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Creeping dread, shocking chills and twisted delight: welcome to horror. This is where we hide all things ghostly, ghastly, weird and wonderful—cult contemporary discoveries, the bestselling Stephen King, and essential classic fiction from writers like H. P. Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson and M. R. James. Come for the delicious, the uncanny and the dark—and stay because your soul has been trapped for all eternity. Warning: may contain blood, cannibalism, sea monsters and/or rats.

Stephen's Lot

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Highlights from the master Stephen King

Tales of the Weird

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Unearthed and uncanny short stories from the British Library

Into the London Fog
The Platform Edge
Weird Woods
Dangerous Dimensions
Doorway to Dilemma
Glimpses of the Unknown
Evil Roots
Sunless Solstice
Cornish Horrors
The Weird Tales of William Hope Hodgson
Minor Hauntings
Queens of the Abyss
Crawling Horror
The Outcast
From the Depths
I Am Stone
Randalls Round
Mortal Echoes
Promethean Horrors
A Phantom Lover