The Book of Doors

The Book of Doors

Crime & Thrillers
Hardback Published on: 15/02/2024
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Bookseller Reviews

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The Book of Doors
An intelligent, tantalising and magical story
Gareth Brown's debut is absolutely unputdownable. This adventure has the eclectic mixture of time travel, a fight against evil and mysterious books with su... READ MORE
Melissa Riley
The Book of Doors
Heartbreaking but in a good way!
This book is not what you expect it to be at all. Yes, it's about special books that hold magical powers but it's also so much more than that! It's such a ... READ MORE
Dominika at Waterstones West End
The Book of Doors
A gripping adventure from start to finish!
The Book of Doors is a wonderfully clever written novel full of adventure, magic and mystery. The plot was so well crafted and entertaining and I loved how... READ MORE
Laura at Blackpool
The Book of Doors
This is a very special book.
I adored this book. The book of Doors is an absolute triumph. Moving, action packed, delightfully twisty and utterly compelling. This book had me in tears ... READ MORE
The Book of Doors
Highly Recommend
Absolutely amazing! This seems like a book lover’s dream, being able to be transported to any location using a book as a portal. But we already do that e... READ MORE
Chrys - Plymouth
The Book of Doors
One of my fave fantasy reads this year!
Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review. Wow, I LOVED this book! The premise of magical books that can gift th... READ MORE
Sarah Packer
The Book of Doors
An immersive story full of adventure and magic and a smidge of death
A truly fantastical story that pulls you in. Unfortunately i don't do well with gore in any way shape or form and for me the details of the death were just... READ MORE
Katie at Blackpool
The Book of Doors
The magic of books
A story about a young woman who receives a magical book, which enables her to travel to any place, at any point in time, by simply walking through any door... READ MORE
Katherine at Walton-on-Thames


Because some doors should never be opened. New York bookseller Cassie Andrews is not sure what she’s doing with her life. She lives quietly, sharing an apartment with her best friend, Izzy. Then a favourite customer gives her an old book. Full of strange writing and mysterious drawings, at the very front there is a handwritten message: This is the Book of Doors. Hold it in your hand, and any door is every door. Cassie is about to discover that the Book of Doors is a special book – a magic book. A book that bestows extraordinary abilities on whoever possesses it. And she is about to learn that there are other magic books out there that can also do wondrous – or dreadful and terrifying – things. Because where there is magic there is power and there are those who will stop at nothing to possess it. Suddenly Cassie and Izzy are confronted by violence and danger, and the only person who can help them is Drummond Fox who has a secret library of magical books hidden in the shadows for safekeeping, a man fleeing his own demons. Because there is a nameless evil out there that is hunting them all. Because this book is worth killing for. Addictive, brilliantly written and utterly irresistible, The Book of Doors is the spell-binding, mind-bending, heart-pounding new adventure that is perfect for fans of The Binding.

  • Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
  • ISBN: 9781787637245
  • Number of pages: 416
  • Weight: 620g
  • Dimensions: 236 x 162 x 40 mm

Customer Reviews

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The Book of Doors
A fantastic new voice in SF
This book had so many unexpected twists and turns that kept me gripped from start to finish, yet it was also so beautifully written that I made myself slow... READ MORE
Clemence Flanagan
The Book of Doors
Good Debut
I was so very pleased to get my hands on an early copy of this! Honestly, it's be landing to great reviews everywhere so I started this with the highest of... READ MORE
Fiona Sharp
The Book of Doors
If you only read one book this year, make sure it is this one!
Magical, mysterious, with pages bursting with utter brilliance, this book is everything and more. This is hands down the best book I have read in a long ti... READ MORE
Inked Book Reviews
The Book of Doors
Interesting and original fantasy novel - well worth a look.
Cassie is given the Book of Doors which involves her in a vast fantasy adventure involving other magical books. Along the way she encounters many character... READ MORE
The Book of Doors
Magical, mysterious and completely captivating!
This was incredible! I was consumed by this book right from the start and absolutely adored it! Its so darn clever! The magic was fascinating and the di... READ MORE
The Book of Doors
So well thought out
Cassie Andrews is living a normal, uneventful life, working in a bookshop in New York City until, one day, her favourite customer gives her a gift of a ver... READ MORE
Ella - The Story Collector
The Book of Doors
Simply Brilliant
Cassie, a women in her mid-twenties, is on the closing shift at the New York bookstore where she works, when a long time customer, old Mr Webber, passes aw... READ MORE
Sarah C
The Book of Doors
Amazing portal fantasy debut
Cassie is just living her life working in a bookstore, with a friendly regular customer, and is gifted a book by him... The Book of Doors Cassie returns... READ MORE
Rebecca  Reynolds
The Book of Doors
One word...... Magical
This was a complete gamble for me as I only read mystery/thrillers and tend to actively avoid sci-fi, whether book, TV or film. However, something about th... READ MORE
Joanna R
The Book of Doors
Wow. What a magical emotional rollercoaster this book was.
The Book of Doors was an enchanting journey where we got to see the ordinary world meet the extraordinary while also exploring the real emotions and raw re... READ MORE
Rachel Ashwood
The Book of Doors
Like a childhood fantasy favourite, but with a darker side
Thank you to the author, publishers Bantam and NetGalley UK for access to this as an advance reader’s ebook. This is an honest and voluntary review. Cas... READ MORE
Lisey P
The Book of Doors
It gets better at about 50%, stick with it
This is a fairly odd one for me to review. I loved the blurb of the book and was really excited to read it. However when I started to read the book I foun... READ MORE
Karen Farrow
The Book of Doors
A fun story full of time travel, paradoxes and friendship
When Cassie, a bibliophile bookstore assistant in New York City, is given a strange book by a regular customer, her life changes. The ‘Book of Doors’ she s... READ MORE
The Book of Doors
"If you could open a door to anywhere, where would you go?"
"If you could open a door to anywhere, where would you go?" This was the first line of the description for this book that initially got my interest and thi... READ MORE
Pearl Doyle
The Book of Doors
A remarkable read!
As a rule, I don’t read fantasy but for some reason I was drawn to this book. The gorgeous cover was certainly a reason to investigate further & as for the... READ MORE
Deb Day
The Book of Doors
My two favourite things, New York and books, feature heavily in this fantasy novel. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are not my go-to genre, but occasionally, I find ... READ MORE
Gemma @TheBookCosy
The Book of Doors
Amazing book
Cassie works in a bookstore in downtown New York. When one of her best customers comes and visits the shop. Mr Webber is a friendly chap and always comes i... READ MORE
Michelle De Alwis
The Book of Doors
This was a fascinating read. I’d recommend this for fans of The Starless Sea or The Ten Thousand Doors of January. This follows a young woman who receiv... READ MORE
Jennifer Charlton
The Book of Doors
Sci Fi thriller fantasy
An old man dies in the bookshop Carrie works at and leaves her a book which she finds enables her to walk through any door and come out through any other d... READ MORE
Aidan Dunn
The Book of Doors
Absolutely loved this book
Firstly, I want to thank Netgalley, Random House UK and Transworld Publishers for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review. The story ... READ MORE
Chantal Bakker
The Book of Doors
Immerse yourself in fantasy
This is truly a book you can become immersed in, lose yourself in the characters, and take the trip with them along the book journey, into fantasy lands an... READ MORE
Julie Watt
The Book of Doors
The Book of Doors
"The Book of Doors" is a delightful adventure that transports you to a world of magic, wonder, and bittersweet moments. The protagonist, Cassie, embarks on... READ MORE
Mark Redman
The Book of Doors
Time travel and magic
What an extraordinary story -time travel and magic through books. It seemed a long novel, but definite worth reading. Cassie and her flat mate Izzie get in... READ MORE
Mary Urquhart
The Book of Doors
A thrilling ride
Cassie works in a bookshop in New York City. After an elderly regular customer dies on the premises, she notices a book he left on the coffee table. An i... READ MORE
Elaine Walton
The Book of Doors
Book of Doors
I knew from the opening paragraph that this was going to be a magical read and I was so right. The book is full of unique and magical books of its own and ... READ MORE
Gillian Frost
The Book of Doors
Good v Evil in the wrong hands
I definitely had mixed feelings about this book. I am not a fan of fantasy books but it definitely held my attention - the idea of books being capable of b... READ MORE
Dana Farren
The Book of Doors
Fantasy and magic
Thank you to Netgalley, the author and Penguin Random House the publisher for the advance copy to read. I requested this after seeing M W Craven recomm... READ MORE
Charli  Hammond
The Book of Doors
I cannot tell you how much I love this book, it is wonderful. The Book of Doors is a perfect mix of magic, fantasy, adventure, mystery and a dash of romanc... READ MORE
Emma Renshaw
The Book of Doors
Captivating, Exciting debut
The book of Doors captivated me, I didn’t want to put this book down, it’s exciting from page 1. How is a book about a book that starts in a bookstore capt... READ MORE
Kelly Bodycott
The Book of Doors
Helped my insomnia!
After reading the blurb for The Book of Doors by Gareth Brown, I was eager to read it. I started reading and soon wondered if the person who wrote the blu... READ MORE
Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader
The Book of Doors
Gripping and addictive
"The Book of Doors" by Gareth Brown is gripping and addictive. In fact, I almost missed my bus because I was so immersed in the world created within this ... READ MORE
Mel Pretorius
The Book of Doors
‘Don’t let the world pass you by.’
The first thing you learn about Cassie is that she works in a bookstore. So, basically, she’s a kindred spirit. It’s just beginning to snow as she’s get... READ MORE
Schizanthus  Nerd
The Book of Doors
Labyrinthine time-travelling magic realism
Books are magic, they take you to other places in your mind. But what if they could really take you there? Are these books you would kill to own? Are th... READ MORE
The Book of Doors
Overall a great read
I was sent a copy of The Book of Doors by Gareth Brown to read and review by NetGalley. The concept of this novel is brilliant and there are a lot of twis... READ MORE
The Book of Doors
A clever debut
I’m a sucker for books about magical books, so The Book of Doors by Gareth Brown easily caught my attention. In Brown’s debut novel, Cassie is working her ... READ MORE
Heather @justgeekingby
The Book of Doors
Cassie happily works in a New York bookshop/ cafe. She has her favourite customers one of which is Mr Webber. When he dies in his sleep he leaves her a boo... READ MORE
Maggie Macdonald
The Book of Doors
good idea, badly executed
So I adored the premise of this book, it had so much potential but sadly fell flat. I was so excited to read this at first, it was a good opening and set t... READ MORE
erica cochrane
The Book of Doors
This book was truly spectacular! Such a unique tale beautifully woven. The characters were well defined, each one draw a strong emotional response from me... READ MORE
Victoria  Rovira
The Book of Doors
A Magickal adventure!
I have to say that this was a really cleverly, thought out story, that had me hooked from the start. I LOVED how it all ties in. What a journey this was, I... READ MORE
Melissa Stanton
The Book of Doors
Great read
The Book of Doors
Kept Me Hooked
This was such an enjoyable read. I loved the premise of it and how it clearly came from a person who loves books and the power that they can hold. And o... READ MORE
The Book of Doors
Beautifully written with a clever plot
Cassie works in a bookshop and when her favourite elderly customer dies, he leaves her a book full of mysterious scribblings with a note on the first page ... READ MORE
Helen Foxall
The Book of Doors
An impressive debut for Gareth Brown
We find ourselves with Cassie Andrews, a bookseller in New York City. When a customer leaves her an unusual book as a gift… He wrote on the front page t... READ MORE
Hannah Marie Brankley