Foyalty FAQs

How does Foyalty work?

Spend £10 instore or online, and you'll get a Foyalty stamp. Once you've got 10 stamps, you earn £10 to spend on future purchases - we call this your Balance. You can then spend your balance however you like: all in one go or in several purchases if you prefer. More information here.

How do I sign up for Foyalty?

You can sign up for a digital Foyalty card online, by registering on, or at the till in any of our shops. All you need is a valid email address. If you wish to have a physical card as well, just ask a bookseller instore. They'll require your Foyalty number and the email address to which it's linked to deliver the card.

You will start earning Foyalty stamps as soon as you sign up, but please note that to start spending your Balance, you must validate your email address and complete the online registration by providing your title, first name, last name and a password of your choosing (this is to secure your account). You will receive an email prompting you to complete registration.

I have an old Foyalty card. Have I lost my points? How do I transfer to the new Foyalty?

Don't worry: your points are safe and sound, and only need transferring to a new card. If you've already used your old card online, simply login to your Foyles account and reset your password. This will transfer your points to a new digital card (you can then get a physical card instore if you wish - see previous FAQ). If you've never used your old card online, just take it instore where a bookseller will transfer the points to a new digital card (and physical card if you want one).

Once you’re on the new Foyalty, you’ll be able to earn Foyalty stamps and spend your Balance as per the new scheme. More information here

I'm a student. Can I sign up to Foyalty?

Absolutely, and you get 5% on all purchases! Present your valid student ID instore or enter your email address when registering online, and you'll be signed up to Foyalty Student. More information here.

On what products can I earn Foyalty Stamps and redeem my Foyalty Balance?

Foyalty Stamps will be awarded on, and Foyalty Balance can be redeemed against, all merchandise bought in Foyles shops or online at, with the exception of: purchases from Foyles Account Services; gift vouchers; electronic gift cards; National Book Tokens; theatre tokens; postage stamps; event tickets (and books included as part of the event ticket price); and Foyles concessions. Other products may be added to this list of exception from time to time, as notified.

Please note that the cost of postage on online order does not contribute toward your Foyalty Balance.

How do I check my balance?

You can check your Foyalty Balance, and how many Foyalty stamps you have earned, in your account on This information is also printed on every shop receipt.

I have earned less than ten stamps so far. Can I redeem them?

No - you must have accrued ten stamps to have credit to redeem. Once you've got 10 stamps, a £10 Balance will be available to spend instore and online.

I’ve collected ten Foyalty stamps. When will I be able to spend the balance I’ve earned?

From the next day (on earning the tenth stamp, your earnings are credited overnight to your Foyalty Balance). From this point, the earning process starts again, which means you must collect another ten stamps to earn a new £10 Balance.

Do I need to spend my £10 Balance as soon as it's available?

No, your £10 Balance doesn't expire and stays in your account. You can continue accruing points and earning more Balance until you're ready to use it.

Do I need to spend my £10 Balance all in one go?

No, you can spend your Balance in as many purchases as you like, instore or online.

I’m shopping online. When will my Foyalty stamps be added to my account?

Your Foyalty Stamps are earned on dispatch of the items you have purchased. If you receive your order in separate parcels, stamps will be awarded separately as each parcel is dispatched, with the final stamps due awarded when the last parcel is dispatched. For every ten Foyalty Stamps you earn, £10 will be added to your balance overnight.

I have collected ten Foyalty Stamps, but I'm unable to redeem my Balance - what's wrong?

You might not have validated your email address/completed your online registration, which is a necessary step to start spending your Balance. Click the link in the validation email we sent you and follow the instructions, or contact our Customer Services team on [email protected]

Do my Foyalty stamps and Balance expire?

Yes, you have 30 days to add the stamps from a receipt to your account. You can ask a Bookseller to add your stamps in any Foyles.

Do my Foyalty stamps and Balance expire?

Your Balance and stamps will expire if there's no activity on your Foyalty account over 12 consecutive months. To stop this from happening, make sure you use your Foyalty card when shopping in our shops or on our website, check your Balance on or ask for a Balance enquiry at one of our tills instore (no purchase necessary).

Can I use my Foyalty card and Foyalty Balance at Waterstones?

Although Foyles is part of the Waterstones group, Foyalty cards may not be used in Waterstones shops or on at this time.

Will I receive promotional emails when I sign up to Foyalty?

You will only receive service emails relating directly to activity on your account, for example order confirmations. You can sign up to our newsletter here.

More information about Foyalty here and in the Foyalty Terms & Conditions

Click here to register or login to Foyalty.

For any queries about your Foyalty account, contact our Customer Services team on [email protected]