The Housekeepers

The Housekeepers

Crime & Thrillers
Hardback Published on: 06/07/2023
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The Housekeepers
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Upstairs, Madam is planning the party of the season. Downstairs, the servants are plotting the heist of the century. When Mrs King, housekeeper to what cou... READ MORE
Dan - Clifton, Bristol.


'Hay sets a cracking pace... with plenty of twists and a great deal of fun, this is the perfect holiday read' Guardian

'Delightfully mischievous' The Times

'Punch-the-air good, the Edwardian heist novel you never knew you needed. Flawless, lawless fun' Kiran Millwood Hargrave




When Mrs King, housekeeper to the most illustrious home in Mayfair, is suddenly dismissed after years of loyal service, she knows just who to recruit to help her take revenge.

A black-market queen out to settle her scores. An actress desperate for a magnificent part. A seamstress dreaming of a better life. And Mrs King's predecessor, who has been keeping the dark secrets of Park Lane far too long.

Mrs King has an audacious plan in mind, one that will reunite her women in the depths of the house on the night of a magnificent ball - and play out right under the noses of her former employers...



Dazzling, stylish and wildly entertaining, The Housekeepers lets loose an outlandish alliance of women you'll never forget...

'A great deal of fun, this is the perfect holiday read' Guardian

'Imagine Ocean's 8 had an illegitimate baby with Fingersmith - a big fat diamond of a book' Erin Kelly

'Kept me hooked 'til the last page. The strong, determined and memorable female characters pull you into their web of intrigue' Jennifer Saint

'This Edwardian heist story is such a fun read!' Good Housekeeping

'Prepare to grow hungrier for justice with every page you turn' Nina de Gramont, bestselling author of The Christie Affair

'A page-turning delight from beginning to end' Red

'Fun, fast-paced and totally immersive, The Housekeepers is a rare jewel worth coveting' Emma Stonex

'Hell hath no fury like a housekeeper scorned . . . this novel is unputdownable' House Beautiful

  • Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
  • ISBN: 9781472299338
  • Number of pages: 416
  • Weight: 640g
  • Dimensions: 236 x 164 x 38 mm

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The Housekeepers
The genre you didn't know you were missing
This novel is set in the Edwardian age of excessive elegance, designed for the wealthy, and built on the backs of the working class. When these indomitabl... READ MORE
Ruth Davidson
The Housekeepers
Upstairs Downstairs meets Oceans 11
An absolute joy of a book. The story picks you up on the first page and doesn’t let you down until the end. Intriguing, fun, and filled with the most wonde... READ MORE
Sue Stephens
The Housekeepers
A fun read and an audacious heist...
If you like films and novels about audacious heists then you'll enjoy this story! The housekeeper of the title, Mrs King, is in the process of being dismis... READ MORE
Jim Sweetman
The Housekeepers
Fascinating story
This was a very strange story based in the late 1800s, were a group of people completely empty a very large house whilst there was a party going on downsta... READ MORE
Patricia Moren
The Housekeepers
A well planned robbery......but that is not all
This has been described as Oceans 8 in the Edwardian age and that is totally understandable as it is a devious robbery but I feel that undersells such a mu... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
Novel set in 1905 MAYFAIR, London
In the Author’s Note, Alex Hay sets his story in context. The early 20th Century was a time to gorge on a great dollop of luxury before war raised its ugly... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
Ocean’s Eleven meets Downton Abbey
When Mrs King gets dismissed from a mansion in Park Lane, heiress Miss de Vries doesn’t know what’s coming. With the help of other servants, a network of t... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
Historical Fiction - Crime.
Mrs King is no ordinary housekeeper. Born into a world of con artists and thieves, she's made herself respectable, running the grandest home in Mayfair. Th... READ MORE
Louise Wilson
The Housekeepers
A different kind of heist
Headlines: Upstairs-downstairs Double-tripple crossing This was such an interesting concept for a historical fiction read. I am drawn to the upstairs priv... READ MORE
Micky - bookphenomena
The Housekeepers
Fabulous fun
A highly enjoyable novel depicting the greatest heist of the Edwardian era, all plotted and carried out by a fabulous fierce female crew. I loved the upris... READ MORE
T Edwards
The Housekeepers
A comical caper
I was attracted by the era this novel was set and the storyline proved to be an interesting concept. The relationships between the women went to show the b... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
The Housekeepers
The book is set in a large home in Park Lane and as all grand houses is run by the staff. It is set in the early 1900’s where staff where quite poorly tre... READ MORE
Monica Hanna
The Housekeepers
A Fabulous Fun Read
What a joy to read ,fast paced and gripping .Set in 1906 in London this was such a different story .Some below stairs friends get together to plan and perf... READ MORE
Chrissie Mortimer
The Housekeepers
Fantastic historical heist.
A great female heist story set in the early 1900s. Mrs King is suddenly let go from her job as housekeeper. She decides to exact revenge by recruiting a g... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
The Heist of the (20th) century
Sally Anfilogoff
The Housekeepers
A tale of determined women
This book combines historical fiction and a mystery so is perfect for me. I complex tale of women who are determined to better their lot in life. I love ... READ MORE
Angie Holdsworth
The Housekeepers
Fun read
The Housekeepers is a fun read that will have you laughing out loud and cheering on the group of women who are simply the best at planning the heist of the... READ MORE
Judy Odom
The Housekeepers
Obsessed!! One of my favourite books this year!!
I absolutely loved everything about this book! From the setting and atmosphere to the stunning characters and intricate storylines. I could have kept readi... READ MORE
Sonja Charters
The Housekeepers
For those who enjoy a heist movie, this narrative is the bookish equivalent.
Alex Hay’s debut novel, ‘The Housekeepers’, is a very good yarn. For those who enjoy a heist movie, this narrative is the bookish equivalent. Hay has clea... READ MORE
Sarah D
The Housekeepers
Mixed feelings
The House keepers by Alex Hay. I was really looking forward to reading this book from Alex Hay. The premise got me interested in it. The setting Mayfair 1... READ MORE
Michellle De Alwis
The Housekeepers
A hugely enjoyable read
I love historical novels set around the turn of the century and so was looking forward to The Housekeepers set in London in 1905. Housekeeper Mrs King is d... READ MORE
Saffy Young
The Housekeepers
suspend belief for an amazing adventurous heist
What have Mrs Bone, Mrs King, Alice and Ms De Vries have in common and what is the secret Mrs King is trying desperately to find. After Mrs King is fired... READ MORE
Beverley Cole
The Housekeepers
Easy reading and entertaining
4.25⭐️ An historical fiction debut with mystery, suspense, action and a heist, set in Edwardian London. I love the cover. Mrs King is no ordinary house... READ MORE
Lesley Lloyd
The Housekeepers
A brilliant story that will keep you captivated!
After Mrs King loses her job as housekeeper at a wealthy London mansion, she sets out to get revenge on those responsible. She recruits a team of women to ... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
A good one!
I do not usually enjoy books that are set in the past or are so far-fetched that the plot is ridiculous. This is an exception and I loved it. The descrip... READ MORE
Carole Kendal
The Housekeepers
Hard to find a novel that moves with such impetus!
I read this with the Pigeonhole. The novel opens with a great sense of mystery and danger. If you like heist stories, the upstairs-downstairs/master-servan... READ MORE
Philippa Watkinson
The Housekeepers
A good read
An heiress is organizing a great ball for her debut in society. And a group of women are going to take advantage of the chaos and mayhem of the party to at... READ MORE
Noemi Proietti
The Housekeepers
Strikingly good read
I have just read The Housekeepers by Alex Hay on the Pigeonhole book club app. Alex is a terrific writer, his research in creating this story appears secon... READ MORE
Alison Cook
The Housekeepers
I think it would make a great movie. It's so visual and Alex has painted such a clear picture as to how everyone and everything should look.
This book has been on my mind ever since the cover reveal and so I was overjoyed to get an early e-copy. And it's as splendid as I hoped it would be. You ... READ MORE
Victoria Bucknell
The Housekeepers
An audacious heist is planned in Edwardian London
‘Upstairs, Madam is planning the party of the Season. Downstairs, the servants are plotting the heist of the Century.’ My thanks to Headline Review for an... READ MORE
Vivienne O'Regan
The Housekeepers
The Housekeepers by Alex Hay
The Housekeepers by Alex Hay is a story of a grand theft planned on the night of a grand ball to take everything out of the house without anyone noticing. ... READ MORE
Christine Rennie
The Housekeepers
Downton Abbey meets Fingersmith via Ocean's Eleven!
The Housekeepers is a fantastic concept for a story and a different twist to an historical novel, one that I really enjoyed! Mrs King is the housekeeper ... READ MORE
Books and Tea Make Me Happy
The Housekeepers
I’ve rounded my thoughtful 3* up a notch. Let me tell you why……. It took me quite a while to get into this book. Trying to sort out and box in my brain an... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
This was not for me.
I am afraid I found this book to be far too long and to be honest rather tedious. I have persevered with it to the end but could not connect with the stor... READ MORE
S Bi
The Housekeepers
A fun heist novel
This was a fun heist novel with darker undertones. We follow a housekeeper who has just been sacked as she brings together a team of women to rob the mansi... READ MORE
Jennifer Charlton
The Housekeepers
Imbued with heart, grit and determination
The Housekeepers yanks down the curtain on high society to reveal the rotting belly underneath. This was just a scandalous and shocking thrill ride. It... READ MORE
Emily (ashortbooklover)
The Housekeepers
Well Written and Entertaining
4.25/5⭐️ This is my first “heist” book. A debut novel set in 1905 London, this is a story about secrets, revenge and power as well as the dynamics of bloo... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
Brilliant premise
Oceans 11 meets Downtown Abbey in this upstairs/downstairs heist of the century. I was really excited by the premise of The Housekeepers and was expecting... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
A joy to read
When a housekeeper is dismissed from a nouveau riche household, the life upstairs goes on as usual. A ball is being planned, the dress for the heiress is b... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
Plenty of twists to keep the reader on their toes
The Housekeepers is a gripping heist novel set in 1905. Imagine 'Ocean's 8, but in turn of the century London, with an element of 'Upstairs Downstairs' a... READ MORE
Maria's Book Musings
The Housekeepers
Heist story with twists: female team and set in 1905
Mrs King isn’t a Mrs, nor is she a King. What she is, is a logistical genius, able to conceive and execute a world class heist. Everything must go! Star... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
This was not for me.
I am afraid I found this book to be far too long and to be honest rather tedious. I have persevered with it to the end but could not connect with the stor... READ MORE
S Bi
The Housekeepers
Revenge is a dish best served cold
I listened to the audio version which was well narrated by Jasmine Blackborow (although the older women's voices did wander into Barbara Windsor "Get outta... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
Heist novel set in a posh LONDON hotel
This novel is set in a grand hotel in London’s Park Lane. It’s June 1905 so already you can sense the atmosphere and see the glitz of the moment. Miss de V... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
The funnest book I've read this year
What fun crossing Ocean's Eleven with Gosford Park! I picked up The Housekeepers for a bit of a laugh and it fully delivered. A strong novel, full of drama... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
Exciting heist
Ah, this is great! A heist engineered by a group of ladies - the housekeepers of the title - to ransack a posh Mayfair establishment of literally all its ... READ MORE
Lucy Williams
The Housekeepers
What a delight!
I was sent a copy of The Housekeepers by Alex Hay to read and review by NetGalley. What a delight! I loved this novel. It was filled with extraordinary ... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
The Housekeepers by Alex Hay
It’s 1905 in London’s Mayfair and Miss de Vries is planning the most lavish costume ball the city has ever seen. Her mission is to find a wealthy husband; ... READ MORE
The Housekeepers
My wife DNF’d this book, which she asked for as a Christmas gift, and she rarely DNFs any book (stubborn). Has already gone to the charity shop. The... READ MORE
Muddy Paws
The Housekeepers
Ocean’s 11 set in Victorian England
I really liked this one! Ocean’s 11 but set in Victorian England, it was so thrilling and fun, could not put it down
Cristiana Caserini
The Housekeepers
The women take it all, the toffs standing small…
The Housekeepers by Alex Jay is a fast paced revenge tale involving a heist on the contents of the home of a very unpleasant individual whose long list of ... READ MORE
Jo Roberts