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The Hunting Party

Fiction & Poetry, Modern & Contemporary Fiction, Crime, Thrillers & True Crime, Crime & Thrillers
Paperback Published on: 31/10/2019
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Bookseller Reviews

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The Hunting Party
How well do you know your friends?
Fast paced thriller set in the remote Scottish Highlands, I really enjoyed this. The characters were really interesting and I loved the location, there was... READ MORE
Chrys - Plymouth
The Hunting Party
Excellent crime.
An intriguing novel about a group of "friends " and I use that term loosely who have gone up to the wilds of Scotland for New Years eve . A wild pl... READ MORE
Sally Boocock
The Hunting Party
What a twist!
I have to admit it took a couple of chapters in to get me gripped but what a book! I was just so drawn in by the characters and wanted more with every page... READ MORE
Nicola Oliver
The Hunting Party
Mystery in the Scottish Highlands
I absolutely flew through this book in one sitting! The style of it intrigued me from the beginning, jumping between the past and present, before and after... READ MORE
The Hunting Party
Grips you till the very end
Absolutely amazing! An Agatha Christie style setting with a modern tone. Foley allows you to see into the minds of (and dare I say empathise with?) some tr... READ MORE
The Hunting Party
An excellent thriller
Once I started this book and fully expected to be unimpressed. It's rare for me to think any thriller justifies being almost 400 pages long. Imagine my sur... READ MORE
Sarah in Wolverhampton
The Hunting Party
A murder mystery you won’t forget about any time soon
I loved The Hunting Party. A group of thirty something friends - who don’t particularly like one another - check in to a rural lodge in Scotland to bring i... READ MORE
Poppy Smalley
The Hunting Party
Agatha Christie for the new age.
Even though I received both physical and electronic advance copies of this title months ago, I hadn't picked it up despite it receiving rave reviews from e... READ MORE
Kelly at Waterstones Aviemore
The Hunting Party
Thriller set in the Scottish Highlands
A fantastic thriller set in a fiction Scottish town called Loch Corrin, We follow a group of old friends who gather in the Scottish Highlands to bring in t... READ MORE
Sarah Mackenzie


Shortlisted for the British Book Awards Crime & Thriller Book of the Year 2020

Our Thriller and Scottish Book of the Month for November 2019

Everyone's invited. Everyone's a suspect.

Bristling with tension, bitter rivalries, and toxic friendships, get ready for the most hotly-anticipated thriller of 2019.

In a remote hunting lodge, deep in the Scottish wilderness, old friends gather for New Year.

The beautiful one
The golden couple
The volatile one
The new parents
The quiet one
The city boy
The outsider

The victim.

Not an accident - a murder among friends.

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • ISBN: 9780008297152
  • Number of pages: 416
  • Weight: 360g
  • Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 21 mm

Customer Reviews

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The Hunting Party
Fast paced
Enjoyed this debut novel although some suspension of reality required. Will read this author again
Sarah Millington
The Hunting Party
Who is the murderer? Who is the victim?
An enjoyable story of the breakdown of relationships between a group of ‘old friends’ when taken out of their comfort zone and stranded on a snowbound esta... READ MORE
Nigel Miller
The Hunting Party
Christie-esque murder mystery
A very enjoyable, modern take on a 'locked room' mystery. Full of flawed characters hiding secrets from one another. A great sense of place too.
The Hunting Party
I was a bit disappointed by this one. Good bits first. The writing was decent, the plot was an interesting idea and the characters were quite well drawn. ... READ MORE
Book collector
The Hunting Party
Enjoyable but a weak ending
An enjoyable romp that kept things hidden until right near the end. But, that ending! What the ....? Without any spoilers, it was weak with the ultimate cu... READ MORE
Muddy Paws
The Hunting Party
A wonderful reworking of the country house murder mystery.
The country house murder mystery novel has a long tradition and perhaps reached it's zenith with such writers as Dorothy L. Sayers, G.K. Chesterton, Mary A... READ MORE
The Hunting Party
This was a fantastic murder mystery which I highly recommend.
I enjoyed every minute of this psychological thriller. It is a modern version of the old classic who-done-it crime novel but with a brilliant modern twist... READ MORE
The Hunting Party
the hunting party
'The most hotly anticipated thriller'; I was sold this book on this recommendation. A group of 'friends' in remote Scotland, all are flawed, one dies. The ... READ MORE
Chris Pickard
The Hunting Party
Crack on with It!
I struggled to get to the end of this book. Characters I couldn't care less about, a glacially slow-moving plot and I guessed who did it well before the e... READ MORE
Clive Hollin
The Hunting Party
Must read
Once I started I couldn’t stop. The book is filled with lots of twists. I can’t say much more, I don’t want to ruin the book! I would definitely recommend
Rachael B
The Hunting Party
I thought it might have been interesting, but it took me more then a month to finish it. Very slow, and predictable ending.
The Hunting Party
A gripping read!
As this book takes place over the new year period, I thought this would be a good time of year to read this. Be aware though, this book is not full of the ... READ MORE
Aline Taylor
The Hunting Party
Mystery fiction
Than you to net galley for this ARC copy For me this book is both a hit and a miss. Essentially you know that someone has died / been killed from about ... READ MORE
marie riley
The Hunting Party
Same old, same old
After I'd read a sample of this on my kindle I added to my ever-growing To Read list, so was pleased to see it reduced to an affordable 99p when I was away... READ MORE
Judith Evans
The Hunting Party
Lucy Foley has created real and believable characters, with more than one story line. Definitely worth reading, preferably all in one sitting!
Judith Smith
The Hunting Party
the hunting party
I read this over the Christmas holidays which was fitting. It has a feeling of the shining, with the feeling of silence. The characters are all reminders o... READ MORE
Lesley McDonnell
The Hunting Party
This book kept me guessing until the very end and I was genuinely surprised by the ending. Couldn’t put it down and looking forward to reading more from Lu... READ MORE
Erin Garner
The Hunting Party
Middling at best.
Agatha Christie style..... I don’t think so. I had great hopes for this book after the reading the rave reviews; I agree with another reviewer who found th... READ MORE
Bernadette Conway
The Hunting Party
Very readable thriller
This is one of those books that makes you think “just one more chapter” and it builds to a satisfying conclusion. Unfortunately none of the characters are ... READ MORE
Denise Shaw
The Hunting Party
The Party's over
I really enjoyed the book up to page 285. I felt it was well-narrated and the story lines were varied and had pace and momentum. A sense of place and atmo... READ MORE
Alun Morgan
The Hunting Party
Really poorly written
Just need to beg people to stop recommending this book - its crass, poorly written and irritating, I left mine on a train for some other poor soul to disco... READ MORE
Emma Stow
The Hunting Party
Be careful which friends you choose!
A fascinating take on the traditional murder mystery format, all set in the part beautiful, part super creepy setting of the remote Scottish Highlands. A ... READ MORE
Kate Blundel
The Hunting Party
Gripping and atmospheric
Books about murders amongst groups of people in remote settings seemed to be a bit of a thing for me last year. First up was In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth W... READ MORE
Julie Morris
The Hunting Party
Tense and nerve wracking
shortie review from me because I don't want to give away any of the deliciously juicy secrets of this book.
For starters this book was right up my snowy gu... READ MORE
Mrs Bloggs’Books
The Hunting Party
Perhaps it’s time to make some new friends...
A gripping tale of a group of friends who travel up to the wild Scottish highlands to bring in the bells together; secrets are spilled, relationships are b... READ MORE
Claire Cranmer
The Hunting Party
Page turning
Read it in winter!
Natalie Emmerson
The Hunting Party
This book ticked my magnificent mystery boxes in a big way. A group of friends from Oxford, all in their thirties, plan to see in the New Year together, ... READ MORE
Bridget East
The Hunting Party
Slickly written crime novel
It’s 30th December 2018 and a group of old university friends have arrived at the Loch Corrin Estate in the Scottish Highlands for a New Year’s Eve party. ... READ MORE
The Hunting Party
Really enjoyed it - did not predict the end and the twists and turns had me eagerly turning the pages!
Keira Makin
The Hunting Party
A new fav
This was recommended alongside Lisa Jewel the family upstairs, would definitely read both!!! This book was an easy read and hard to put down
Victoria Morris
The Hunting Party
A master of mystery!
What a fantastic thriller! A group of friends head up to the Scottish highlands in the snow for a New Year’s Eve celebration and one of them is murdered, b... READ MORE
Bookish Blonde
The Hunting Party
The Hunting Party
Good read, quite a few twists and ending unexpected, enjoyed book finished in a matter of 2 days.
Trischian Livie
The Hunting Party
One of the best mystery novels I’ve read.
I'm always nervous of gushing about a book in case it gives others such high expectations that they’re disappointed by it. Nevertheless, I feel I need to g... READ MORE
Rachel Morris
The Hunting Party
Quirky whodoneit
I don’t usually read chick lit and at first that was what I thought I had bought however it made me want to keep reading and I’m so glad I did. The friends... READ MORE
The Hunting Party
A tension filled compelling thriller.
7 friends come together for their annual new years break. By the end of the holiday only 6 people remain. In the Scottish Highlands cut off by a snowstorm ... READ MORE
natalie kelly
The Hunting Party
Unpredictable whodunit!
The Guest List + One by One + Mean Girls While at Oxford, a group of friends begins to split into couples (with one exception). It’s to the point, the g... READ MORE
Tanya Ball
The Hunting Party
Fantastic storyteller!!
Wow, I’m in love with the way Lucy Foley writes! Step-by-step, going back and forth through time, seeing the events play out from different characters pers... READ MORE
Melissa Green
The Hunting Party
Definitely not a new favourite, but an easy read that I can see people enjoying.
The Hunting Party
Amazing read
I absolutely loved this book. It was one that got me on the first paragraph. Amazing read with so many twists! I like to try and guess the plots for these ... READ MORE
Beth Thompson
The Hunting Party
Bit of a slow burner
I enjoyed the book. Bouncing between past and present, keeping the reader guessing. However, it was a slow burner I felt and took some time to get going. A... READ MORE
Daniel Thomas
The Hunting Party
Great ending and twist
After a slow start, the book got better, so much so, I think I read the last quarter in one evening. It really has a few twists at the end. I think I can... READ MORE
The Hunting Party
Gripping and kept me guessing!
I loved this book. Everything about it. I loved how each chapter is from a different characters perspective, it really kept me guessing until the very end.... READ MORE
Sunita Matharu
The Hunting Party
My first Lucy Foley book experience.
I love a murder mystery and I really enjoyed this book. I found the story being told from the point of a number of a number of protagonists really moved th... READ MORE
Chris Webster
The Hunting Party
well weaved story
I think I got to page 260 and realised that I didn't know who the victim was let alone the murderer. This is a cleverly written who dunnit, most of the cha... READ MORE
Ruth Brown
The Hunting Party
Hooked me in from the very beginning
The Hunting Party' by Lucy Foley was a superb who-dunnit. It has many twists and turns and keeps you guessing till the end.
Emma Blackman
The Hunting Party
Great read!
I really enjoyed this. The story is cleverly told through the eyes of various characters and as the victim is not revealed til the end I was trying to figu... READ MORE
The Hunting Party
The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley
I received a free copy of this book from the publisher but that has in no way influenced my review. I am a massive fan of Agatha Christie’s And Then There... READ MORE
The Hunting Party
Murder mystery
Not normally my kind of reading. However I did enjoy this classic Agatha Christie type mystery. Collection of friends trapped in highland cottage. A few ... READ MORE
Mike Knight
The Hunting Party
Just keep reading
The hunting party was a very easy book to read. I couldn’t wait to find out all the details of the story lines and as a result read the whole thing in a da... READ MORE
Jade Muir Kenny
The Hunting Party
Stuck in the Scottish Highlands. With a killer.
John's Bookshelf
The Hunting Party
I can't say enough good things about this book!
This was such a good read! It's in the style of an old-school murder mystery, a group of old university friends together at a remote location to celebrate ... READ MORE