What Alice Forgot

What Alice Forgot: From the bestselling author of Big Little Lies, now an award winning TV series

Fiction & Poetry, Modern & Contemporary Fiction
Paperback Published on: 27/05/2010
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From the bestselling author behind the addictive, award-winning HBO sensation BIG LITTLE LIES comes the compelling and thought-provoking story of love, life and memory

'Gripping, thought-provoking and funny' MARIE CLAIRE
How can ten years of your life just disappear?

Alice is twenty-nine.

She adores sleep, chocolate, and her ramshackle new house.

She's newly engaged to the wonderful Nick, and is pregnant with her first baby. But there's just one problem.
That was ten years ago . . .

Alice slipped in her step-aerobics class, hit her head and lost a decade.

Now she's a grown-up, bossy mother of three in the middle of a nasty divorce and her beloved sister Elisabeth isn't speaking to her.

This is her life, but not as she knows it.
Just how many mistakes can you make in a decade?
Can she ever get back to the woman she used to be?

'Captivating' Closer

'Funny and knowing about what we choose to remember, and fight to forget' O Magazine

'A bittersweet tale by a gifted writer' Woman's Weekly

Praise for Liane Moriarty

'Moriarty writes vividly, wittily and wickedly' Sunday Express

'Mistress of the razor-sharp observation' Kate Morton

'An extraordinary talent' Nicole Kidman

'Keeps you guessing to the very end - perfect summer read' Reese Witherspoon

  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • ISBN: 9780141043760
  • Number of pages: 512
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  • Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 30 mm

Customer Reviews

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What Alice Forgot
I enjoyed reading
Alice had an accident at the gym and fainted. After she woke up again she discovered that she couldn’t remember anything that happened in the last 10 years... READ MORE
What Alice Forgot
An entertaining read
This wasn't as emotionally hard-hitting as her recent bestseller "The Husband's Secret" but it was a light, entertaining book with enough about it to keep ... READ MORE
What Alice Forgot
Compelling read
This book brings home to you the way that we all change over our lives, and not always for the better. Alice wakes up from a head injury and does not recog... READ MORE
What Alice Forgot
More Like What Alice Remembers
Nice girl becomes ghastly woman, forgets to be ghastly, gets memory back. But has she changed and how? This story is told in three voices. Alice's story is... READ MORE
Eric Hindle
What Alice Forgot
Perfect for a summer holiday
I am pleased to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and sped through it in a couple of days. It is an interesting premise, and Alice as a protaganist ... READ MORE
What Alice Forgot
Interesting Scenario
Alice falls, bumps her head and loses 10 years' worth of memory. She wakes up in hospital believing that she is 29, newly married and pregnant with her fir... READ MORE
muriel bailiwick
What Alice Forgot
What Alice Forgot
I found the initial idea of this intriguing; what would it be like to lose ten years of your life? How would you cope with the stangeness of not knowing yo... READ MORE
What Alice Forgot
Loved it!
What Alice forgot I love the premise of this book – that you can, from a bump on the head, totally lose 10 years of your life. The opening chapters are be... READ MORE
Mary Stagg
What Alice Forgot
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Set in Australia, we meet Alice just as she is coming round from a nasty bang on the head after falling during her weekly exercise session at the gym. Alic... READ MORE
Anne Cater
What Alice Forgot
This is such a great book!
This is such a great book. It has everything – tragedy, comedy and romance with spouses, parents, girlfriends, siblings, boyfriends, school kids and the ol... READ MORE
What Alice Forgot
excellent, thought provoking
I thought this book was absolutely amazing. It is written in a very unusual style (one character portrayed via internet blog and another by letters to her ... READ MORE
What Alice Forgot
Great quick read!
An enjoyable read! It is much like going to a romcom film with a fairly predictable ending and the expectation of the final “feel good” factor. The story r... READ MORE
What Alice Forgot
I absolutely loved this!
This is one of the best books i've read in quite a while! Funny, but sad at times, this book focuses on the story of Alice, a mum of three who slips and ba... READ MORE
Lynsay Lambert
What Alice Forgot
Wonderfully satisfying read
I have never before considered what it would be like to 'lose' 10 years memory of one's life and this book certainly made me think about it.This is what ha... READ MORE
Mary Thurley
What Alice Forgot
Relaxing weekend read
The basic idea behind this plot is quite simple - Alice goes to the gym, bumps her head, and develops amnesia, which obliterates her memory of the past ten... READ MORE
What Alice Forgot
Gets better
This novel opens slowly and a tad confusingly, but is well worth perserving with. Alice falls in the gym and sustains a head injury which results in memory... READ MORE
Mary Rose McCarthy
What Alice Forgot
Heartwarming and endearing!
wow-I loved this book. I wasn't sure what to expect with it, I just decided to go for it on a whim-aren't those always the best book buys? I was sucked int... READ MORE
What Alice Forgot
A Pleasant Surprise
I'm not a "chick lit" fan, so I have to admit my expectations were not high. This, however, was a pleasant surprise; a genuinely good, light read. The Aus... READ MORE
Shara Parry
What Alice Forgot
A brilliant piece of Chick lit!
I'm not normally a fan of girlie novels but I relly loved this book. This is only the second book to have ever made me laugh and cry out loud in the space ... READ MORE
Sam Woodfield
What Alice Forgot
A good Book.
Its a book you wouldnt regret buying because it keeps you hooked all the way through it. I was trying to read it faster and faster as the book went on!
Gina Smittens
What Alice Forgot
A good holiday read
This book would not normally be the my choice but I was pleasently surprised by how engaging I found the storyline. Alice wakes up, after falling duirng a ... READ MORE
Terry C
What Alice Forgot
Very Similar to 'Remember Me' by Sophie Kinsella
This book is not my usual cup of tea but i did quite enjoy it. The story has a similarities with sophie Kinsella's 'Remember Me' all though rather than eve... READ MORE
Matthew Bell
What Alice Forgot
Wonderfully escapist fiction!
I can’t begin to imagine how I would feel if I woke up after a fall and realised that I’d lost ten years of my life, just like that. Alice has to experienc... READ MORE
Helen Gough
What Alice Forgot
I really enjoyed this book!!!
I really liked this book, i think the plot was really interesting and well thought up, i have never read a book before where a woman lost 10 years of her l... READ MORE
Lucy thomson
What Alice Forgot
The Fall of Alice
I don't really do chick-lit or even hen-lit (apparently aimed at more mature women!) so I was rather surprised to be so engaged by What Alice Forgot. It w... READ MORE
Teresa Majury
What Alice Forgot
A good summer read
This is the story of Alice, who knocks herself unconscious after a fall in the gym and wakes up, thinking she is 29, happily married and pregnant with her ... READ MORE
What Alice Forgot
What Alice Forgot
What would you do if you came round after an accident and you had lost 10 years of your life ? Would you be able to slip back in so easily as Alice does ? ... READ MORE
Jane Riley
What Alice Forgot
Brilliant and captivating story
I love this book so much and have read it so many times. It's funny and captivating, read it!
Evie Turle
What Alice Forgot
Loved it
What Alice Forgot /4.5
Laura Rubia