The Thursday Murder Club

The Thursday Murder Club

Fiction & Poetry, Modern & Contemporary Fiction, Crime, Thrillers & True Crime, Crime & Thrillers
Paperback Published on: 13/05/2021
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Bookseller Reviews

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The Thursday Murder Club
A joy to read! A crime story that gets the perfect balance of witty dry-humour alongside the gripping narrative of crime fiction. Reads very much like it’s... READ MORE
The Thursday Murder Club
Gentle Murder Mystery
A Perfectly nice, well executed, traditional murder mystery. Well plotted and you don't figure it out three chapters in. Some nice twists and turns and som... READ MORE
Katy Wheatley
The Thursday Murder Club
So much fun!
This was a great read! The mystery is really engaging and the characters are so much fun. The setting was really fitting and the plot was twisty and engagi... READ MORE
Amelia Adams
The Thursday Murder Club
A joyfully fun tale
Osman has created the most exciting and fun series in the crime genre of the moment and this book is full of heart. The perspectives of his main cast of re... READ MORE
Issy Kite


Shortlisted for the British Book Awards Crime & Thriller Book of the Year 2021 The first book in the #1 bestselling Thursday Murder Club series by TV Presenter Richard Osman. In a peaceful retirement village, four unlikely friends meet up once a week to investigate unsolved murders. But when a brutal killing takes place on their very doorstep, the Thursday Murder Club find themselves in the middle of their first live case. Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron might be pushing eighty but they still have a few tricks up their sleeves. Can our unorthodox but brilliant gang catch the killer before it's too late?

  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • ISBN: 9780241988268
  • Number of pages: 416
  • Weight: 277g
  • Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 24 mm

Customer Reviews

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The Thursday Murder Club
What a wonderful book! I’m not normally a fan of crime writing but this was just so lovely. The main characters felt like my friends, the plot had lots of ... READ MORE
Lucy Grieve
The Thursday Murder Club
I feel that if Richard Osman wasn't a celebrity, this book wouldn't have been published. I found it boring and repetitive.
Lesley Jones
The Thursday Murder Club
Richard Osman - The Thursday Murder Club
Great read especially if you are in your sixties - I actually laughed out loud and could relate to so many situations. Have recommended this to many friend... READ MORE
Jackie Nolan
The Thursday Murder Club
A lovely feel good read
Thoroughly enjoyable read. Very funny throughout and really well written. The characters are personable and you really get to caring about their lives!
Hannah Potter
The Thursday Murder Club
Funny, original and memorable
Such a great book!!
Y Luke
The Thursday Murder Club
I struggled to keep reading this book and I gave up at chapter 45. I found it tedious, comprising of overlong rambling paragraphs, with far too many dull,... READ MORE
Anne Knowles
The Thursday Murder Club
For the first time in many years I gave up on a book. Could not believe in the characters or the story.
Alan Bedford
The Thursday Murder Club
Refreshingly original read
Was gripped and refreshed by such an original book. Even as I got swept along in more of a “whodunniit”, I loved the little life observations and the gentl... READ MORE
The Thursday Murder Club
Not for me!
After the first sixty pages I had to give up reading this book, it's plot is cloudy and it's characters are poorly presented to the reader. I definitely d... READ MORE
Paul Cory
The Thursday Murder Club
I can't wait for the follow up.
My daughter recommended this book and she's a fussy reader so I was intrigued. It's unlike anything I have read before, you soon adore the characters and ... READ MORE
Sam Rigby
The Thursday Murder Club
Interesting setting but largely pointless
Okay, I finished reading Richard Osman's book and came to the conclusion that I would need to be famous first and it then wouldn't matter how I finished th... READ MORE
Julia KB
The Thursday Murder Club
Humorous, engaging and authentic. A must read.
A fan of Richard Osman’s humour and taken in by a promising plot, I picked up 'The Thursday Murder Club' despite being well aware it differed largely from ... READ MORE
The Thursday Murder Club
After all the hype, I was extremely disappointed with this book. I thought the story highly improbable and convoluted, the style meandering and leaden. By ... READ MORE
The Thursday Murder Club
The Thursday Murder Club
A clever plot and beautifully written - full of believeable characters and humour
Nancy Shafee
The Thursday Murder Club
First Murder Mystery Crime Book I’ve ever read
First time I’ve read a book from this category and I absolutely loved it. Such a fan of Morse, Foyle and the the Sweeney so with the combination of unexpec... READ MORE
Carolyn McQueen
The Thursday Murder Club
Thursday, I’m In Love
For the purposes of full disclosure, I’m a writer. The grating concept of ‘celebrities’ (the orphan child of the English language) writing books annoys me... READ MORE
Kev McCready
The Thursday Murder Club
The Thursday Murder Club
Sadly disappointing! It really didn't quite gel for me.
Christine Odd
The Thursday Murder Club
Great read
I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this book, but it was a joy to read. I loved the characters, especially the fabulous Elizabeth and her ability to control every sit... READ MORE
Paula Leckey
The Thursday Murder Club
Meet my best friends...
I’ve just made some new friends - Joyce, Elizabeth, Ibrahim and Ron. I’ve cried and cried and I’ve laughed and laughed and I’ve had several glasses of win... READ MORE
Elizabeth Chillingworth
The Thursday Murder Club
I really enjoyed this book. I would definitely recommend it. There is much more to Richard Osman than meets the eye!
Laura H
The Thursday Murder Club
A funny light read, perfect for commuting
Let me start by saying that the writing style is what makes this book. Looking at it through the eyes of a unlikely bunch of "friends", who are friends but... READ MORE
Luis Santos
The Thursday Murder Club
Good book to read
Found this a bit slow to start with but this could be because this is not the type of book I usually read. As I got more into the characters I really enjoy... READ MORE
Kirstine Dyer
The Thursday Murder Club
I love the setting and love the characters but I just couldn't really get into it completely. Not sure what it was can't quite place what was wrong with th... READ MORE
Danielle Humphris
The Thursday Murder Club
Quirky and fun
This book has been one of the best discoveries of this year. I had never read a book where the main protagonists were amateur sleuths of more than seventy ... READ MORE
Cinta Garcia de la Rosa
The Thursday Murder Club
Initially bought this book for my elderly mother but couldn't help reading a page or two.... Or 300 for that matter. Brilliant. Mum loved it too. I do not ... READ MORE
David N
The Thursday Murder Club
Delightfully Amusing
The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman is a delightfully amusing contemporary novel set in a retirement village. The lead characters are four octogenari... READ MORE
Julia Wilson
The Thursday Murder Club
An exciting book that keeps the reader engaged!
Richard Osman, perhaps best known from the BBC gameshow, Pointless, has turned his hand to novel writing and what a great success he has had! "The Thursd... READ MORE
Dylan Mooney
The Thursday Murder Club
a perfect mix of cosy crime fiction and British humour
The Thursday Murder Club is the first book in the series of the same title by British TV presenter, producer, director, and novelist, Richard Osman. When b... READ MORE
Marianne Vincent
The Thursday Murder Club
Absolutely fantastic
A real page turner, I love Richard Osman's writing style, chapters were short and succinct. A great story which was light hearted but kept your mind consta... READ MORE
Mohammed Ali
The Thursday Murder Club
Heartfelt, witty and thrilling!
It’s not everyday you find a murder mystery with some serious depth, but here is one very clever and heart-warming whodunnit! ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ ... READ MORE
Bookish Blonde
The Thursday Murder Club
Excellent murder mystery
Loved this book. You never know what the next twist or turn will be. Definitely recommend this to murder mystery lovers.
Helen Roberts
The Thursday Murder Club
Such a cosy read. The characters are adorable!
Oh I loved the Thursday murder club members. They are so well written and you can really imagine them being your gran or grandad. Humorous, clever and alth... READ MORE
Kerry Short
The Thursday Murder Club
That Bloke Off The Telly Won't Disappoint
Before I started this book, I knew three things. Firstly it was written by 'that guy off the telly'. Secondly, a few of my friends had read it and enjoyed... READ MORE
The Thursday Murder Club
I had seen great reviews and "a million selling first book" but I wasn't gripped. Thought it was rather pedantic and boring. Gave up after a few chapters.... READ MORE
Michael Thierens
The Thursday Murder Club
A great easy book to ease me back into reading. I laughed out loud, I suspected everyone, I page turned and I shed a tear at the end. There’s not a lot mor... READ MORE
Suzanne elkin
The Thursday Murder Club
Not for me
Sorry to not agree with the majority here but l did not like this book at all. I persevered to the end in case l got to like it but didn't. I found the cha... READ MORE
The Thursday Murder Club
A ramble. Clearly proud of his use of language, and as 'him off the telly', this has become a huge best seller, thanks to unwavering support from the media... READ MORE
Alastair McDougall
The Thursday Murder Club
I absolutely loved it,
I absolutely loved it, fun easy read.
Emma Long
The Thursday Murder Club
Classic Richard Osman humour
I really enjoyed this! It was very funny; Richard Osman has a great sense of humour that really translates well to his writing. I was intrigued by the myst... READ MORE
Millie Slingsby
The Thursday Murder Club
Witty and observant - a true page-turner
The Thursday Murder Club starts out as a slow burner - but much like the characters it is based on, it is important not to underestimate what you may encou... READ MORE
The Thursday Murder Club
The Thursday Murder Club
Late to the party reading this one, but so pleased I finally got round to it. What a thoroughly enjoyable read. Admittedly I did find it a little slow at ... READ MORE
The Thursday Murder Club
A comforting hug in a book with a sprinkle of crime on top
This book is very pleasant.Based around a group elderly people in a care come, who love to solve crime. When meeting the characters you get a real sense of... READ MORE
Fiona Rothery
The Thursday Murder Club
Tha Thursday murder club
I am so disappointed. I love crime books but this one never caught my attention or interest. It’s just so naive…..I Could not read to the end as I was so ... READ MORE
Patricia Duarte
The Thursday Murder Club
The Thursday Murder Club
I throughly enjoyed this book it is very generous in all aspects and it made me smile and laugh beautifully written.
Susan Henson
The Thursday Murder Club
very clever!
at first i didn’t understand, but the more i read the more i enjoyed it. i couldn’t put this book down. i definitely recommend this book if you’re look for... READ MORE
evie simpson
The Thursday Murder Club
I wanted to like it but. . .
The Thursday Murder Club isn't my usual choice of book as I'm not normally a fan of cozy crime. However, my 81-year-old mother, who loves the author's TV q... READ MORE
Barnsey's Books
The Thursday Murder Club
I absolutely ADORED this book, if I could give it more than 5 stars I would. I was curious to read The Thursday Murder Club but for some reason never picke... READ MORE
Georgia Hannah
The Thursday Murder Club
I quite like the plot, the story, the whodunnit bit. I did get a little confused after the first few chapters but cleared up quite quickly after. However I... READ MORE
Sustainable_reader on bookstagram
The Thursday Murder Club
Lost interest
It seems to be a bit of a marmite book with reviewers! I enjoyed the start but found myself struggling to get through the middle and ended up losing intere... READ MORE
al jobson
The Thursday Murder Club
It had a real old school quaint crime vibe making it a cosy yet intriguing.
This was such an interesting book. I had been meaning to read it for so long as its been hugely hyped and think because of this I had really high expectati... READ MORE
natalie kelly
The Thursday Murder Club
Murder Mystery Club
Quite good. a very easy read. I like the short chapters, usually fall asleep by end of each chapter, not to say I didn't enjoy the book.
The Thursday Murder Club
Popular book
I can see why it's popular but I found the characters were stereotypical and the dialogue a bit off in parts. But an enjoyable read nevertheless.
Lara Carter
The Thursday Murder Club
Great read
Not my usual type of read and I initially struggled due to it being written in third and fourth party etc, however, by the middle of the book I didn't want... READ MORE
The Thursday Murder Club
Cozy Murder 101
An absolutely fantastic read HIGHLY recommend
Keith Bennett
The Thursday Murder Club
Good read
Enjoyed it as a light amusing read.
Frances Bond
The Thursday Murder Club
All the twists and turns one needs, and a few more!
This book is utterly marvellous. It is written so well that you just don’t want to put it down. The characters are warm and endearing and you just want to ... READ MORE
Stephanie McGill
The Thursday Murder Club
Brilliant, sharp, witty - an absolute delight.
Kathleen MacFadden
The Thursday Murder Club
Captivating from the first page!
Certainly believe the hype when it comes to this book. I’d heard/read so many amazing reviews but was apprehensive to read it incase i was disappointed. ... READ MORE
Nia ST
The Thursday Murder Club
Characters are brilliant
After reading the book, I admit that I found the elderly foursome quite entertaining and witty, if living in a retirement village is like this then I can’t... READ MORE
The Thursday Murder Club
The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman
The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman is an easy going read. It has interesting characters and an intriguing storyline and it takes place in an upmarke... READ MORE
Christine Rennie
The Thursday Murder Club
Fantastic for getting back into reading
I picked up this book for a holiday read. I wasn't sure if I would bother making time to read it but at least I had 'tried'. However, as soon as I started ... READ MORE
Cait Gay
The Thursday Murder Club
Genius and funny
Brilliantly written. It was funny and heartfelt. Geriatrics getting into mischief and taking no nonsense.I think this one will be on my bookshelf
Katrina Pearson
The Thursday Murder Club
Not quite my cup of tea.
Having just finished reading this book I did not find it as good as reviews suggested. It did guessing whodunit right till the end but will not be... READ MORE
A Mancunian.
The Thursday Murder Club
great debut
My new favourite author
The Thursday Murder Club
A rare bestseller that lives up to the hype!
The Thursday Murder Club book series were on my list of books to read for a while and the first instalment did not disappoint. It is funny, clever, well pa... READ MORE
Harry Austin