One Day

One Day

Fiction & Poetry, Modern & Contemporary Fiction
Paperback Published on: 04/02/2010
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Bookseller Reviews

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One Day
A future classic
Quite easily one of the greatest books of our time. Not only does it have a timeless quality that feels more than just words on a page, but it has the abil... READ MORE
Adam at Waterstones Hitchin
One Day
One of my favourite books of 2010! Awesome!
As University finishes Dexter and Emma spend one day together before spending their lives apart. Part of each other's lives but forever apart, they're fore... READ MORE
Debbie Chapman at Norwich
One Day
I loved this book.
I really did enjoy this one, and I don't read a lot of popular fiction! This novel keeps you gently hooked from start to finish, as you feel many emotions.... READ MORE
Christiana Boss at Chichester
One Day
Brilliant, prepare to laugh out loud
David Nicholls has done it again. Excellent work! Romantic but not soppy and certainly not without substance. The premise of this novel is about a promise ... READ MORE
Hannah Mulligan Ward at Woking
One Day
One Day
This is a great book that the cover doesn't do justice for. It's not perfect, and it certainly wasn't as amazing as i've heard others say it is, but it is ... READ MORE
Carol Ann Noble at Carlisle
One Day
If you're going to read David Nicholls read Start For Ten instead. This is one of the worst books I've had to read. The characters are really unlikeable, t... READ MORE
Sasha James
One Day
One hell of a book!
I feel for those who came to this story by the (awful) film or the (fantastic) netflix series. It is one of my all time fave reads and one of my most recom... READ MORE
James at Chiswick


Twenty years, two people, ONE DAY. The multi-million copy bestseller that captures the experiences of a generation.

'I can imagine you at forty,' she said, a hint of malice in her voice. 'I can picture it right now.'

He smiled without opening his eyes. 'Go on then.'

15th July 1988. Emma and Dexter meet for the first time on the night of their graduation. Tomorrow they must go their separate ways.

So where will they be on this one day next year?

And the year after that? And every year that follows?

  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
  • ISBN: 9780340896983
  • Number of pages: 448
  • Weight: 331g
  • Dimensions: 197 x 138 x 29 mm

Customer Reviews

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One Day
In the didn't like it camp
I have to say I felt I was reading the wrong book going on how delighted people were and expressing how much they loved this book when they saw I was readi... READ MORE
One Day
A must read
First let me say, if your only experience of One Day is the film, do not let this put you off! The book is a sheer delight and the film did not do it justi... READ MORE
One Day
One Day
This was a very good read that deserves the praise bestowed upon it however I felt that the end of the story was rather hurried and not as well thought out... READ MORE
One Day
No modern classic!
Captures the cultural Zeitgeist fairly well, but fails on many other fronts: stylistically insipid, too many coincidences impose a strain on credulity, dam... READ MORE
One Day
i loved this book
I read this book a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I laughed and cried my way through the lives of Emma and Dexter. The narrative is engaging and dr... READ MORE
One Day
I started reading this book and was immediately gripped by the two main characters, Emma and Dexter. The way Nicholls develops these characters throughout ... READ MORE
One Day
A brilliant book that I found hard to put down following the lives of Em and Dex, One Day takes the reader on a journey through the ups and downs of growin... READ MORE
Zenia Patel
One Day
A brilliant, touching story
After not reading a novel all the way through in four years, this was recommended to me. Before it gained its vast popularity and became a film, this book ... READ MORE
One Day
Simply outstanding
I honestly cannot think of a book that has previously made me laugh out loud and then cry buckets but this certainly was a roller coaster of emotions. The ... READ MORE
Dawn D
One Day
Hard to Put Down
Totally loved this book. Not only was it a wonderful and touching love story, but I loved the richness of the characterisations and locations in the novel.... READ MORE
One Day
Excellent read
I actually bought and read this book based on the review I read on this website, and I have to say I was not disappointed! This is a really heart-warming,... READ MORE
One Day
Totally worth it and great!
This book was definitely better than expected! And the characters in the book are great, and I cant wait to see if the film adaptation will be better- prob... READ MORE
One Day
Very good read
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I couldn't put it down. They are believable characters who took me back and made me a little melancolic and nostalgic fo... READ MORE
One Day
Surprisingly good!
I needed something engaging to get me back into reading after just boring revision, saw the film for this advertised and just decided to buy the book. So g... READ MORE
One Day
Stayed with me long after I'd finished reading it!
Having never read a David Nicholls novel before, I'm more than happy to say this was my initiation novel! It is beautifully written and the characters are ... READ MORE
One Day
Good read!
I read this book before the film came out, and have recently started reading it again. I love the way this book is written on just one day every year. Very... READ MORE
One Day
this book made me cry, laugh out loud and left me completely memorised. its incredible i didnt think a book could be so addictive, i read it cover to cover... READ MORE
One Day
One Day
movie over book
Sadly i went to see the film (yesterday) rather then get the book first as i usually do.The adverts portrayed it to be a sweet film. It lived up to my expe... READ MORE
Lover of ALL Fantasy
One Day
I found this book a let down from the beginning. Insipid characters and no real storyline left me wondering what all the rave reviews were about. It was a ... READ MORE
One Day
After being told to choose a book for English, my eyes caught site of the bright colours on the colour of "One Day" and after reading the blurb I was intri... READ MORE
One Day
One Day
‘One Day’ is a love story based around the harsh and often funny lives of Dexter and Emma, over twenty years. It captures the minutiae of relationships and... READ MORE
One Day
it was ok
i was dissapointed in this book i heard how much other people loved it well i didnt . Mabey It was because it wasnt your typical love story or the way it w... READ MORE
One Day
Don't waste your time, bland, boring, predictable!!!
One Day
Good travel read
Not as 'solid' as I'd hoped some of the characterisation lacks 'body'. Emma, in particular, is shallowly drawn in places and I felt that much more could ha... READ MORE
Martin Bostock
One Day
Amazing !!
When I was on holiday in Scotland I bought this book, since I'd heard many positive things about it and wanted to read it myself. Well, I wasn't let down –... READ MORE
One Day
This book wasn't eye catching but once I started to read it I couldn't put it down. The book was about two characters, Emma and Dexter who met at Uni and d... READ MORE
Catherine Joyce
One Day
I read this book in one day. Nicholls is hilarious and touching from one minute to the next. I could NOT put this book down and everyone I've recommended i... READ MORE
One Day
One Day
Being a retired lady I am probably too old for this book I sadly found it rather boring and repetative but can understand perhaps why young people might li... READ MORE
One Day
Could not put this down
This is a fantastic read, a fairy tale with a modern twist, perfect for those lazy sunny afternoons, an absolute for any holiday baggage. As you read, you ... READ MORE
Travelling Girl
One Day
Distinctly Average
I read this primarily because I wanted to see what all the hype was about, and I was going on holiday so I needed a few light reads. I was not particularly... READ MORE
One Day
20 years...great read!
Loved how this was written across 3 different decades and we kept meeting up with the characters again every year. I found it a great plot mechanism and fe... READ MORE
One Day
I cannot believe how much hype there has been for this book! I found it irritating and very disappointing.
Gwenno Ford
One Day
its ok
It was a ok book unfortunately didn't get into the book as much as I wanted to usually it will take me a day or 2 to read a book this one took me longer bu... READ MORE
One Day
Easily read in One Day
This book came skiing with me this year, which is just a well really as my skiing isn't something to be desired.... Getting back to my point it was a compl... READ MORE
Cherie Coco
One Day
So disappointing
I was expecting great things after such rave reviews but my expectations were not fulfilled. Granted, he writes very well but he did not engage my emotions... READ MORE
Devonian literature lover
One Day
One Day
I am an over the hill adult studying undergraduate mathematics . Its been a while since I read a novel that is 400+ pages, and I have to say I couldn't put... READ MORE
One Day
It got me back into reading!
I hadn't read a book for a while and was handed this. It got me hooked straight away and I literally couldn't put the book down! I took it everywhere with ... READ MORE
One Day
completely engrossing
Right from the word go i was completely intregered and curious about the charaters relationship. you follow there journey and feel by the end , that you kn... READ MORE
a little reader
One Day
A joy to read
I have to admit if I didn`t watch the movie before I finish the book it might be better. But it has been a huge joy to read. David Nicholls made everyone s... READ MORE
Shucong Fu
One Day
Not half bad...
Having only just got back into reading, I found this book to be a refreshing and interesting take on the classic tale of romance. Set on only one day each ... READ MORE
Chief Chin
One Day
One Day
One Day
watch out!
I dont usually read fiction, but, I absolutely loved this story. Emma and Dexter are real people, they live a real life, in real places and in real time. I... READ MORE
One Day
I absolutely loved this book. Couldn't put it down and became really involved with the characters. I laughed, cried and really lived it! Buy it - you wont ... READ MORE
One Day
Love this book!
A very cleverly written book about two friends and their entwined lives, and their trials and tribulations over a couple of decades. There is humour, roman... READ MORE
Bea Allday
One Day
One Day
One of the best books I have read, it played with my emotions, from laughing to crying. I have recommended this book to friends and family and without exce... READ MORE
One Day
Brilliant read!
I hated finishing this book, it was such a great story. Set during the very late 80's, 90's and early 00's, so lots of reminiscing and smiling as I read. D... READ MORE
Jo Orton
One Day
Loved it, loved it, loved it ...
Probably my favourite read of the year so far. I bought into the principal characters from very early on and came to care about them and those around them ... READ MORE
One Day
Could not put it down
Due to the accessible style of writing, lovable characters and intreguing plot turns, I literally could not put this book down once I had started reading. ... READ MORE
One Day
Loved it.
I absolutely loved this book, I thought the characters were brought out as the book went along. I could not put the book down as I wanted to know did they ... READ MORE
One Day
Surprisingly okay
I am usually left umimpressed by books with huge hype around them (stand up The Time Traveller's Wife), but this did actually keep my attention and was a v... READ MORE
One Day
somebody's dream
What makes this more of a enjoyable read is the fact it can happen to any joe or josephine Bloggs. For a teen growing up on the same timeline as Dex and Em... READ MORE
One Day
Modern love story
I found this book slow to begin with and thought I would never get into it. However I stuck with it and am glad I did as found it hard to put down eventual... READ MORE
One Day
One Day
One Day
One Day
Yes it's as good as the reviews say. If Nick Hornby rates it then it's a good bet. Looking forward to the film.
One Day
wonderful ....
Great read, it was just like watching a really good drama series. The characters immediately came to life most of all because of the funny and realistic di... READ MORE
One Day
Good read, bad writing
I enjoyed this a lot and was glad I followed a trusted friend's recommendation to read it. BUT.. although it was engaging and enticed you into reading more... READ MORE
One Day
Years on and a second read... I still love this book
I remember reading this book years ago and just re-read it and love it just as much. One of the only books that has ever genuinely taken me by surprise... ... READ MORE
Hayley  Allsopp
One Day
Absolutely Amazing.
I never thought a book could make me cry but some how, it did! It's such a beautifully written book and the relationship between Emma and Dexter is brillia... READ MORE
Lils W
One Day
I started reading this book when given to me as a gift for my birthday and I truly became enthralled in the love affair between Dex and Emma. The story sho... READ MORE
One Day
Good book but no bestseller
A love affair at the 15th of July was the beginning of a livelong friendship between Emma and Dexter. Annual views into the live of both people reveal a pe... READ MORE
One Day
Simply Stunning.
David Nicholls perfectly captures the timeless power of love and the beauty of friendship in 'One Day', whilst reflecting the change of a society over the ... READ MORE
One Day
I seem to be in a minority on this one...
...because it only irritated me. I found the characters stereotyped and the plot telegraphed. If you'd stopped me halfway through and asked for my best gue... READ MORE
Nuff Said
One Day
Loved this book
Not my usual kind of book at all but I realy enjoyed it. I still can't believe a man wrote it. His character are brilliant, perceptive and true to life. It... READ MORE
One Day
I felt bereft when I finished!
I had a good feeling about this book and I wasn't disappointed. I couldn't stop reading it, was sometimes moved to tears by certain events in the character... READ MORE
One Day
Stackable Furniture
Every chapter of this surprisingly moving story is written on a St Swithin’s Day, spanning two decades. Em and Dex, Dex and Em – I knew people like both o... READ MORE
One Day
A rare gem
Its rare to find a book as funny and heartbreaking as this one. The "will-they won't-they" relationship of the two main characters will have you on the edg... READ MORE
One Day
Excellent book
I usually judge a book by its cover, and so was not expecting much from this one. However it's one of the best, easiest books I've read in a few years. But... READ MORE
Hiral Patel
One Day
Excellent book
I loved this book. It's so easy to read, the characters are well developed and you feel like you really know them just one chapter into the book. But be wa... READ MORE
Hiral Patel
One Day
I had high hopes for this book being of the same age as the characters and having loosely followed their paths. I also moved to London following university... READ MORE
One Day
Great book!
It is a 'must-read', the style is very original and so is the story. It is told in a way that you feel each one of the characters, their moments of happine... READ MORE
One Day
Heart-breakingly heart-warming!
Couldn't put this one down! Would never have selected it usually but it was half-price at the till! Talk about 'never judging a book....' A real heart-brea... READ MORE
Northern Monkey
One Day
Brilliant Story
I watched the film a long time before reading the book, I fell in love with the film but this book is truly amazing to read, I couldn't put it down. While ... READ MORE
Georgie Balcon
One Day
Emotive page turner
Right from the start I was laughing to myself at the dialogue between Dexter and Emma. They have great chemistry, whatever your opinion of either of them. ... READ MORE
Judy Carruthers
One Day
Modern classic
Revisited after watching the Netflix show. Still love the book.
Angie London Cord
One Day
A book for the ages
This book has already been my all time favourite book for the past 12 years. I've not read it for a while but the new Netflix show got me to re-read it aga... READ MORE
Emma Millward
One Day
Good read
Romantic fiction is not usually my choice but I really enjoyed this book. Great characterisation, funny poignant
Charlotte  Cavanagh
One Day
Fabulous book!
This kept me hooked all the way though. At times I wanted to throw the book at the wall I was so cross at the characters. But the rest of the time I was j... READ MORE
Vicky Osbourn
One Day
Heartwarming and heartwrenching
One Day will warm your heart, then tear it to pieces, then sew it back together again. This cycle repeats inexorably as you read it. It is a rollercoaster ... READ MORE
Elliott Almqvist