Murder in the Family

Murder in the Family

Paperback Published on: 20/07/2023
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Bookseller Reviews

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Murder in the Family
True Crime meets Reality TV in this Outstanding Thriller!
Cara Hunter explores the elements that make the traditional crime thriller and by combining our growing fascination for true crime dramas and reality TV cr... READ MORE
Steven at Bluewater
Murder in the Family
One Murder. Six Experts. Will You Solve The Case Before They Do? An Addictive Real Time Cold Case Read I Could Not put Down.
Such a cool addictive read. I had a notebook & post-its ready. I read the first few pages & who would be going through the evidence & decided to make an ea... READ MORE
Nicole @hemelwstones
Murder in the Family
Addictive and a wonderfully entertaining thriller!
I loved the format of Murder in the Family - filled with transcripts, emails, crime scene photos and news articles with an imagined true crime show at its ... READ MORE
Laura at Blackpool
Murder in the Family
True crime lover must-read
Murder in the Family perfectly converts a true crime documentary to the page. I could literally picture it in my head. Set out as recordings, interviews, c... READ MORE
Holly at Oldham


It was a case that gripped the nation. Luke Ryder's murder has never been solved. In December 2003, Luke Ryder was found dead in the garden of the family home in London, leaving behind a wealthy older widow and three stepchildren. Nobody saw anything. Now, secrets will be revealed - live on camera. Years later a group of experts re-examine the evidence on Infamous, a true-crime show - with shocking results. Does the team know more than they've been letting on? Or does the truth lie closer to home? Can you solve the case before they do? The truth will blow your mind.

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • ISBN: 9780008530020
  • Number of pages: 480
  • Weight: 320g
  • Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 30 mm

Customer Reviews

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Murder in the Family
Fast paced read
Twenty years ago Luke Ryder was killed in the garden of the house he shared in north London with his wife. The murderer was never discovered and now his st... READ MORE
Alyson Hilbourne
Murder in the Family
Could not put it down!
Cara Hunter has always been an auto-buy for me, her novels have NEVER missed the spot. With this being her first stand-alone I was a little nervous it woul... READ MORE
Elizabeth Fazal
Murder in the Family
Murder in the Family by Cara Hunter
Murder in the Family by Cara Hunter is an original excellent whodunit which revisits a cold case murder committed in December 2003. It is a production te... READ MORE
Christine Rennie
Murder in the Family
One of those books that you just won't be able to put down
When Luke Ryder was murdered outside his home in 2003, the police never found out who was responsible. Now a true crime show hopes to uncover the truth abo... READ MORE
Murder in the Family
I could not follow the format at all and though I normally love Cara Hunter, I could not finish this book.
S Bi
Murder in the Family
It’s a no from me I’m afraid.
I have read several Cara Hunter books and loved everyone of them but I really struggled with this one. I liked the storyline but hated the format it was wr... READ MORE
Christine  Revely
Murder in the Family
Not a good format for me
I could not follow the format at all and though I normally love Cara Hunter, I could not finish this book.
S Bi
Murder in the Family
Absolutely loved it!
Absolutely loved it. Had me hooked from the start. I’ve read Cara Hunter before so knew I’d be in for a treat and she didn’t disappoint. Fast paced and wel... READ MORE
Tammy Muir
Murder in the Family
Didn't enjoy!
In October 2003 Luke Ryder is found dead in his garden and twenty years later his filmmaker stepson Guy Howard who was ten at the time decides to reopen th... READ MORE
Joan Clapham
Murder in the Family
Murder in the Family
Oooo this was a bit juicy :) and something a little different... We start with an unsolved murder. That of Luke Ryder who was found dead in the garden of h... READ MORE
Murder in the Family
Smoke and mirrors come very much into play!
Twenty years ago Luke Ryder was killed in the garden of his upmarket London home - no one was ever prosecuted. Now, his stepson, TV director Guy Howard, de... READ MORE
Maureen Ellis
Murder in the Family
Loved this book!
I am absolutely blown away by how amazing this book was! It's uncommon format of a series of interviews had me curious from the start, and with shocking re... READ MORE
Lara Martin
Murder in the Family
A Top Class Read
Cara Hunter is a first class author and one of my favourites! She has bravely adopted a creative and novel approach to this book. The scenario is set dur... READ MORE
Robert Jackson
Murder in the Family
Hoping for a tv adaptation
I don't believe I've read any Cara Hunter novels before, but I thought "Murder in the Family" was a nice introduction to her work. I really liked the uniq... READ MORE
Mel Pretorius
Murder in the Family
Excellent thriller with an original format
Well that was good! I must admit when I first started this I was doubtful about the format; texts, transcripts from the television series; emails. (I’m a b... READ MORE
Robert Lundy
Murder in the Family
Original format set as TV format for Netflix
Set in the form of a Netflix cold case investigation into a murder that was never solved 20 years ago, Guy Howard - a member of the family of the murdered ... READ MORE
Dana Farren
Murder in the Family
An unconventionally formatted crime thriller
“January 9, 2023 New Season of ‘Infamous’ sees British Film-maker Revisiting His Stepfather’s Murder, Unsolved for 20 Years” My thanks to HarperCollins U.... READ MORE
Vivienne O'Regan
Murder in the Family
Clever concept
Twenty years ago Luke Ryder was killed in the garden of the house he lived in. The crime is still unsolved. Now a production company is getting together ... READ MORE
Jo-anne Atkinson
Murder in the Family
Not what I expected!
I thought I’d bought the latest in Cara’s D.I Adam series, so was surprised when it was a murder mystery of a different kind. It turned out to be a great r... READ MORE
Lynn Elsey
Murder in the Family
Really Disappointing
I loved the idea of this book and was so looking forward to starting to read it. Unfortunately it was a really big disappointment. The format of the book... READ MORE
Helen Hunter
Murder in the Family
gripping and outstanding
Had me hooked from the start , lots of twists and turns and one hell of an outcome . Some books get everything right , this is one of them .It was well pa... READ MORE
david littleton
Murder in the Family
Slightly disappointed by this original mystery novel
Having enjoyed my first Cara Hunter book, I found this one a little disappointing. . The premise is that a cold murder case, taking place in London, is inv... READ MORE
Murder in the Family
A cracking read
Who killed Luke Ryder in 2003 in leafy, expensive, elite, London, W8?? Luke is found at the bottom of the flight of steps for his teenage stepdaughter‘s. H... READ MORE
Celia Short
Murder in the Family
Unique stand alone story
A stand alone book from Cara Hunter that explores an unsolved murder from twenty years ago. Using live TV to explore all the evidence and attempt to uncov... READ MORE
Pauline Cooper
Murder in the Family
Unique read
I have read Cara Hunter’s previous work, So I was looking forward to reading the author’s latest offering Murder in the family. Luke Ryder, stepfather to ... READ MORE
Michellle De Alwis
Murder in the Family
Just great!
Clever, original, so many adjectives to Cara’s stand alone book. Written as a True Crime series on Netflix in eight episodes. Apart from the odd catch up w... READ MORE
Mavis Tiller
Murder in the Family
some great cliff hangers
I've always enjoyed Cara Hunter's writing and it was interesting to read this one in a very different style to her usual one. At times it read like a theat... READ MORE
Murder in the Family
In December 2003, Luke Ryder was found dead in the garden of the family home in London, leaving behind a wealthy older widow and three stepchildren. Nobody... READ MORE
Murder in the Family
Twisty and inventive
The first standalone novel by the author of the DI Fawley Oxford-set series, this is an intriguing thriller set in the world of true crime documentary inve... READ MORE
Jessica Thompson
Murder in the Family
Very clever, an excellent read
So very very clever. A really interesting take on a cold case murder investigation. A group of experts presenting a tv series about the murder of Luke some... READ MORE
Ann Jones
Murder in the Family
Highly recommended.
Interesting format which would unfold well on screen, I really enjoyed this original story from Cara Hunter. This differs from her Adam Fawley series (whic... READ MORE
Maria  Hall
Murder in the Family
A Rollercoaster of a thriller
It was the most notorious murder of the time. Luke Ryder, the 26 year old husband of a society widow was found murdered in the garden of their upmarket Lon... READ MORE
Carole Tyrrell
Murder in the Family
A gripping thriller
Is it possible to have too many clues? Too many red herrings? If so, this book wins the prize. However it's a gripping thriller without a single boring ... READ MORE
Susan S
Murder in the Family
This deserves to be a smash hit for the author
Thanks to HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction for the chance to read an advance copy of this terrific book. I've read and loved all of Cara Hunter's output, a... READ MORE
Mark Davies
Murder in the Family
a very interesting form of writing
Murder in the FamilyCara Hunter 4 stars This was definitely a book written in a completely original style and, for the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed th... READ MORE
Karen Morgan
Murder in the Family
Full of twists
I am a fan of Cara Hunter’s series featuring DI Fawley so I was keen to read this, her first standalone novel. While it’s clear in the blurb that the book ... READ MORE
Murder in the Family
Enjoyable overall
I enjoyed this book on the whole, but I did find it a bit confusing with the different characters and I didn't take to the style of the book. In particula... READ MORE
Helen Williams
Murder in the Family
Clever premise and a fresh approach to true crime
A challenging format and a multitude of characters but once you get through that, Cara Hunter doesn't disappoint. Clever premise and a fresh approach to tr... READ MORE
J Robinson
Murder in the Family
Thriller Queen
Cara Hunter defines thrillers to me. First of all, I love the different formats she uses: texts, interviews, newspaper articles. It's always fun to see som... READ MORE
Emily  Rutks
Murder in the Family
This was an amazing read! It had so many twists and turns that I was constantly updating what I expected the final reveal to be! I did have it right briefl... READ MORE
Murder in the Family
What a Book!!
What a book!!! I loved everything about it. The format, the story, the fascinating characters & the ending of the book. Who Killed Luke Ryder? A team of e... READ MORE
Christine Davies
Murder in the Family
Fabulous author
Cara Hunter is one of my favourite crime writers and her Adam Fawley books make for a fantastic series so I was very intrigued by her writing a standalone ... READ MORE
Sarah Goldthorpe
Murder in the Family
Intellectually challenging courtroom drama
In 2003, Luke Ryland, was killed in the family garden by blunt force trauma. Twenty years later, a Netflix serial convenes experts to solve the who and wh... READ MORE
Murder in the Family
Absorbing story
This read like a true crime documentary and it was so good, I was riveted!!. There was such a lot of information flying out at you from the pages that I wa... READ MORE
Nic. C/ Nickiknackinoo
Murder in the Family
This is a compelling and twisty read and one I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Summary: In 'Murder in the Family', Cara Hunter takes the popular true crime document concept and turns it completely on its head, to create a compelling a... READ MORE
Maria's Book Musings
Murder in the Family
I loved it and it's strongly recommended
I kept me reading till 3 am as the story kept surprising me and making me discover new motive and possibile culprits. The mix of media, dialogue and differ... READ MORE
Murder in the Family
A different and enjoyable read!
A very different read the narrative is set out in scripts and conversations of a Netflix series called Infamous looking in to a murder cold case. Luke Ryd... READ MORE
Zoe Hitchen
Murder in the Family
Good read
I really enjoy Cara Hunter's Adam Fawley series so was eager to read this, a standalone thriller but, unfortunately, whilst I enjoyed the story, I liked th... READ MORE
Murder in the Family
Secrets and Lies
Murder In The Family by Cara Hunter I give this book 4.25 stars Revisiting a cold case production manager Guy investigates the murder of his stepfather L... READ MORE
Murder in the Family
An interesting experiment with form but, ultimately, not as enjoyable as her usual style.
I have enjoyed Cara Hunter’s DCI Adam Fawley Oxford series and so was keen to read this standalone. ‘Murder in the Family’ focuses on a twenty-year-old un... READ MORE
Sarah D
Murder in the Family
Cracking plot!
As one of my favourite authors, I was really excited to read this latest standalone release from Cara Hunter, and wow, I was totally immersed in this well ... READ MORE
Murder in the Family
Oh dear ...
Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but I'm sorry - this book just wasn’t for me. The layout made everything so difficult to follow and, possibly becau... READ MORE
Carole Kendal
Murder in the Family
Media obsession with true crime stories reflected in this thrilling mystery
A clever and twisting crime story, this novel centres on a cold case of murder being reviewed twenty years later as part of a true crime TV documentary ser... READ MORE
Jackie Murrell
Murder in the Family
A hugely original thriller
I absolutely love the author's Adam Fawley series so was thrilled to have the opportunity to read her first standalone thriller. Murder in the Family has a... READ MORE
Saffy Young
Murder in the Family
True crime style fiction - bravo to the author for pulling this off
I went through a range of feelings about Murder in the Family, Cara Hunter's first standalone novel. Ooh, a new Cara Hunter! I love her books, I must re... READ MORE
Murder in the Family
Thrilling and addictive
I am a huge fan of Cara Hunter’s novels. Her DI Adam Fawley series is one of my favourite and I am always looking forward to the next novel. I was really e... READ MORE
Noemi Proietti
Murder in the Family
A fascinating, innovative read!
What a fascinating, totally different read. This ‘cold-case’ investigation is written as a Netflix documentary from planning to broadcast, comprising e... READ MORE
Sarah C
Murder in the Family
The crime release of the summer
Murder in the Family was one of the most addictive reads of the year so far. It was so tightly plotted as Hunter masterfully leads you down her dark and tw... READ MORE
Emily (ashortbooklover)