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Foyles Covid-19 Shop Safety Measures

Changes to Mandatory Safety Measures

From Monday 19 July, a loosening of government restrictions in England means the wearing of face coverings and observing one metre social distancing is no longer mandatory. However, the government recommendation remains to wear face masks in crowded indoor environments, such as shops.

With this in mind, we will be respectfully encouraging our customers to voluntarily maintain the same safety measures of face masks and social distancing that, to date, have kept both our staff and fellow customers so secure. We have asked our staff to adopt the same principles.

Our bookshops are also maintaining the same COVID-19 protections such as Perspex till screens, hand sanitiser and safety signage as before.



Check Shops & Opening Hours

Check shops and opening hours

Check our shop opening hours before making the journey. To see shop opening hours, visit our Shops page.

Our shops pages will be kept as up to date as possible with any changes in opening hours and any other amenities that are affected. You can also follow us on Twitter for updates on shop openings.


Use Click & Collect Online

Use Click & Collect online

If you’re looking for something specific, you can always use Click & Collect online before making the journey to a shop. If an item is showing as available to Click & Collect in two hours or less, that typically shows it is in stock at the relevant location—so using Click & Collect is the best way to be sure what you're looking for is available in the shop you want to visit. Click and Collect also allows you to reserve in advance, so the item(s) won't get purchased before you arrive. You’ll also get a confirmation once your reservation is secured, so you don’t need to travel in before it’s ready.


Expect Queues and Customer LimitsKeep a safe distance apart from customers and staff

Regardless of any loosening of government safety measures, as customers enter our bookshops, signage will request customers to keep a safe distance from both other customers and our staff. Our staff will not hand items directly to you, and we request that at the till customers hold items barcode uppermost so they can be scanned by a bookseller. Each shop has completed a review of their furniture placement to ensure adequate space for staff and customers to move around in safety, sometimes using tables and other shop fixtures to guide adequate social distancing. This practice will continue across all Foyles bookshops to enhance the safety of our staff and customers


Look Out For Instore Guidance

Look out for instore guidance

For customer guidance toward how to help keep everyone safe, you will find safety signage installed throughout our shops. This includes recommended instruction around social distancing measures, hand sanitisation stations and directional signage to help manage the flow of customers, where appropriate. Other factors, such as layout and number of floors, may also play their part in our safety management.



Use the Hand Sanitiser Provided

Use the hand sanitiser provided

We have invested in free-standing sanitiser stations for each shop, enabling our customers to sanitise immediately upon entry and wall-mounted sanitisers set at the entrances to our lifts. Regardless of any government loosening in safety measures, we do respectfully ask all customers to continue their practice of hand sanitisation before browsing.



Protective Screens at Desks

Protective screens at desks

Similar to those you may have noticed in supermarkets and other retailers, we have installed sneeze screens throughout our bookshops, designed help protect both you and our staff while serving. Safe queueing at the till may be enhanced by adhesive floor vinyls, placed at 2m intervals, to indicate where is safe to stand. Regardless of any government loosening in safety measures, many of these safety measures will remain to enhance the safety of our staff and customers.


Wear Face Coverings Instore

Wearing a face covering

From Monday 19 July, the English government removed the mandatory requirement to wear face coverings in public and the legislative requirement to adhere to 1m social distancing. We do recognise that some customers may wish to exercise the personal freedoms these changes bring. We do however respectfully encourage our customers to follow the spirit of government guidance and, from Monday 19 July, continue to maintain the same safety measures of wearing face masks in crowded and enclosed spaces, and maintain the social distancing that has kept both our staff and fellow customers so secure across the pandemic. Your thoughtful consideration toward the safety of our employees and fellow customers is very appreciated by all Foyles staff.


Pay By Contactless or Card

Transactions at our tills

Excellent customer service is integral to good bookselling. At the till, you will continue to enjoy high levels of service, within the limitations of social distancing. We do accept cash, but we far prefer contactless payment (via debit/credit card or Apple and Google Pay) to minimise the potential of virus transmission. Our contactless limit is £45 across the UK, and our Google and Apple Pay limit is £100.


Events CancelledEvents cancelled

For the time being all our public and private events are cancelled or postponed with no set date, and we are not currently making bookings. Please see our Events page for a full and up to date list of any events as they do proceed.



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