Me Before You

Me Before You

Fiction & Poetry, Modern & Contemporary Fiction
Paperback Published on: 05/01/2012
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Bookseller Reviews

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Me Before You
Something to think about
This is one of those books that you think about for quite sometime when you have finished it. The story deals with sensitive issues but the humour is touch... READ MORE
Me Before You
Sob fest
I absolutely adored this. A beautiful story. Lou is jobless and moneyless, living with her parents despite being in a long term relationship. She takes a j... READ MORE
Stevie at Aberdeen
Me Before You
Keep the Tissues Handy!
From the cover of this book you might be mistaken into thinking this is a fluffy chicklit novel, it isn't. It is a love story but one with a difference, an... READ MORE
Penelope Bullock at Lancaster


Will needed Lou as much as she needed him, but will her love be enough to save his life?

Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun teashop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick.

What Lou doesn't know is she's about to lose her job or that knowing what's coming is what keeps her sane.

Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. He knows everything feels very small and rather joyless now and he knows exactly how he's going to put a stop to that.

What Will doesn't know is that Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of colour. And neither of them knows they're going to change the other for all time.

One of Britain’s most popular novelists, Jojo Moyes worked variously as a minicab controller and brochure writer for Club 18-30 before winning a bursary to attend a course in journalism. After a decade as a successful journalist, she turned to writing fiction with her first book Sheltering Rain. She won the hearts of legions of readers with her poignant novel Me Before You, introducing the popular character Lou Clark whose story continues in the follow-up novels After You and Still Me.

  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • ISBN: 9780718157838
  • Number of pages: 528
  • Weight: 362g
  • Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 31 mm

Customer Reviews

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Me Before You
Great read, amasing story
when i started reading this story i didnt get into it, but i soon got into it quite quickly and i was abit worried the fact i wasnt getting emotional but c... READ MORE
Me Before You
Lovely but slightly predictable
I first thought I wouldn't enjoy it, seeming too 'rom-com' for me. Then a quarter of the way in started to enjoy it much more with the story changing and b... READ MORE
Me Before You
a beatiful book
This book has had me glued to it for the past 4 hours and I have laughed, cried and lived every moment of it. It is beautifully written so that you are swe... READ MORE
Me Before You
Shows about realistic love and not the same boring love
I am a fan of Nicolas Sparks but his books are always the same. So when my friend recommended this book to me and i read it fully i burst into tears just b... READ MORE
Me Before You
an unexpected gem
I haven't read a Jo Jo Moyes title before and opened the covers of this book with no expectations. I was delighted. The writting style is easy to read but ... READ MORE
Me Before You
Excellent book!
This book has been one of my favourites. Very gripping and makes you not want to put it down! Great story line!
Me Before You
Fantastic Story
I absolutely loved this book. It hooked me right from the start and I had to ration myself so I could savour the story. It was written so well that I felt ... READ MORE
Nicki M
Me Before You
me before you
This book will stay with me forever. I felt I knew every line on the characters faces, they were so real. I felt bereft when I finished the book. How wonde... READ MORE
Me Before You
tissues required
i couldn't put it down, sad and funny in parts. i didn't want it to end. a book with a heart.
Me Before You
Good read, disappointing end.
Extremly disappointing ending. You can't convincing people trough whole book to idea that life is great instead of all bad things and that someone else can... READ MORE
Me Before You
This book is well written!
I love this book, it's great! I would recommend this book to my friends, I'm sure they'll be amaze by an amazing story.
Me Before You
Give Me A Tissue
This book was lovely in every way, and surprisingly, not what I was expecting. I thought this story would be all cute and lovely dovey but it had way more ... READ MORE
Shannon Haggarty
Me Before You
I loved this
I love this book, and all the others by jojo moyes. Would recommend to anyone that wants a good romance. This book really pulls on your heart strings. Beau... READ MORE
Me Before You
Could do better
It is just a romance story and the cover is suitably pink. Too much mundane every day stuff as filler. Patronising where well-educated middle class helps i... READ MORE
Me Before You
Book of the Year Already?
This book, available from the beginning of January, might just turn out to be the best read of the year. The love story between Will, a quadraplegic since ... READ MORE
Me Before You
Read it in two days as couldnt put it down! I loved it, even made me cry at the end! Beautifully wirtten, and really want to read more by the author!
Tina Kelsey
Me Before You
Have a box of tissues handy
Having never read any of Jojo Moyes works before, this one has made me want to go out an buy more of her books. It is a thought provoking piece of work but... READ MORE
Maggie Georgopoulos
Me Before You
An incredible book.
The Eldwick GIN Club, (Girls into Novels), read this in June 12. For the first time in our 7year history as a group we unanimously agreed that this was an ... READ MORE
Jackie Doherty
Me Before You
compulsive reading
This book was so compulsive that I read it within a weekend.It was very well written and I will be looking out for more books written by this author. It is... READ MORE
Me Before You
Made me cry!
Not sure when I started reading this that it was for me but the story is so well written and the characters so believable that the author pulls you in; I c... READ MORE
Valleys girl
Me Before You
Compelling book
I've read a lot of jojo moyes books and always enjoyed them. This one is different to previous ones as it is based in the modern day. However, it didn't di... READ MORE
Me Before You
lovely book
Deserves all the wonderful reviews. You may think its a hard subject to read about but the characters are so engaging that you can't help but want to know ... READ MORE
Me Before You
One of my favourite books this year!
Many years ago I read a book called The Ship of Brides by Jojo Moyes and I loved it. Why then has it taken me this long to pick another of her books up? If... READ MORE
Me Before You
A brilliant read
I read this book within two days, it had me hooked from beginning to end, laughing in places and then sobbing like a baby when it finished. It has become o... READ MORE
Me Before You
Good read, but disappointing ending.
It was really well written, but this story for me was quite ruined but ending. You can't write story about value of person and than just decide that abilit... READ MORE
Me Before You
Wow - Amazing Story
I loved this story. I couldn't put it down. Its one of those books that once you have read it, you will never forget it. It tells the story of Lou. She ge... READ MORE
Sarah Guy
Me Before You
Made me cry!
Not sure when I started reading this that it was for me but the story is so well written and the characters so believable that the author pulls you in; I c... READ MORE
Valleys girl
Me Before You
Gripping and emotional
Beautiful story, avoids cliches and pulls you deep into how the characters feel throughout the book. Would definitely recommend to anyone who doesn't mind ... READ MORE
Colleen Sellwood
Me Before You
not an ordinary love story
Usually I would run a mile before reading anything promoted as a 'romance'. This is not your average boy hates girl/ hates boy/ fall in love scenario. It i... READ MORE
Sally mw
Me Before You
A beautiful book...
I've literally just put this down, and I don't think anything I can say will do justice to the tumult of emotions this book has made me experience from the... READ MORE
Me Before You
New favorite!!
I have just finished this book and could read it again! I am adding this book to my favorite books, the story was brilliant and you cant help but to connec... READ MORE
Me Before You
It's sad, it's funny, it's incredibly good.
Goodness what a good book. I admit that I saw the film first and then couldn't let go of the story and just had to read it. Because my mum saw the film wit... READ MORE
The Sassenach's Library
Me Before You
I have a new found love in fiction and her name is Jojo Moyes.
After watching the movie and reading the sequel last year I couldn't help but go back and read Me Before You. Rather than reading the same story I felt tha... READ MORE
Kelly at Staines
Me Before You
engrossingly lovable but thought provoking read
I loved this book and the way it was written. It was easy to see all the sides of the story, well set out by jojo. I was so engrossed in the characters fee... READ MORE
Karen Redgate
Me Before You
Totally Brilliant! ........
I absolutely loved this, and defy one not to judge by the cover. This really is an amazing story and the characters are very believable you feel as if you ... READ MORE
Dawn Gibson
Me Before You
great if you like an easy read...
When I started this book my heart sank and I thought 'oh no' a bunch of trite characters to wade through. However, as I continued I grew to like them and f... READ MORE
Polly Hall
Me Before You
Very Sad Story
This is a very unusual love story. The two main characters: Lou, a small town girl, stuck in a rut but basically happy with her lot and Will, mid-thirties,... READ MORE
Me Before You
On the Favorites list
I absolutely adored this book: unputdownable. Although it's marketed as a romance story, it is so much more than that. It's well written, with full charact... READ MORE
Me Before You
Brilliant !!!
This book is brilliant I couldnt put it down, very moving story makes you think about your own life, I was very emotional at the end and it left me feeling... READ MORE
Me Before You
I loved this book! I have to admit to being a bit reluctant to begin with as my first impression was that I was reading a typical chick-lit rom-com, which ... READ MORE
Ann McGruer
Me Before You
I <3 this book
Wow - I loved this book! I had the luxury of a few days off between Christmas and new year -fantastic timing allowing me to keep picking this book up (alth... READ MORE
Nikki Clark
Me Before You
Not what I expected
Everybody told me that this book would make me cry, but they were also very insistent that I should read it. So although I thought the subject of the book ... READ MORE
Me Before You
fantastic book
I absolutely loved this book. I read it on holiday and would recommentd it to anyone. The characters in it are so good. The book had me laughing and crying... READ MORE
Me Before You
I just loved it
Oh. My. God! I loved this book (she says recovering from a whole host of emotions!) Louise (Lou) Clark has lost her job, her options of a new one at the j... READ MORE
Me Before You
The novel was thought provoking.....
I could honestly say I did not love reading Me Before You, as I realized how biased I had been prior to reading the novel, on the subject concerning assist... READ MORE
Me Before You
Me before You
So sad, but funny on parts. A book that deals with a difficult subject very well. A book that will stay with me for a long time.
Sandra Cuckow
Me Before You
Simply fantastic
WOW! What a fantastic read. Jojo Moyes has certainly got a way when it comes to writing about potentially tough subjects.This novel follows Lou Clark into ... READ MORE
Barbie Dunford
Me Before You
I am a sucker for romantic books, and this one tops them. Roll on the film!
chloe walton
Me Before You
A gripping read
I have just read this book while travelling and was totally engrossed from start to finish. A thought provoking, emotional and gripping read.
Me Before You
WOWOWOW!! This book is amazing! It covers so many serious issues that affect so many people, in such an effective and enjoyable (and heartbreaking) way! I'... READ MORE
Annie Sharples
Me Before You
A book that makes you laugh and cry
I fell upon this book when I bought the follow on 'After You' without realising it was a sequel to me before you. Its an easy read and I fell in love with... READ MORE
Charlotte Day
Me Before You
Laura Trow
Me Before You
Emotionally Captivating
Me Before You is the best book I have ever read, offering the reader unique experiences which make you question life yet also appreciate its value. Extreme... READ MORE
Me Before You
Me Before You
Have just finished this amazing story and have the mascara streaks to show for it. I loved this book, it was thought provoking, educating and heartbreaking... READ MORE
Me Before You
Great read, intense and thought provoking.
This is a great book which I thoroughly enjoyed during some chill out time over the Christmas period. It brings together an array of characters and the mai... READ MORE
Me Before You
Surprisingly moving
Initially I thought that Me Before You started out like a standard chick lit novel and I didn't feel engaged with the characters, I actually rather dislike... READ MORE
Me Before You
Excellent so far
Loving the book so far.
Me Before You
This book is amazing! Couldn't put it down, sat there for hours reading it. I was laughing and then ended up blubbering like a baby. Even my friends agree!... READ MORE
Me Before You
Utterly beautiful
I don't think I have ever felt so much whilst reading. Jojo Moyes takes the reader on an extraordinary adventure with Lou and they will never, ... READ MORE
Me Before You
An enthralling read!
I absolutely could not put this book down until I had read the last page! The poignancy of the plot had me in tears, and I always think that if a book has ... READ MORE
Hells Bells
Me Before You
The Choices We Make
Jojo Moyes’ latest novel (to be published January 2012) tackles some very difficult issues yet makes them more approachable in this extremely readable love... READ MORE
Teresa Majury
Me Before You
Me Before You
Nikki Clark
Me Before You
A brilliant book, very touching and thought provoking. Couldn't put it down.
Me Before You
Do not judge by it's cover - this is a GREAT book
Please do not be put out by the girly looking cover of the book and the reference to "the most romantic story ever"... This is not something I would qualif... READ MORE
Me Before You
Simply stunning and beautifully written!
A fantastic novel that captivates you from the first page; a devastatingly real situation with a romantic twist, it truly was an enjoyable read. It was bea... READ MORE
Me Before You
Me Before You is a love story, but a painful story. We meet Lou, an ordinary 26 year old, from an ordinary town who has just lost her job. We meet Will - h... READ MORE
Anne Cater
Me Before You
Don't judge a book by it's cover. <3
I'll start by saying it's not the soppy romantic drivel you expect by looking at the cover. Don't get me wrong there was romance but Moyes wrote it in a wa... READ MORE
Me Before You
Me Before You
Beautifully written; compelling story that touches the heart. I couldn't put the book down. Another great book from Jojo Moyes.
Me Before You
Loved it!!
What a well written book. A very moving story, had me in tears at the end! Once I started I just could not put it down, had to finish it at once! A must re... READ MORE
Me Before You
A beautiful yet utterly heartbreaking novel about life, death and the love in between. I could not put it down. Tissues are necessary.
Me Before You
Beautifully written
I loved this book purely because of fact that the characters were relatable in the sense that you could meet these types of people in your everyday life or... READ MORE
Lucy Wilson
Me Before You
Simply has you from laughing to crying in moments
This book is an absolute emotional roller coaster. I recently went to see the new film, but I'm so glad that I read the book first because it gave me such... READ MORE
trish tothova
Me Before You
Great book
Took a while to get into it but by the end I could barely put the book down!
Me Before You
me before you
I found the plot of this novel a bit predictable, a bit contrived even. But sometimes you just enjoy a book so much that you can ignore the fact you can se... READ MORE
Ali Gibson
Me Before You
I don’t actually have the words to say what I truly thought of this book, because the feelings it invokes are so personal and have a certain sense of vulne... READ MORE
Alice Morgan
Me Before You
A must read!!
Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down, it has a great story and you slowly fall in love with the characters. This book keeps you guessing... READ MORE
Me Before You
Incredibly moving
Fell in love with Louisa Clark, could not put this book down nor get it out of my mind. Not a fan of romantic novels but this truly is one of a kind. A mus... READ MORE
Me Before You
Me Before You
I felt it was predictable! It was an easy read even if the ending was sad.
Mary Fox
Me Before You
Great Read
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, Lou Clarke is a lovable, warm character and the plot is good. I think Jojo Moyes handled a sensitive topic very wel... READ MORE
Me Before You
This is possibly one of my faves. Make sure you have tissues at the ready because I cried so much. I 100% recommend this to everyone even if you’re not int... READ MORE
Kirsten Adams
Me Before You
Ever wondered about the perfect book? Well look no further, this is it.
Now, where to start? I’ve been sat looking at my phone for a few minutes now attempting to summon the words for the way I feel in regards to this book. I... READ MORE
Lorna Macleod
Me Before You
Best book I've read this year.
I'd seen the film and thought I should see how good this book was. I adored it, it made me laugh and cry. It is so close to the film. I'd reccomend this to... READ MORE
Sarah Litchfield
Me Before You
Deeply Impactful and Impossible to Put Down
When I first started reading this book, I was at first surprised with the seemingly simple style and structure, therefore expecting a typical romance. How ... READ MORE
Me Before You
Bittersweet :’)
This book had me laughing, crying, then doing both simultaneously, multiple times. One of my absolute favourite books ever and I will never stop recommendi... READ MORE
Jannah Islam
Me Before You
five stars
I know this is a book everybody’s read; everybody is raving about it. But it is worth reading, it’s one of those books that changes your perspective of lif... READ MORE
Kristin Davison
Me Before You
Brilliant story
When I first started this book, I wasn't sure if I was going to love it. I initially thought that it was going to be this great tragic love story, and to s... READ MORE
Ellie Roberts
Me Before You
Lovely story
Would highly recommend
Me Before You
Love it
Amazing! Extremely touching. One of the best books I have ever read. Would of gave it ten stars if I could.
Laura JH