The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give

Children's, New & Recommended, Teenage & Young Adult
Paperback Published on: 06/04/2017
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Bookseller Reviews

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The Hate U Give
Stunning Debut
Wow! What a book, this is such an amazing, intimate and powerful read, one that I highly recommend everyone to read. This book is filled with compassion, w... READ MORE
Gemma at Elgin
The Hate U Give
I urge you to read one of the most important books of 2017
This is a book I wouldn't usually have picked up- a book about a young adult growing up in America with her teen friendships and loves. However the voice... READ MORE
Tracey McHardy
The Hate U Give
A story of unbelievable power
The Hate U Give is the story of Starr. She lives in a poor black neighbourhood and one night she is in the car with a friend when they get pulled over by t... READ MORE
Ellen at Ealing
The Hate U Give
So many feelings
I'm not sure how well I can articulate my feelings on this book, but I am going to give it a shot. So this book is important and I'll get to that in a mo... READ MORE
Joanne at Newcastle Emerson Chambers
The Hate U Give
I finished this book last night and cant stop thinking about it! This is the story of Starr and how a shooting impacts her life. The characters are believa... READ MORE
Danielle at Yarm
The Hate U Give
Such a powerful book.
A truly amazing book. Had me sobbing so many times. I marvelled at the brilliance of the writing, the ease of picture that formed in my head and just how S... READ MORE
Nicki Golding at bluewater
The Hate U Give
Read it!!
Timely, powerful and important, this is a truly incredible book. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, this book deals with issues of race, injustic... READ MORE
Helen at Scarborough
The Hate U Give
Should be required reading for everyone!
Thank you so much to Walker Books for providing me with a reading copy of this book. I had heard a lot of positive buzz around this novel and it absolutely... READ MORE
Liberty at Twickenham
The Hate U Give
Amazing debut!
The Hate U Give is a YA novel inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. When 16-year-old Starr witnesses her unarmed best friend, Khalil, being killed a... READ MORE
Molly at Chesham
The Hate U Give
So powerful!
I'm not sure I can even express how much I loved this book. This book is so powerful, I honestly believe that this is a must-read for everyone. The story ... READ MORE
AE Osborne
The Hate U Give
Ground-breaking debut, a must -read!
The Hate U Give is an incredibly poignant and heartbreaking story, following Starr as she comes to terms with life after her best friend is shot dead by a ... READ MORE
Lia Morrison
The Hate U Give
Heart- breakingly beautiful and honest
The Hate U Give is one of the most powerful YA novels I've ever read. Angie Thomas with this book has managed to open a doorway into a world that is comple... READ MORE
Alex at Cardiff
The Hate U Give
Brutally honest and extremely important; a must read.
This book has been on everyone's lips since its release, last year, and I finally read it for my self and wow. The hype about this book is far too real and... READ MORE
Chloe at Leicester
The Hate U Give
A hard-hitting novel that covers the police brutality faces by black teens in America
Angie Thomas' 'The Hate U Give' is a well-written novel that beautifully covers the delicate subject of the ongoing police brutality faced by black teenage... READ MORE
Caron at Newton Mearns
The Hate U Give
A classic in the making, this book will open minds
The Hate U Give is a phenomenal read. It's so relevant to today's news with the unlawful killings of innocence under the police, the black lives matter mov... READ MORE
The Hate U Give
"Sometimes things will go wrong... but the key is to keep doing right"
Angie Thomas writes the compelling tale of Starr, caught between two lives. On the one hand, Starr goes to a posh high school in the safe suburbs, but on t... READ MORE
Katherine at Darlington
The Hate U Give
Unputdownable (it's a word now)
What can you say about a book that has won so many awards, been featured in so many blogs, has a film coming out and has had so many words written about it... READ MORE
Big Bearded Bookseller


Winner of the British Book Awards Children's Book of the Year 2018

Winner of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2018

Waterstones Children's Book of the Month for April 2018

Shortlisted for The CILIP Carnegie Medal 2018

Now a major motion picture

*My parents didn’t raise me to fear the police, just to be smart around them. They told me it’s not smart to move whilst a cop has his back to you.*
*Khalil does.* Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, this is a powerful, gripping and piercingly relevant YA novel about inequality, police violence, 21st century prejudice and one girl’s struggle for justice. Sixteen-year-old Starr lives in two worlds: the poor neighbourhood where she was born and raised and her posh high school in the suburbs. The uneasy balance between them is shattered when Starr is the only witness to the fatal shooting of her unarmed best friend, Khalil, by a police officer. Now what Starr says could destroy her community. It could also get her killed. *‘The Hate U Give* is an outstanding debut novel and says more about the contemporary black experience in America than any book I have read for years, whether fiction or non-fiction.’ – *The Guardian* *\*cover design may vary*

  • Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
  • ISBN: 9781406372151
  • Number of pages: 400
  • Weight: 319g
  • Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 27 mm

Customer Reviews

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The Hate U Give
Characters you can believe in
Beautifully written. The story and characters were very believable. A heartbreaking story. Starr and Kenya went to a house party hosted by a guy named Dari... READ MORE
The Hate U Give
Excuse me whilst I go hunt for some tissues
A very thought provoking and amazingly written debut novel from Angie Thomas, who has captured a lot of social, racial and political issues which we still ... READ MORE
Stephanie Jamieson-Riley
The Hate U Give
A Must-Read for All Ages
An authentic portrayal of the current political and social climate prevalent throughout the United States, THE HATE U GIVE is a must-read for all ages, tha... READ MORE
Clara at Barnet
The Hate U Give
Written with such elegance, and passion, it is hard to believe that this is Ms. Thomas’s debut novel
Sixteen year old Starr’s life changed in an instant, and would never be the same again. It was bad enough to witness your friend being gunned down by gang-... READ MORE
Whispering Stories
The Hate U Give
A fresh, raw and relevant narrative
I'm honestly still not over how incredible this book was. Angie Thomas delivered a fresh, raw and relevant narrative that showcased the harsh realities tha... READ MORE
Kieran Crump
The Hate U Give
I had no idea about this book when my 12 year-old granddaughter asked me to get it for her. A friend had recommended it to her. She devoured it. I'm wai... READ MORE
Marlena Schmool
The Hate U Give
Literally couldn’t put down
This I was stuck in a paradox of wanting to keep reading but never wanting to hit the end of the book. It’s characters are believable to the ... READ MORE
Lydia Harris
The Hate U Give
The Hate U Give
After reading this, I can see why The Hate U Give has been on the NYT Bestsellers List for about a decade (only a slight exaggeration). The Hate U Give is ... READ MORE
The Hate U Give
THUG, an amazing book to address the hate we all give
I was wowed by this book and would recommend this to all. It addressed problems that can lots of the time be ignored. Starr (a black sixteen year old girl)... READ MORE
Isabella Steward
The Hate U Give
This book is an absolute must read, a phenomenal story about what happens when a girl sees her best friend murdered by a police officer and is the only wi... READ MORE
Mike Lucas
The Hate U Give
An important read for all
So it won the waterstones award for the best children's book of the year! Having heard so many good things about it - I really couldn't wait any longer to ... READ MORE
Fiona Sharp
The Hate U Give
It has been a while since I have had a book that has intrigued me so much, that I spent every spare time reading it. I read it in 2 days. It gave me fresh ... READ MORE
Leanne London
The Hate U Give
read it in class
everyone loved it, definitely an eye opener
Aimen Ijaz
The Hate U Give
Great read
A very good read, gives an insight into what black people face daily especially when it comes to facing the police!
The Hate U Give
important read
This is a very important read for anyone really, but especially young people who are looking for a better understanding and more insight into the struggles... READ MORE
The Hate U Give
Not just a book
This book will undoubtedly end up being a classic. It's meaning and messages will always be needed in our society. This book opened up my eyes to racism... READ MORE
Anna Foster
The Hate U Give
Absolutely amazing
This book is just phenomenal! It’s so intimate and you really feel attached to the characters and grow a real relationship with them. Honestly on top with ... READ MORE
Abbie Knight
The Hate U Give
this isn’t THE best book i have ever read
eve georgiou
The Hate U Give
Couldn't keep the book down can't wait for Angie Thomas's next book 'on the come up' and the movie of The Hate You Give
Empress Williams
The Hate U Give
Page turner!!
It's been a long time since I've read a book that had me hooked from the beginning to the end. Easy to read and so enjoyable.
The Hate U Give
In light of the many horrendous crimes committed in America this book is amazing and strong. It sends out a powerful message and is one of the best books I... READ MORE
The Hate U Give
Stunning & eye opening
I jsut love this book, it give you a real insight on what people of colour go through on a daily basis. An absolutely stunning book!
Georgia  Connor
The Hate U Give
Truly Inspiring
I think that this book was beautifully written and so relevant to the problems and struggles people have to face in this day and age. It was gripping and w... READ MORE
Naomi Marques Embalo
The Hate U Give
Stunning and discomforting
Wow, what a stunning and unforgettable read. I have been through a number of emotions with this book and most of those emotions have been extreme. This is ... READ MORE
Micky - bookphenomena
The Hate U Give
The best YA book I have ever read
I really do not have anything negative to add as Angie Thomas has delivered a fantastic, realistic and insightful novel and somehow has managed to add an u... READ MORE
Sophia Ismaa
The Hate U Give
Important book but I would have preferred it if it wasn't YA
The book follows 16 year old Starr who has witnessed one of her best friends be shot dead by a white police officer. It talks about what being a witness of... READ MORE
Adrianna Keczmerska
The Hate U Give
Must read
Read book when it was released. Enjoyed it and passed it down to my teen. Great book for your book shelf.
Shoohada Khanom
The Hate U Give
Interesting read
This is an interesting read and very well written. Starr is a likeable and courageous girl who finds herself in a horrible situation. She is determined and... READ MORE
Helen Baker
The Hate U Give
i don’t really read books but i heard about the movie so decided to buy the book for my holiday. the book is amazing i finished it very quickly for me, it ... READ MORE
Daniella Holder
The Hate U Give
If you read anything this year let it be this book
An incredible book and extremely relevant. Written by an incredible black author in one of the most authentic portraits of a teenager I have read in a whil... READ MORE
Molly Gatford
The Hate U Give
More nuanced than you'd think
Starr saw her best friend killed accidently in a drive-by shooting at the age of 10. Now 16 she knows how to respond when stopped by the police but that d... READ MORE
Jo-anne Atkinson
The Hate U Give
Gut wrenchingly emotional
Gut wrenchingly emotional. That’s the only way I can describe this book. I was on the brink of tears too many times to mention, this may be as growing up i... READ MORE
Johanna  Grunwald
The Hate U Give
Heartbreaking and powerful
1 Heartbreaking 2 Powerful 3 Feeling all the emotions - superb writing
Lina Hernandez