reading Jamie and I finished it… in one day! Jamie, Ash, and Daisy are best friends. But when it’s time to choose a high school, Ash knows he’... READ MORE
Hannah @fictionalhannah
A book that should be in every school library!
When year 6, non-binary kid Jamie realises there's only a secondary school for boys or girls they set out to change the world. A one of kind, special book ... READ MORE
Alfie at Ashford
A joyful story for all!
This is a book that I have been shoving into customers hands since it arrived in our shop. A total joy to read, for children AND older readers. The autho... READ MORE
Jess at Worcester
Makes my heart sing
One of the most joyous, wonderful reads i've ever experianced! I enjoyed every part of this book so much. I'm so glad that this is available as such an up... READ MORE
Kathrin Shawcross
A book everyone should read
I don’t read a huge amount of contemporary, ‘real-life’ MG, but I loved L.D. Lapinski’a Strangeworlds series and this seemed like such an important book th... READ MORE
Rachael at Altrincham
Heart meltingly full of acceptance & love!
This book is phenomenal! This should be required reading for all kids, parents & teachers no matter how they identify. This story will be so important to... READ MORE
Lydia at Trafford Centre
Sparkling and brilliant!
Jamie is a non-binary kid in year six, facing down the choice between the all boys or all girls secondary schools, and a hefty helping of uncomprehending o... READ MORE
Hazel at Oxford
Books like this are going to change the world!
Books like this are going to change the world!! I’m so glad I picked this up and I absolutely loved it! The representation and determination displayed in t... READ MORE
Chloe at Meadowhall


A beautiful and uplifting story from L.D. Lapinski, author of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, about how to make your own place when the world doesn't think you fit anywhere. For fans of Me, My Dad and The End of The Rainbow. Jamie Rambeau is a happy 11-year-old non-binary kid who likes nothing better than hanging out with their two best friends Daisy and Ash. But when the trio find out that in Year Seven they will be separated into one school for boys and another for girls, their friendship suddenly seems at risk. And when Jamie realises no one has thought about where they are going to go, they decide to take matters into their own hands, and sort it all out once and for all.

  • Publisher: Hachette Children's Group
  • ISBN: 9781510110922
  • Number of pages: 272
  • Weight: 193g
  • Dimensions: 126 x 192 x 20 mm

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Read. Uplifting and Important.
Thank you to L D Lapinksi and their publisher for arranging an early review copy for me. I think it is more than fair to say that this book is a great read... READ MORE
Fiona Sharp
A Heartfelt Joyous Must-Read for All Ages
'Jamie' is a book that I went into with high expectations and was still blown away. There is so much heart in this book, and as a non-binary person, I felt... READ MORE
Owen Hurcum
Beautiful look into an underrepresented community
Okay, so this book doesn’t come out until 28 March NEXT YEAR. What I am SUPPOSED to do, when my (own internal) rule is to write a review, keep it in my not... READ MORE
Hopeful story of protest and pride
okay but I really was crying at the end of this — what a hopeful beam of light this book is. A story of taking up space, of growth and acceptance, of prote... READ MORE
Lizzie | @littlehux
Beautiful, hopeful and necessary
okay but I really was crying at the end of this — what a hopeful beam of light this book is. A story of taking up space, of growth and acceptance, of prote... READ MORE
Lizzie | @littlehux
Jamie is gorgeous, emotional, powerful and absolutely essential reading!
Jamie is an incredible book! It's powerful, it's informative, it's fascinating, and it is so very important. It's absolutely one of those books that every ... READ MORE
Liam James
An essential story of hope, pride and acceptance
This is an essential story of hope, pride and acceptance for anyone who has ever felt that they don't belong. While this book will help young non-binary a... READ MORE
Melissa H
Informative and must read book...
Jamie Rambeau was in year four when they had told their best friend Ash a secret; that they weren't a boy or a girl. They were non-binary. Ash just said ... READ MORE
T Lander
A gorgeous, inclusive must-read
I came into teaching late in life – as my second career, it was one that I didn’t train for until both of my children were at high school 12 years ago. Ove... READ MORE
Jacqui  Sydney
Jamie is an important book that celebrates acceptance and being yourself
Jamie is happy in their primary school, but the move to secondary comes with an unexpected challenge. Their town has two secondary schools - one for girls ... READ MORE
A book that will mean the world to gender diverse kids
Jamie Rambeau is excited to start year six, even though that means making decisions about where to apply to secondary school. But there are only two option... READ MORE
Alex Mullarky
A thoughtful, timely, insightful & important read
Jamie completely surpassed my expectations. A thoughtful, timely, insightful & important read that needs to be in every school library. I will be recommend... READ MORE
Jo Clarke
Hopeful and Educational
This book is incredibly hopeful, but most importantly it's extremely educational about non binary kids and some of the issues they're facing right now. Par... READ MORE
Gatlin Perrin
I needed this book in my life to be able to walk in a non-binary person’s shoes
I’m such a fan of LD Lapinski’s books. Their Strangeworlds Travel Agency middle grade series was BRILLIANT - did you think so too? LD has made an brave and... READ MORE
The Kids Books Curator
Read this book!
As a school librarian, I really like to introduce children to the best, thought provoking new books. Jamie and his friends Daisy and Ash are in Y6 and wil... READ MORE
Hannah Fazakerley
This book is absolutely essential!
Jamie is an inspiring, heartfelt and beautifully written story that celebrates diversity and promotes acceptance. This book is absolutely essential in toda... READ MORE
A wonderful example of making sure you're heard without losing yourself
Jamie is a brave, honest and thoughtful kid; always around for their best friends, Ash and Daisy, who have been together since they were in nappies. They s... READ MORE
Sana Aslam