Whether you're looking for the latest compulsive thriller or the tried-and-tested brilliance of a spy classic, be sure to investigate our new and recommended crime fiction. Here you'll find the twistiest, most murderous must-read paperbacks alongside cosy crime and golden age classics; locked room and whodunit mysteries next to espionage and conspiracy thrillers. You can also sample a selection of recommended true crime, showcasing essential investigations into real-life criminal events.
New & Recommended

Crime & Thrillers

Thrills Down the Spine

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Bestselling and bookseller recommended contemporary Crime


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Georges Simenon's classic series

Pietr the Latvian
The Late Monsieur Gallet
The Hanged Man of Saint-Pholien
The Carter of 'La Providence'
The Yellow Dog
Night at the Crossroads
A Crime in Holland
The Grand Banks Café
A Man's Head
The Dancer at the Gai-Moulin
The Two-Penny Bar
The Shadow Puppet
The Saint-Fiacre Affair
The Flemish House
The Madman of Bergerac
The Misty Harbour
Liberty Bar
Lock No. 1
Cécile is Dead

British Library Collection

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Death of a Bookseller
Settling Scores
Green for Danger
Post After Post-Mortem
The Edinburgh Mystery
The Chianti Flask
Murder Underground
Bats in the Belfry
Murder of a Lady
The Lake District Murder
It Walks by Night
Checkmate to Murder
Two-Way Murder
Crossed Skis
The Cheltenham Square Murder
Death in Fancy Dress
Murder at the Manor
Capital Crimes
The Lost Gallows
Deep Waters

The Master

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The Penguin John Le Carré Hardback Collection

Call for the Dead
The Little Drummer Girl
A Murder of Quality
The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
The Looking Glass War
A Small Town in Germany
The Naive and Sentimental Lover
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
The Honourable Schoolboy
Smiley's People
A Perfect Spy
The Secret Pilgrim
The Russia House
The Tailor of Panama
Our Game
The Night Manager
Single & Single
The Constant Gardener
Absolute Friends
The Mission Song