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Bookseller Reviews

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Terrifying read
This author is new to me and I’m glad I gave them a chance. This read was my worst nightmare come to life, loosing a husband, an intruder looking for the c... READ MORE
Paula Campbell
Pacy, thrilling and terrifying
Oh this was a good one. It starts of when a woman hears footsteps walking up the stairs in the middle of the night. Does she fight or flight? A scary, ... READ MORE
Jodie Whitfield


There was someone in the house. Home alone with her young children during a blizzard, a mother tucks her son back into bed in the middle of the night. Then she hears a noise - old houses are always making some kind of noise. But this sound is disturbingly familiar: it's the tread of footsteps, unusually heavy and slow, coming up the stairs... In that split second, she has three choices. Should she hide? Should she run? Or should she fight?

  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • ISBN: 9780241639863
  • Number of pages: 368
  • Weight: 480g
  • Dimensions: 218 x 144 x 34 mm

Customer Reviews

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Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for a review.. I hadn’t heard much about this book, nor the author, before reading the blurb on NG which ... READ MORE
Charlotte Wilson
An Impressive Debut Novel.
Home alone with her young children during a blizzard, a mother tucks her son back into bed in the middle of the night. Then she hears a noise - old houses ... READ MORE
Louise Wilson
Fairly pedestrian
I’m not sure how to review this book at all. The story was ok and quite suspenseful but I felt it was lacking something making it a great story. All the ... READ MORE
Karen Farrow
Home invasion or an overactive imagination?
Do not read the blurb at the front of this book .... all you need to know is in the story itself. Tracy Sierra does not name her characters ... is this bec... READ MORE
Dana Farren
This book will stay with you!
What an amazing debut. I finished reading it a few days ago but had to wait to write my review; to let my heart rate return to normal & to stop thinking ab... READ MORE
Deb Day
Atmospheric thriller
Home alone in with her two young children, a mother is woken up in the middle of the night by an intruder, creeps into her children's rooms and hides with ... READ MORE
Heather Trevis
Nightwatching is not like any other book I've read before. The writing style and the absence of people's names both add to the nightmarish scenario of a mo... READ MORE
Building tension
I read this book courtesy of NetGalley. A thriller with building tension which I enjoyed reading although I didn't particularly like the writing style. C... READ MORE
Grey Lady
An Exciting Read
Nightwatching is a very tense and scary story . A young Mum is alone with her two small children in a big old isolated New England house during a snow stor... READ MORE
Chrissie Mortimer
An outstanding boko that you won't be able to put down
Nightwatching starts with a mother at home alone with her children, when she hears the sound of a stranger moving around her house. Her instinct is to prot... READ MORE
A terrifying premise
The premise of Nightwatching held me in a vise-like grip. A mother at home late at night with her two sleeping children realises there is someone in her ho... READ MORE
Tense and claustrophobic.
Nightwatching is a tense and claustrophobic read of a mother and her two young children trapped by a man in their house. . A dark family domestic noir ... READ MORE
Suzanne Ellison
A very compelling story
This was a story filled with tension from the beginning to the end.It wasn't enjoyable but it was totally compelling. The fear, the frustration of not bein... READ MORE
Patricia Moren
I was really looking forward to reading this book but sadly as much as I tried it just didn't hold my attention and I lost interest. Thanks to Netgalley a... READ MORE
Nightwatching by Tracy Sierra
Night Watching by Tracy Sierra has to be one of the most disturbing reads, that I have read for a very long time. I did even seriously think of not finishi... READ MORE
Christine Rennie
Gripping psychological thriller
The book starts suspensefully with a mother and her two children home at night when an intruder breaks into the house. Finding a hiding place in the remot... READ MORE
Frances Heaton
Sharp litte thriller
Initially I was somewhat confused for the first couple of chapters, perhaps this was the author's intention given the rather chaotic scenario: the ghostly ... READ MORE
Paula Sterling-stead
This book gets under your skin
Wow! I have just finished reading this book a few minutes ago, and my mind is reeling. Nightwatching, unbelievably the debut by Tracy Sierra, starts ri... READ MORE
Jennifer James
Atmospheric, creepy and nerve tingling chiller
Whooft! Nightwatching sucks you straight in from the first chapter; like a Shark vacuum sucking in a ball of fluff, you’re swallowed up before you know wha... READ MORE
Mary Picken
After settling her son back to sleep the woman can hear someone moving around the house, where she knows every squeak and creak of the floorboards, and rea... READ MORE
Joan Clapham
Gripping Thriller
A mother wakes up to the sounds of footsteps in her house. Gathering her children she goes to hide in the walls of her unique house. Who is after her and w... READ MORE
A must-read thriller!
This is hands down the most terrifying psychological thriller that I’ve ever read! Our unnamed protagonist is putting her young son back to bed in the m... READ MORE
Susie’s Book Reviews
One of the scariest thrillers I have ever read
Nightwatching was one of the scariest thrillers I have read for quite some time. This was just incredibly chilling writing. Right from the start, I cou... READ MORE
Emily (ashortbooklover)
This book depicts every parent's nightmare. A noise in the night as a mother is settling her son down. Not the usual pipes or house resting noise, more a f... READ MORE
Stellar psychological thriller
There’s a blizzard outside, a mother is alone with two young children, there is a stranger on the stairs of the old New England house, so where to hide to ... READ MORE
Celia Short
A widowed mother and her two children are home alone in their old house. It is a cold outside and a blizzard is raging. When they hear a noise, there is an... READ MORE
Michelle De Alwis
Terrifying debut thriller
A unique story that has the reader terrified from the start by living each moment of true horror. A young mother is holed up with her two children in her r... READ MORE
Pauline Cooper
Enjoyable enough
The book started off okay but I was worried that the home invasion was going to take up the whole story, rather like the film "Panic Room".. Fortunately f... READ MORE
Helen Williams
Complex and satisfying thriller
A woman, alone with her two young children in a remote old house during a blizzard, hears footsteps on the stairs and sees an intruder. As he threatens the... READ MORE
Jackie Murrell
Highly original creepy tale
4.5 stars/5 No spoilers To be honest I nearly gave up on this book at the 15% mark as I thought it was going to be a drawn out horror story. I’m gl... READ MORE
Maria  Hall
Incredibly Good!
Incredible!! What a wonderfully terrifying book!! This book was so different to anything I've read for a while, it's stayed with me for a long time in ... READ MORE
Beautiful Book
Incredible debut thriller
Nightwatching from Tracey Sierra is one of the most compulsive books I’ve read in years. I had to force myself to stop reading it so many times. It made my... READ MORE
Alison Davis
Gaslighted in the dark
This book had been hanging around on my Kindle for a while after I downloaded it a few months back, and one evening I decided to start it, having forgotten... READ MORE
Great psychological thriller
This book has got to be one of the best psychological thrillers that I read in a long time, from the very first page I was gripped and it had me reading la... READ MORE
Atmospheric, claustrophobic and suspenseful with breathtaking intensity.
This psychological thriller is set in a creepy house at night in dangerous weather conditions, and a mother and two young children are home alone when some... READ MORE
Jane Hunt
An Exhausting Visceral Read
A mum is at home with her two kids in an old house out in the woods, there's a blizzard, she's hunkered down for the weekend knowing she won't be able to g... READ MORE
Georgie M
Compelling Read
A large, very old house. A mum alone with her two little children. A stormy, snowy night. A tread on the stair. This was a book with all the makings of... READ MORE
June Walters
very clever book
Definitely a slow burner of a book, but worth persevering with to find out if the main character, a traumatised mother, was protecting her children from an... READ MORE
A real page turner - but not for the faint hearted!
I was sent a copy of Nightwatching by Tracy Sierra to read and review by NetGalley. What a brilliant book, a real page turner! It is so gripping and terr... READ MORE
Sharp little thriller
Initially I was somewhat confused for the first couple of chapters, perhaps this was the author's intention given the rather chaotic scenario: the ghostly ... READ MORE
Paula Sterling-stead
Sharp little thriller
Initially I was somewhat confused for the first couple of chapters, perhaps this was the author's intention given the rather chaotic scenario: the ghostly ... READ MORE
paula sterling-stead
A great read with a gripping plot
When I began reading this book, I thought I was going to basically skip through much of it before giving up and moving onto something else. It begins with ... READ MORE
Sadie Robinson
Creepy houses
Old houses do have creaks and settling noises when cooling down at the end of the day, but thank goodness, not all the noises are the same as in this book.... READ MORE
Julie Watt
Just stunning!
Phew, what a corker! This is one of those books where you have to hold your breath because it is so full of unbelievably intense tension. The writing is ... READ MORE
Carole Kendal
Simply describing this as a thriller does not do it justice. This book is so much more than a thriller. It is so well written. I was obsessed with gettin... READ MORE
Ophelia Gartside
Mother in continuous jeopardy
A widowed mother, checking on her children in the middle of the night, is on the unlit first floor when she sees an intruder coming up the stairs. He is c... READ MORE
A woman and her two young children are home alone during a snowstorm. The mother hears noises and then sees the silhouette of a man at the top of the stai... READ MORE
Pauline S
It's late and she's awake, she's checking her son has gone back to sleep, when she hears footfalls on the stairs. It'll be her husband home...except it ca... READ MORE
Christina Walker

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