Mina and the Undead

Mina and the Undead

Children's, Teenage & Young Adult
Paperback Published on: 01/04/2021
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Bookseller Reviews

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Mina and the Undead
A delicious gothic tale to sink your teeth into!
4.5 stars! This book was absolutely fantastic and I loved every moment. A book that is so reminiscent of that old school ya we all adore. The most perf... READ MORE
Mina and the Undead
A great read
A great read (very much for older teens) with a great plot line and some epic twists and revelations. I found it a little long winded in the middle and som... READ MORE
Vanessa at Doncaster
Mina and the Undead
Classic 90s x
As a Buffy fan, I was impressed. This was a good vampire YA novel which left me fulfilled with all of its dark and gothic turns. The setting of New Orleans... READ MORE
Brena  Newnham
Mina and the Undead
If you’re in the mood for a vampire book, this is perfect.
In this wonderful story you follow Mina from the UK to join her sister who lives in New Orleans. This it a New Orleans in the grip of vampire obsession aft... READ MORE
Eilish from Rustington
Mina and the Undead
Praise Amy McCaw!
I absolutely loved this book. My emo teenage heart screamed with love for it all. I will not lie I haven’t seen Interview with a Vampire nor read the books... READ MORE
Robyn Drummond


'A dark and thrilling tale of the paranormal. With haunted houses, family secrets and murder galore, this delicious and gruesome tale of the macabre will ignite a whole new generation of vampire fans.' Lauren James

'Brimful of nostalgia and cinematic atmosphere. A thrilling read and a clever new twist on the vampire stories you love.' Laura Wood

New Orleans Fang Fest, 1995. Mina's having a summer to die for.

17-year-old Mina, from England, arrives in New Orleans to visit her estranged sister, Libby. After growing up in the town that inspired Dracula, Mina loves nothing more than a creepy horror movie. She can't wait to explore the city's darkest secrets - vampire tours, seedy bars, spooky cemeteries, disturbing local myths...

And it gets even better when Mina lands a part-time job at a horror movie mansion and meets Jared, Libby's gorgeous housemate, co-worker and fellow horror enthusiast.

But the perfect summer bliss is broken when, while exploring the mansion, Mina stumbles upon the body of a girl with puncture marks on her neck, clutching a lock of hair that suspiciously resembles Libby's...

Someone is replicating New Orleans' most brutal supernatural killings. Mina must discover the truth and prove her sister's innocence before she becomes the victim of another myth.

The unmissable YA Gothic horror of 2021, perfect for fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Stranger Things.

  • Publisher: UCLan Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781912979479
  • Number of pages: 298
  • Dimensions: 198 x 129 mm

Customer Reviews

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Mina and the Undead
Fangtastic! A new horror favourite!
Mina and the Undead is such a wonderful spooky book. I didn't know much going into this book, other than it was a YA Horror and vampy vibes. It was so good... READ MORE
Mina and the Undead
Gripping and Gory!
A very exciting and non-stop journey of a book that transports us to New Orleans in the 90s for a gripping and gruesome story. I thoroughly enjoyed the my... READ MORE
Gavin Hetherington
Mina and the Undead
I Couldn't Put It Down! A truly modern vampire YA set in the 90s
Mina, 17, has just arrived in New Orleans all the way from Whitby, Yorkshire, to spend the summer with her older sister Libby, who is attending university ... READ MORE
Mina and the Undead
4.5 I properly enjoyed this fast paced, murder mystery laced with classic horror, blood and gore. I immediately liked Mina as our main character and was ... READ MORE
Kelly's Rambles
Mina and the Undead
A fang-tastic read!
If you were a fan of Point Horror or any vampire series, this is a definitely a book you will want to read! Set in the 90s, this is a fantastically written... READ MORE
Emily - The Teacher Bookworm
Mina and the Undead
Buffy for YA Readers
I devoured this dark and delicious tale of vampires in 90s New Orleans. Fresh and original and packed with pop culture references, this is Buffy the Vampi... READ MORE
Maria Kuzniar
Mina and the Undead
Fun-filled, Action-packed, YA Horror Thriller
Mina and the Undead is a fun-filled, action-packed, YA horror thriller. Set in mid 90s New Orleans there’s a real gothic vibe which sets the tone perfectly... READ MORE
Mina and the Undead
Unique and very addictive young adult horror!
My Review This is an absolute gem of a book, I couldn’t put it down from the moment I started reading. The writing is fast-paced, easy to read and full of ... READ MORE
Ellie Mai Blogs
Mina and the Undead
Pacy murder mystery, packed with pop culture references!
I knew I'd love this book and it didn't disappoint. It's right up my street and round the corner! Vampires. New Orleans. 1990s. Murder Mystery. As someone ... READ MORE
Rashmi Sirdeshpande
Mina and the Undead
The perfect YA Gothic Horror!
Trigger warnings: murder, blood, addiction, death. Amy McCaw is a well-known member of the YA book blogging community and as soon as I heard about her deb... READ MORE
Amy Rehbein
Mina and the Undead
Vampires, 90s, New Orleans... need I say more?
What a fun ride Mina and the Undead is. Packed with pop-culture, loaded with atmosphere, a twisty, turny plot, and relatable characters. This is a strong d... READ MORE
Emma Pullar
Mina and the Undead
Made me fall in love with vampires all over again!
What I expected was INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE X BUFFY. What I got was so much more. Amy McCaw has crafted a gorgeously-gothic 90’s take on NOLA vampire lo... READ MORE
Hannah Kates
Mina and the Undead
Cinematic and visual - perfect for horror movie fans
I’ve read this multiple times now and honestly enjoyed it every time and even having learnt the twists after the first read, the plot is strong and you rea... READ MORE
Mina and the Undead
A bok with plenty of bite!
Vampires have always been part of Mina's life, growing up in Whitby (which inspired at least some of Stoker's Dracula) with a (now estranged) mother seemin... READ MORE
Rachael at Altrincham
Mina and the Undead
Fun, fast-paced, atmospheric read
Seventeen-year-old Mina moves from Whitby (Dracula’s favourite English seaside town) to Anne Rice’s New Orleans to stay with her sister Libby for the summe... READ MORE
Rebecca Rouillard
Mina and the Undead
Fascinating and blood-soaked
Mina and the Undead is a fascinating, blood-drenched and wild ride through a supernatural, yet all too human mystery that centres around obsession and powe... READ MORE
Emily (ashortbooklover)
Mina and the Undead
I couldn’t put it down from the moment I started
Mina and the Undead was one of my most anticipated books of the year. I couldn’t put it down from the moment I started. Loveable, easy to root for characte... READ MORE
Mina and the Undead
A fangtastic feast of horror and romance
Believe me, if Mina and the Undead isn't on your reading list, it should be. Vampires just got cool again in this enigmatic tale that catapults you straigh... READ MORE
Laura Poole
Mina and the Undead
This book bites!
I am OBSESSED with this book and I just need to tell someone about it! With 90s vibes and a setting like New Orleans, Mina and the Undead by @yaundermyskin... READ MORE
stephanie hanlon
Mina and the Undead
Such a fun return to my past loves of vampire films and books.
Mina and the Undead is such a fun return to my past loves of vampire films and books. Like Mina, I loved reading Interview with a Vampire in my youth and s... READ MORE
Sabrina Accalai
Mina and the Undead
A gory murder mystery set in 1990s New Orleans packed with vampire killing sprees, pop culture references, morally grey characters and a cast you cannot trust in a city with a horrific past.
Copy sent by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Content warnings: gore, horror, death, blood We dive straight into the story, with Mina arri... READ MORE
Amy Rule
Mina and the Undead
A spooky atmospheric read!
Mina and the Undead is a super fun action packed YA horror story that sucked me into the eerie 90s atmosphere of New Orleans and gripped me from beginning ... READ MORE
Rose Gant
Mina and the Undead
Mystery thriller
This isn’t just another teen vampire story. With lots of 80s film references and nods to other vampire stories, this is a YA thriller/mystery set in New O... READ MORE
Joanne Gibbons
Mina and the Undead
Fun read! Horror and vampires galore
I had a great time reading Mina and the Undead; it was a fun YA horror and was my first time delving back into young adult fiction in a very long time!
Cherry Whittaker
Mina and the Undead
Nostalgic horror!
Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with this eARC in return for an honest review. This YA novel is a nostalgic treat for anyone who is a fan of the ... READ MORE
Serena Coleman
Mina and the Undead
The plot was perfect, I loved the mystery and vampire aspects to it, plus the 80s/90s pop culture references were amazingly done! I liked where the story w... READ MORE
Amy Macdonald
Mina and the Undead
A Great YA set in the Mid-90s with Vampires!
I picked this up on a whim when I took my 10 year old daughter book shopping. The cover initially drew me in with it's retro VHS look and then I read the b... READ MORE
Graeme Redshaw
Mina and the Undead
Wonderful Ya Gothic Horror
Mina And The Undead is the most perfect ya gothic horror I've read in a long time! I absolutely loved it! It's fun and gory and was everything I expected i... READ MORE
Corrina Dunn
Mina and the Undead
YA fiction of the best kind!
This is YA fiction of the best kind! Mina and the Undead is packed with gothic atmosphere, 90s nostalgia, vampire folklore (and a good dash of gore), myste... READ MORE
Milena Widdowson
Mina and the Undead
Mina and the Undead is enjoyable, tense and thrilling - I had to know what was going to happen next.
This book is about Mina (obviously), a seventeen-year-old who goes to New Orleans from England to visit her estranged sister Libby, but before long, she di... READ MORE
Mina and the Undead
300 pages of fast paced pleasure
It was a quick read and fun read New Orleans, with two sisters who come from Whitby, it made me keep reading. Your typical YA story - told in a completely ... READ MORE
Mina and the Undead
Set in the 90s, vampires and supernatural , pop culture, nostalgia, I mean what wasn’t I going to like about this book and the answer is nothing ! I absolu... READ MORE
Tara Keating
Mina and the Undead
Great Teen Vampire story
Emma Murch
Mina and the Undead
Perfect for YA readers...and for 38 year old readers
Mina and the Undead was such a nostalgic read for me. It is set in 1995 at New Orleans Fang Fest and was jam-packed with nineties horror references and men... READ MORE
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