Smarter: 10 lessons for a more productive and less-stressed life

Hardback Published on: 07/11/2024
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Published 07/11/2024
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A practical guide and manifesto for those who want to live and work SMARTER.

Busyness has become a status symbol, colloquially used to intimate success. The 'more is more' philosophy still prevails, running us into the dirt and out of natural energy. We jostle for our position balancing work, family life, fertility, misogyny and mental health, and we have been told that working late, over-caffeinating, being the first in and last out, sacrificing our personal lives, and eating on the go, are conducive to succeeding long-term. But instead, we are burnt-out and less motivated than ever. That's where SMARTER steps in.

SMARTER reframes the idea of over-productivity equalling success, and will ultimately show that those who work smarter, are those who achieve more long-term success. Featuring 10 achievable steps, and the experience of successful entrepreneur, E.M Austen, SMARTER will show you how to reframe previous systems that your brain predicts, switch your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance, join the 8am club, conduct a busyness detox, define what success means to you, track your energy not your time, identify and set healthy boundaries, time block, habit pair and switch to mono tasking, and so much more. Inside you'll discover how to embrace your talents, harness your productivity, create a consistent work-life balance and empower you to reach your goals.

This is not for the bare minimum Mondays or the take it easy Tuesdays. It's for those who strive for success; for ambitious women wanting to do it all, those who understand that you have to make a deposit to be able to make a withdrawal. For those who have skin in the game. For the overlooked, the under appreciated. The full timers and the 'not quite made it yetters'. Those looking for a smarter way to do it.

With this essential guide you'll find it's not about unlearning what you've been taught, it's modifying what you already know, so that you can unlock your power and lead a life that's SMARTER.

  • Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
  • ISBN: 9780349443737
  • Number of pages: 256
  • Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 22 mm

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