Leaving reviews

We welcome book reviews to Foyles.co.uk. Not only are these incredibly useful for other customers, but they are valuable to us too, providing a real insight toward how readers are responding to the books we sell.

How to leave reviews on our website

  1. Sign in to Foyles.co.uk If you are yet to create an account, you can do so here.
  2. Search for the page of the book you would like to review. If it's one you've already purchased, visit your Orders page, where you'll be able to click on the book’s jacket and through to its product description page.
  3. Under the product description, you will see the link ‘Write your review’. You will then be presented with fields to add your review title, the review itself and a star rating (out of five). You can also recommend up to ten other books. Click on ‘Post Review’ and you are done!
    If you have completed your view in another format (i.e. Microsoft Word), it is often best to initially copy and paste your review to Notepad (or TextEdit on a Mac) and then copy and paste to our site – this removes any formatting and helps prevent characters from corrupting. For further information on posting reviews, please visit our review guidelines. Please be aware that reviews will not always appear immediately on our site and can take up to 24 hours to go live: this can extend to 48 hours over weekends.

Your name will appear next to any reviews you post with us. If you would prefer to use an alias, please visit 'Your Profile' in the Account section, where you can save a display name.

Guidelines for posting reviews


Point out 'why' you liked or disliked it - go into detail. Avoid clichés and write plainly. Pick your review title carefully - it's the first thing people will see, so make it good. Be honest. Tell the reader if you received the book for free in exchange for a review.


Use obscenities, prejudiced language or terms of abuse. Reveal personal details. Review the service you've received from Foyles - we love to read nice things, but this is a book review! Post any information likely to change. For example: price or promotional information. Post web addresses, emails or phone numbers. Give away plot twists or endings - spoilers!

Any questions? Just contact our Customer Support Team on [email protected].

Terms and Conditions for online contributions

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