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Beautiful picture books galore, here, from exciting and funny read-together fun to famous must-read classics: take a look though our picks of the newest, best and recommended picture books, where you'll find big-name authors, essential brands and characters, and cult artistic and designer hits.

Little People, Big Dreams

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Aretha Franklin Volume 44
Ada Lovelace Volume 10
Nelson Mandela Volume 73
Vivienne Westwood Volume 24
Dolly Parton Volume 28
David Bowie Volume 26
Albert Einstein Volume 72
Bob Dylan Volume 37
Charles Darwin Volume 53
Michelle Obama Volume 62
Mindy Kaling Volume 63
Megan Rapinoe Volume 55
Greta Thunberg Volume 40
Mary Anning Volume 58
Prince Volume 54
Stevie Wonder Volume 56
Jean-Michel Basquiat Volume 42
Martin Luther King Jr. Volume 33
Corazon Aquino Volume 43
Billie Jean King Volume 39