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Here's where you'll find new and recommended short stories, from essential authors and literary fiction to SFF and horror anthologies—and plenty more. Whether it's the must-read classic and modern classic masters of the craft, or the best boundary-pushing contemporary collections, this is your one-stop shop for all things short and sweet (or bitter, if that’s what you’re into). May contain the odd novella.

Faber Stories

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Mr Salary
The Victim
Mary Ventura and the Ninth Kingdom
The Lydia Steptoe Stories
The Inner Room
An Elegy for Easterly
Dante and the Lobster
Come Rain or Come Shine
Three Types of Solitude
Terrific Mother
Sonny Liston Was a Friend of Mine
The Shielding of Mrs Forbes
A River in Egypt
Mrs Fox
A Good Man is Hard to Find
The Forester's Daughter
Daughters of Passion
The Country Funeral

Little Clothbounds

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The Queen Of Spades
The Prophet
Of Ghosts and Goblins
The Masque of the Red Death
The Lottery
Lolly Willowes
Lady Susan
Hell Screen
The Ballad of the Sad Café
Street Haunting
The Star-Child
Snow Country
Reginald's Christmas Revel
The Nutcracker
The Gift of the Magi
The Cossacks