Anna O

Anna O

Crime & Thrillers
Hardback Published on: 01/02/2024
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Bookseller Reviews

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Anna O
Eye Opening, Mind Blowing and Simply Outstanding!!!
Wow!!! Anna O is a truly stand out thriller that left me speechless and unable to sleep at night. This is crime writing at it's very best and I am in awe o... READ MORE
Steven at Bluewater
Anna O
Wrap Up Warm & Get A Warm Cup Of Cocoa As Anna O Takes You To The Dark Side Of Sleep Time
This book took me down a murky rabbit hole of crimes committed when people are asleep -the amount of Ringbell footage of people just standing outside is ra... READ MORE
Nicole @hemelwstones
Anna O
Thrilling, clever and full of tension
The topic of sleep in general is a fascinating subject, so the premise of this book of someone being unexplainably asleep for four years after the murder o... READ MORE
Laura at Blackpool
Anna O
Sooo good!!
A woman accused of killing her two friends is unable to stand trial because.. she's been asleep for 4 years. I absolutely loved the idea! This book is perf... READ MORE
Dominika at Waterstones West End
Anna O
Compelling read. I really enjoyed the writing style and it was an interesting plot. I got sucked in straight away and couldn’t put it down. The layers and... READ MORE
Chrys - Plymouth
Anna O
An intriguing page turner
I'm a sucker for a good page turner and this is just such a book. Cleverly latching on to a topic that mystifies most of us, namely "what happens when we f... READ MORE
Huw  Chapman
Anna O
Wow! A must read in 2024!
A twisty mystery with engaging characters! This is a book you will not want to put down. Even when you think you have figured it out you won’t truly know u... READ MORE
Anna O
An original psychological thriller!
Actual rating 3.5. This one will definitely have you burning the candle at both ends! Anna O is basically living my dream and has been asleep for mo... READ MORE
Tilly Fitzgerald
Anna O
Psychological and gripping!
Is Anna O Guilty or Not? When Doctor Benedict Prince is selected to take on the daunting yet delicate task of waking up Anna O, the female accused of murde... READ MORE
Charlotte at Crawley
Anna O
Twisty and tangly
The story focuses on Anna who has committed a double murder while sleepwalking…..or has she? She is found asleep at the crime scene and remains that way fo... READ MORE
Nicola Vanderwert
Anna O
This book will keep you awake
I was intrigued by the story of Anna O from the first page, the story of Anna accused of killing two of her friends while sleepwalking and since then Anna ... READ MORE
Amanda Wade
Anna O
Kept me guessing!
This has a standout original plot that will make you want to do extra research on sleep and resignation syndrome. Overall, the characters are realistic and... READ MORE
Chelsea at Lichfield


Anna O hasn't opened her eyes for four years. Not since the night she was found in a deep sleep by the bodies of her best friends, suspected of a chilling double murder. For Doctor Benedict Prince, a forensic psychologist on London’s Harley Street, waking Anna O could be career-defining. As an expert in sleep, he knows all about the darkest chambers of the mind; the secrets that lie buried in the subconscious. As he begins Anna O’s treatment – studying his patient’s dreams, combing her memories, visiting the site where the horrors played out – he pulls on the thread of a much deeper, darker mystery. Awakening Anna O isn’t the end of the story, it’s just the beginning.

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • ISBN: 9780008607791
  • Number of pages: 432
  • Weight: 660g
  • Dimensions: 240 x 159 x 40 mm

Customer Reviews

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Anna O
Simply brilliant
Where do I start with this amazing book. It would be easier to write what I didn’t like about it rather than what I did. Basically there is nothing I did n... READ MORE
Karen Farrow
Anna O
Mystery, psychological thriller full of suspense
Anna O is the center of a media frenzy. Everyone knows her by name and everyone has an opinion on her. Because Anna O commited murder. There are those who ... READ MORE
Charlotte Chase
Anna O
Thank you to the publishers for this early review copy. This publishes Feb 2024 and I cannot wait to discuss it with everyone. The tension is absolutely su... READ MORE
Fiona Sharp
Anna O
Original story with twists and turns
Well written from the start and an interesting premise. There were definite hints as the story progressed as to the genuine innocence or not of Anna O - a ... READ MORE
Dana Farren
Anna O
the one to watch out for in 2024
james stanley
Anna O
Worth Sticking with It
Anna Ogilvy hasn’t opened her eyes for four years Not since that night at The Farm when she was found asleep with a kitchen knife in her hand, her clothes... READ MORE
steve cripwell
Anna O
Complex thriller
Anna O has been in a deep sleep for four years after apparently murdering her two best friends. Rumours are rife that she was sleepwalking, others that she... READ MORE
Pauline Cooper
Anna O
Clever and unpredictable
Anna O is something a bit different which I always like - a twisty mystery with engaging characters and a strong sense of unpredictability. It has an inte... READ MORE
Elizabeth Wilkins
Anna O
The greatest book I have read this year
I hadn't heard much about this book or author beforehand but was intrigued by the blurb. Once I started, I found it so hard to put down as I wanted to read... READ MORE
Charlotte Wilson
Anna O
This started out so well. A promising concept and a strong start with great tension and creepy undertones. Then, for me, it all started to go a bit wrong. ... READ MORE
Katy Wheatley
Anna O
What Can We Really Get up to While We Sleep?
We spend an average of thirty-three years asleep. But what really happens, and what are we capable of when we are sleeping?g Anna Ogilvy was a budding t... READ MORE
Louise Wilson
Anna O
Wow - what a debut!
There are a slew of new books being released in the first few weeks of January 2024. The one I've hearing the most about, is Matthew Blake's debut novel, A... READ MORE
Luanne Ollivier
Anna O
I’ve always been blessed by the ability to sleep well, no matter what is happening in my life, I can close my eyes and be fast asleep in an instant – that ... READ MORE
Anna O
The thriller everyone will be talking about in 2024
“Anna O, Sleeping beauty, a figure of myth and reality.” Anna O hasn’t opened her eyes since the night four years ago when her two best friends were fou... READ MORE
Emma Alvey
Anna O
A cracking psychological thriller
Anna O by Matthew Blake is a mesmerising, psychological thriller. I loved the premise of this novel: A woman accused of killing two of her best friends but... READ MORE
Gemma @TheBookCosy
Anna O
SPEECHLESS! BLEW ME AWAY! PHENOMENAL! LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS DEBUT! Matthew Blake, will take the book world by storm when this PHENOMENAL debut is re... READ MORE
Anna O
Original and Unsettling
The premise of this, with murder and a strange sleeping condition and family secrets, was so enticing and Matthew Blake didn't disappoint with his treatmen... READ MORE
Kerry Young
Anna O
Psychological thriller
Having murdered her two closest friends Anna Ogilvy then fell asleep and has been that way for the last four years. Dr. Benedict Prince is a forensic psych... READ MORE
D Hart
Anna O
Not bad
Hmm a difficult one, this. I loved the premise of the book and found it enjoyable to begin with, but I felt it was a bit slow and overlong. By the end, I w... READ MORE
Helen Williams
Anna O
A slow pace read.
I was really looking forward to reading this one as there has been so much hype. Although the concept was good and the story being told from various viewpo... READ MORE
Lorraine Joad
Anna O
Wow! This book has had me absolutely gripped from the very beginning and I really didn’t work out the truth until I was very close to the end. And what a b... READ MORE
Mrs G Librarian
Anna O
Very cleverly written
Very cleverly written. This book is a real page turner. You'll think you've cracked it a fair few times and be wrong at every turn. A mystery to be solved... READ MORE
justine woodward
Anna O
Intriguing story
Thank you, Harper Collins and Netgalley for Anna O by Matthew Blake. I didn’t know fully what to expect from this book from the brief blurb that I read. B... READ MORE
Michelle De Alwis
Anna O
A riveting read
4.5 rounded down ‘Sleep. Those little slices of death....’ Edgar Allan Poe ‘Death, so called, is a thing that makes men weep, And yet a third of a ... READ MORE
Celia Short
Anna O
Not for me, sorry
From the blurb, I thought that I would really enjoy this book. Sadly, I didn’t. I found it slow and confusing, and far too complex for my little brain. ... READ MORE
Carole Kendal
Anna O
This has me from the blurb…
4.5 stars rounding up to 5. This had me hooked from the blurb! Anna O fell asleep 4 years ago and hasn’t opened her eyes since. Nicknamed sleeping beau... READ MORE
Helen Carey
Anna O
A thriller that lends itself to playing detective.
"Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting" (Wordsworth’s Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood). For Anna O we shall have ... READ MORE
the moving finger writes
Anna O
strange but enjoyable read....
I am not quite sure what I think of this DEBUT novel, as there was no information given regarding its plot, The 400 page book begins slowly and builds a... READ MORE
Anna O
Decent thriller
I was a little surprised to discover that this book is expected to be a big hit when it's released, with a lot of hype being built up. It's decent enough a... READ MORE
Anna O
Intriguing and fascinating
An intriguing, fascinating novel. I found it thought provoking and chilling at times with a totally unexpected ending. Two people are stabbed to death in a... READ MORE
Mary Urquhart
Anna O
difficult to get into
I liked the premise of this book and was intrigued as to how it would pan out. Sadly, I found it really difficult to get into and the writer's style of sh... READ MORE
Anna O
Huge thanks to the publisher for this ARC, this was a really compelling read. It’s dark, mysterious, keeps you on edge. A great book.
Emma Renshaw
Anna O
Unique thriller
Anna O by Matthew Blake is a thriller with a unique storyline. Dr Benedict Prince works at the Abbey an exclusive sleep clinic. He is tasked with tryi... READ MORE
Klaire Sinclair
Anna O
Thought provoking book
A book written about the study of sleep provided a different and thought provoking book but perhaps a little thin on content. If you are looking for a diff... READ MORE
Richard Angrave
Anna O
A gripping thriller to add to your TBR
A special thanks to Harper Collins UK and NetGalley for providing me an advanced copy of this book to review. As a mood reader, I have been searching for ... READ MORE
Rachel Leaf
Anna O
Complicated crime fiction with a psychological edge
At the start of this book, Anna O is asleep and has been for some years. She is allegedly suffering from a psychological condition called resignation syndr... READ MORE
Jim Sweetman
Anna O
"Girl on a Train"/"Before I Go to Sleep" vibes
If we believe the hype the "Anna O" by Matthew Blake is going to be massive in 2024. It certainly is a page-turner and it had "Girl on a Train"/"Before I ... READ MORE
Mel Pretorius
Anna O
I loved this incredible fast-paced thriller
Anna O has been continuously asleep for the last four years after being found next to the dead bodies of her friends. Forensic psychologist Ben is an exper... READ MORE
Anna O
An amazing read
This is an incredible book written by an amazingly skilled author! The saying about assuming things is very true with this story, I believed I had everyth... READ MORE
Anna O
A slow burning crime debut
I was really looking forward to reading this book, the cover alone grabbed me which is a rare thing. A very different premise told from the point of view o... READ MORE
Deb Day
Anna O
A twisty tale of psychological suspense
‘Believers in her innocence call her Anna O. Believers in her guilt call her Sleeping Beauty.’ My thanks to HarperCollins U.K. for an eARC via NetGalley... READ MORE
Vivienne O'Regan
Anna O
A compulsive read
An unusual storyline. Anna O has murdered her two best friends but whilst she was sleep walking (or was she?) A sleep doctor is employed to attempt to wak... READ MORE
Brenda Birkett
Anna O
Psychological thriller
Four years ago two young people were stabbed to death at a rural hospitality farm, their presumed killer, found holding the bloody knife fell into a fugue ... READ MORE
Aidan Dunn
Anna O
I did wonder whether this book would live up to expectations/hype; it absolutely did, and more. What an absolute corker of a book, a very original format a... READ MORE
Debbie Hall
Anna O
Worth a read
This one had Silent Patient vibes and I loved that book. This book was a lot more factual I would say, it seemed a bit more clinical. I liked the differen... READ MORE
Becky Way
Anna O
Brilliant unique thriller
Absolutely loved this book, such a unique spin on a crime thriller. Very addictive page turner with a great twist!
Charlotte L-B
Anna O
Gripping thriller
'Anna O' by Matthew Blake is definitely a read for 2024. Anna Ogilvy was a budding twenty-five-year-old writer with a bright future. Then, one night, sh... READ MORE
Melanie Greaves
Anna O
A very interesting storyline. Can a suspect be tried for murder when they are asleep and can’t wake up ? I enjoyed the book very much although it did slo... READ MORE
Christine  Revely
Anna O
Wow, what a book, I absolutely loved it! The storyline is engaging and kept me interested in what would happen next. I thought I’d worked it out but was ve... READ MORE
Tammy Muir