Wilder Girls

Wilder Girls

Children's, New & Recommended, Teenage & Young Adult
Paperback Published on: 06/02/2020
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Bookseller Reviews

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Wilder Girls
I. Want. More.
Mutations in young girls that doesn't make them magical but scary and scarred? Powerful and complex female characters with hardly any man mentioned for plo... READ MORE
Melody Gillett
Wilder Girls
"Annihilation" for Teens!
Wow, that was an intense experience! This is an unflinching, brutal and strangely beautiful book in which an isolated girls school has a pretty terrible ti... READ MORE
Kate at Sutton
Wilder Girls
Beautiful prose, great characters and fabulously gross body horror!
This was a really interesting and compelling exploration of humanity, friendship and our relationship to the land...with random extra spines and other deli... READ MORE
Laura at Harrogate
Wilder Girls
Super Unique Story
A really well-written novel, super interesting and unlike anything I've ever read before which is super exciting. Wasn't as fast-paced as I would've liked ... READ MORE
Jess at Waterstones Lincoln High St
Wilder Girls
Eerily Beautiful
This book made me Feel Things. An amazing mix of body horror, apocalypse and conspiracy, feminist allegory, and a touch of romance too. I love the writing ... READ MORE
Rachel Meier at Canterbury
Wilder Girls
Strong Female Characters, Board school and Grotesque fight for survival
I was recommended this book by one of my colleagues who had been keeping up with all the hype surrounding it on social media. I didn't know what to expect.... READ MORE
Laura Rubia
Wilder Girls
Feminist horror is my new favourite genre.
The Raxter School for girls is in quarantine and has been for eighteen months since the Tox - an unknown disease that causes painful, grotesque and sometim... READ MORE
Rosie at Horsham
Wilder Girls
A fantastic read for any fan of feminist horror!
This book suprised me in so many ways. It was brutal and unforgiving, but also so soft and tender. The harshness of the environment was tempered by a sweet... READ MORE
Wilder Girls
An eerie, unusual ramble through the lives of the survivors of a terrible disease, one that takes you on an unexpected journey of first love, friendship an... READ MORE
Emma at Waterstones Portsmouth
Wilder Girls
Wilder Girls
Wilder Girls follows Hetty and her friends Byatt and Reese on Raxter Island, 18 months into being quarantined in their all girls school after the appearanc... READ MORE
Laura at Sutton Coldfield
Wilder Girls
Wilder Girls
Wilder Girls is beautifully written bloody horror with a delicately woven sapphic romance and an ending that left me desperate for more. This is ultimat... READ MORE
Kerry at St Albans
Wilder Girls
Gruesome but good
Thank you to Net Galley and the Publishers for allowing me to read the proof in return for a review. I really enjoyed this book - the writing was atmosphe... READ MORE
Anna at Bluewater
Wilder Girls
Fierce and unsettling
I've heard so many good things about this book, so I was glad to be able to get stuck in! First of all, I love both the setting and the premise. The girl... READ MORE
Hazel at Oxford
Wilder Girls
A book that ticks (almost) every box
An enjoyable female centred horror with hardly any mention of men. At times this book was almost to gruesome for me but if you love your horror graphic thi... READ MORE
Sarah in Wolverhampton
Wilder Girls
Quarantine Island!
A bit topical now, as we follow a group of boarding school girls who have been quarantined due to a strange illness that leaves each one of them scarred in... READ MORE
Nicole @hemelwstones


An instant New York Times bestseller, Wilder Girls is Rory Power's chilling and unputdownable YA debut. The Power meets We Were Liars in this compelling story of survival and the power of female friendships, perfect for fans of A Good Girl's Guide to Murder.'Body horror meets boarding school in a moving, terrifying thriller' – GuardianEveryone loses something to the Tox; Hetty lost her eye, Reese's hand has changed, and Byatt just disappeared completely.It’s been eighteen months since the Raxter School for Girls was put in quarantine. The Tox turned the students strange and savage, the teachers died off one by one. Cut off from the mainland, the girls don’t dare wander past the school’s fence where the Tox has made the woods wild and dangerous. They wait for the cure as the Tox takes; their bodies becoming sick and foreign, things bursting out of them, bits missing.But when Byatt goes missing, Hetty will do anything to find her best friend, even if it means breaking quarantine and braving the horrors that lie in the wilderness past the fence. As she digs deeper, she learns disturbing truths about her school and what else is living on Raxter Island. And that the cure might not be a cure at all . . .'Your new favourite book' – Cosmopolitan'Wholly original and compelling' – Observer'A staggering gut punch of a book' – Kirkus

  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan
  • ISBN: 9781529021264
  • Number of pages: 368
  • Weight: 268g
  • Dimensions: 199 x 130 x 25 mm

Customer Reviews

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Wilder Girls
This.. didn't freak me out? I wanted it to!
TRIGGERS: Mention of selfharm, animal death REPS: LGBTQIA+, one-eyed character (disabilities) Wilder Girls is a book that spoke to me right from the get-g... READ MORE
Kathy Holbrouck
Wilder Girls
I think it could have been better...
I thought that the premise of this book was really good and interesting. I was very quickly hooked in by the mysterious illness/disease that was affecting ... READ MORE
Sarah Dowker
Wilder Girls
Unnerving and horrific in the best way
I loved this book, it was unnerving and horrific and haunting in the best way. The isolated setting lends an extra layer of eeriness to it, the quarantined... READ MORE
Hannah Ens
Wilder Girls
Incredible first half, luck-lustre ending
You know when you're reading something truly suspenseful and fascinating and then it just... lets you down? Well, buckle up for quite a rollercoaster of em... READ MORE
Stella Woeste
Wilder Girls
Great story
This story was a rollercoaster ride! I felt the camaraderie between the girls right away. They were close because they had all been affected by the same d... READ MORE
Jill Jemmett
Wilder Girls
Passable but disappointed
A quick read, it was passable but I wasn’t wowed exactly. It’s not my kind of read unfortunately and based on the synopsis I was really looking forward to... READ MORE
Tara Keating
Wilder Girls
I thought this was a fantastic read, I don't know that I would say it was another version of Lord of the Flies, but I would say that it had elements of it ... READ MORE
Wilder Girls
A bit overhyped
This was kind of underwhelming given how many positive things i'd heard about this book. I thought it would have been more of a true horror but this felt l... READ MORE
beth younge
Wilder Girls
One of the best new YA writers
Wilder Girls is a beautiful and compelling new face on the YA scene. This book is perfect for fans of Annihilation and other such sci-fi bombshells. Comple... READ MORE
Hannah Herraghty
Wilder Girls
Read it NOW
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars Everyone loses something to the Tox; Hetty lost her eye, Reese's hand has changed, and Byatt just disappeared completely. I LOVED THIS BOO... READ MORE
Lucy Goodfellow
Wilder Girls
Honestly I was expecting a lot from this read but was utterly disappointed. The characters lacked any depth and I could not connect or relate with any of t... READ MORE
Louise Murphy
Wilder Girls
Not really one for me
Eighteen months after a plague called The Tox infected Raxter School for Girls there are only two adults left. The Tox causes terrifying mutations, some ha... READ MORE
Maggie Macdonald
Wilder Girls
A dark, wilder YA thrill ride.
This book is set at a residential school based on an island off the coast of america. Raxter School is for girls and has been put under quarantine due to ... READ MORE
Emma Robertson
Wilder Girls
The ending, just the ending!
Wilder Girls jumped into my TBR list in February, my best friend read it and loved it so much she ordered me a copy and got it delivered to my house within... READ MORE
Wilder Girls
A heart stopping thriller
Wilder Girls is a heart stopping thriller that you won’t be able to put down. Hetty is an attendee of Raxter School for Girls, however, this isn’t an ordi... READ MORE
Rose Gant
Wilder Girls
An intriguing horror
Really enjoyed the style of writing and was very intrigued by the world Rory created: the only trouble is that now I want MORE! I want answers to all of my... READ MORE
Wilder Girls
Surprising and Addictive
Couldn't put it down. Really unusual and daring book. Such an interesting read during a worldwide pandemic!!!
R Griffiths
Wilder Girls
best queer novel you could ask for
This story was everything. from the ever-surprising plot twists and the love which is found even amongst a deadly virus. The queerness just made this book ... READ MORE
Georgia Dalgarno
Wilder Girls
Not really a fan of fantasy horror
Now how can I put this?... It was a good book - a great book even - but I am still only going to give it 3 stars. The reason for my rating is that I believ... READ MORE
Niamh Riley-Watson
Wilder Girls
Vivid, disturbing and suspenseful but lacking resolution
The writing and characterisation in this book gives it such a claustrophobic, raw, dystopian feel. The world beyond this little school and island and ever-... READ MORE
Wilder Girls
a fun dystopian
I've been reading this book for the past 2-3 months and today I decided that it had to end, so I pushed through and I was pleasantly surprised that it got ... READ MORE
Ioana Parr
Wilder Girls
A Sapphic, apocalyptic tale of survival? I'm in!
There were moments during this novel where my heart was racing and my eyes were darting across each page in anticipation, either from some apocalyptic mome... READ MORE
Wilder Girls
Wilder Girls is both a thrilling and heart warming novel. It keeps you coming back for more and more each day. You get to feel both pity, grief and hatred ... READ MORE
Matilda Moore