The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

The Strangeworlds Travel Agency: Book 1

Children's, New & Recommended, Age 9-12
Paperback Published on: 30/04/2020
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Bookseller Reviews

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The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Fantastic start to a promising new series
Visit all manner of worlds and their unusual inhabitants as Flick is initiated into The StrangeWorlds Society. This is the sort of adventure we all hope fo... READ MORE
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
An Adventure of Multiverses!
Imagine stepping into a suitcase and ending up in a jungle, or an enchanted forest, or a bright, bustling city filled with magic. Because that’s The Strang... READ MORE
Gavin Hetherington
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Get ready for something fantastic...
Hand on heart, this is my favourite MG novel EVER. This is the kind of book you want to see as a movie, and have at least 15 more in the series to read. T... READ MORE
Louise Inniss
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
This is honestly one of the best books I’ve read all year. It is FULL of magic and adventure and is so well written. So excited for this series to continue... READ MORE
Sophie Phillips
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Absolutely brilliant adventure story!
I'd heard a lot of good things about this before finally picking it up - and it still surpassed my expectations! Flick is a great character - just the rig... READ MORE
Hazel at Oxford
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
A Magnificent, Multiversal Adventure!
L.D. Lapinski has written a gripping debut that is reminiscent of Doctor Who, Alice in Wonderland and Marvel's Loki. The writing is beautifully crafted, ... READ MORE
Robbie at Deansgate
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
A Brilliant Mash-up of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Moving to a new town is difficult for Flick, especially as when they get their her parents spend all their time working or looking after the baby. But on a... READ MORE
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Filled with charm and heart
This. Was. So. GOOD. My absolute favourite type of magic in books is when it exists in our world. The kind of magic that makes you think if you tilt you h... READ MORE
Molly at Nuneaton


'Assured, witty and inventive. This debut has "future classic" written all over it.' - The Guardian Pack your suitcase for a magical adventure! Perfect for fans of The Train to Impossible Places and Pages & Co. At the Strangeworlds Travel Agency, each suitcase transports you to a different world. All you have to do is step inside . . . When 12-year-old Flick Hudson accidentally ends up in the Strangeworlds Travel Agency, she uncovers a fantastic secret: there are hundreds of other worlds just steps away from ours. All you have to do to visit them is jump into the right suitcase. Then Flick gets the invitation of a lifetime: join Strangeworlds' magical travel society and explore other worlds. But, unknown to Flick, the world at the very centre of it all, a city called Five Lights, is in danger. Buildings and even streets are mysteriously disappearing. Once Flick realizes what's happening she must race against time, travelling through unchartered worlds, seeking a way to fix Five Lights before it collapses into nothingness - and takes our world with it. A magical adventure for 9+ readers that will take you to whole new worlds.

  • Publisher: Hachette Children's Group
  • ISBN: 9781510105942
  • Number of pages: 384
  • Weight: 280g
  • Dimensions: 196 x 128 x 30 mm

Customer Reviews

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The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
A magical masterpiece! What an adventure!
This debut is simply a middle-grade magical marvel and Lapinski has done an excellent job at creating an array of worlds which not only act as a nod of rec... READ MORE
Oliver Clark
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
This is so much fun!
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency is the first in a series of world jumping adventures of Flick Hudson, who discovers a strange shop in the small town she an... READ MORE
Susan Barsby
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Fantastical Adventrue!
Thank you to both L D Lapinski and the publishers for trusting me with an early review copy. This is a brilliant adventure, just grab a suitcase and we can... READ MORE
Fiona Sharp
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Keep hold of your suitcase!
I was absolutely delighted to be able to read this, because it has been highly recommended to me on twitter. It did not disappoint one bit! This was a th... READ MORE
Victoria Bishop
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Incredible and
To read a bunch of characters, a plot and a world (or group of worlds) that I’ve not come across is just gorgeous. You can’t beat that feeling of stepping ... READ MORE
Stephanie Elliott
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Adventures await....
Where's my suitcase? A great new series, some fabulous concepts and a fascinating hook. Really hoping that the next one is published soon - need to know mo... READ MORE
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Dazzling adventures!
What a delight this book is! It gave me very strong faraway tree nostalgia which I loved. What child would not like to escape the mundane of day to day lif... READ MORE
Amy West
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Welcome, Traveller, For You Are Amongst Friends...
I can't tell you how excited I was to start reading this first book in a new adventure series, and it didn't let me down. A mix of Faraway Tree and The Co... READ MORE
Nicole @hemelwstones
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
All the words in the multiverse cannot describe how joyful and magical this book is.
L. D. Lapinski has somehow managed to bundle magic, adventure, hope and family into a quaint little suitcase that smells of tea and biscuits and in the pro... READ MORE
Jamie-Lee Turner
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
A new Faraway Tree!
This was a really fun read that I would recommend to ages 8 and up. The premise is that there are links to different worlds, which can be reached through s... READ MORE
Roberta Cresswell
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
A magical, fantastical piece of genius!
This book is a magical, fantastical piece of genius! It had me at the title, then the concept (and the stunning cover), and then the writing just swept me ... READ MORE
Rashmi Sirdeshpande
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Travelling the Worlds!
Flick is a bored 12 year old who has just been moved from living in the city to a new home in the country. Her parents think they have done a wonderful thi... READ MORE
Mary Price
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Pack your suitcase and don’t lose it!
This was a great read from the beginning, with the scenes being set well and interesting, plausible characters developing throughout the books as their adv... READ MORE
wendy flood
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Escape to another world - via a suitcase!
The Strangeworlds Travel agency is a magical place, unnoticed by many, until one day, 12-year old Flick stumbles into it just when she needs to the most. A... READ MORE
Kristen Hopwood
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
A visual feast for the imagination
Lapinksi’s wonderful debut is as much of a marvel as The Strangeworlds Travel Agency itself. Each of the worlds encased within this story-suitcase are brim... READ MORE
Sana Aslam
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
A suitcase-full of sheer joy
I LOVED this book and the Magic, and Flick and Jonathan, and the suitcases, and the worlds. Such a wonderful adventure with worlds of potential for new adv... READ MORE
Charlie Morris
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Exciting new magical worlds to explore!
My 10 year old daughter and I loved this! Great magical adventures with poignant backgrounds for the main protagonists. Looking forward to reading more!
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Incredible worldbuilding
I was so excited to have my NetGalley request to review this accepted. It sounded absolutely brilliant and I couldn't wait to dive in. Here are three thing... READ MORE
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Unique and exciting!
Lapinski combines the feel of comforting nostalgia for your favourite old fantasy novel with an exciting and unique storyline you've never read before! Th... READ MORE
Megan Williams
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
A rollercoaster adventure of magic and friendship #TheNextBigThing
This was a great read from the beginning, with the scenes being set well and plausible characters developing throughout the books as their adventures teste... READ MORE
wendy flood
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
An absolutely brilliant adventure!
This is a brilliant, imaginative read with magical suitcase travel, plenty of heart, and dazzling adventure! Can't recommend enough!
Maria Kuzniar
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
This book is beautiful. I wish I'd written it myself! I love the magic of travelling, as an avid traveller myself, so found the premise fantastic. The mult... READ MORE
Jennifer Ayre
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Gorgeously rich new mg series
This first book in a series that has been highly anticipated for many many months, absolutely did not fail to live up to the hype that it has created. When... READ MORE
Kate Poels
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Adventure and magic by the suitcase load
This book has adventure by the suitcase load! Every suitcase in the peculiar Strangeworlds Travel Agency takes a Society member to another world - each fi... READ MORE
Jacqueline Graves
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
For fans of Doctor Who - playful, charming and rollicking good fun!
'The Strangeworlds Travel Agency' is immense fun. Packed full of ideas and glittering with magical invention, this is a book to eagerly dive into, very muc... READ MORE
Chris Soul UK
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
A Magical World of Adventure
There are so many reasons I can think of to recommend Strangeworlds as such a refreshingly vital children's book. The incidental LGBTQ+ representation - ch... READ MORE
Darran Stobbart
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Don’t forget your suitcase...
Finally got round to reading this and so pleased I put it to the top of my ‘to read’ pile! The story is well balanced and explains the world and ‘suitcase ... READ MORE
Thomas Finch
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
An incredible debut, full of excitement and curiosity.
The story begins with an introduction to the Strangeworlds Travel Agency, before moving to the story of Flick Hudson, a girl who has just moved into the ar... READ MORE
Melissa H
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
A thrill of a ride!
An exciting thrill of a book from start to finish. Engaging characters who develop throughout the story. A believable setting in a magical unbelievable tal... READ MORE
Julie Bramhall
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Although not normally a huge fan of fantasy books, this had me gripped from the first chapter. The Strangeworlds Travel Agency enables people to travel bet... READ MORE
Denise  Forrest
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
Great read
This book took alittle while to grab me but once it did it was a great story of various magical worlds a young man desperate to find his father and a young... READ MORE
Louise Beamond
The Strangeworlds Travel Agency
The world hopping beginning to an essential new series
One of my favourite books so far this year has been The Strangeworlds Travel Agency by LD Lapinski.⁠ ⁠ The first in the series and LD's debut novel, this m... READ MORE
Lizzie | @littlehux