Station Eleven

Station Eleven

Fiction & Poetry, Modern & Contemporary Fiction
Paperback Published on: 01/01/2015
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Bookseller Reviews

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Station Eleven
A great read with elements of the three time travellers wife , in the way it jumps to and from different time periods. A really feasible way for the world ... READ MORE
suzanne fareham
Station Eleven
Post apocolyptic page turner
Most of our store read this book and we all agreed that it was a good fast- paced thrilling novel. At the start you might think, 'why am I reading this?', ... READ MORE
Debra Warwick at Exeter High Street
Station Eleven
Art versus Survival
What Station Eleven is about and the plot of Station Eleven are two very different things. The plot can be quite alienating and may put readers off but don... READ MORE
Charlie Hay at Brentwood
Station Eleven
Engaging read
I received this as a reading copy from the publishers and wasn't sure what to expect. I have to say this is an excellent book, well written and thought pro... READ MORE
Dawn Howie at Aberdeen
Station Eleven
An evocative and thoughtful story about culture and nostalgia in a virus-ravaged world.
Kirsten is a young actor in a group known as the Travelling Symphony, a motley group of actors and musicians who travel the countryside from town to town p... READ MORE
Pete Renton at Nottingham
Station Eleven
Station Eleven
A superb addition to the dystopia genre. Set around the outbreak of a major flu epidemic, we follow five main characters from the years before, during and ... READ MORE
Z Cherry
Station Eleven
Right, I am in no doubt whatsoever that I am wholly unequipped and lacking in the necessary mental capacities to review this book properly, so I will let o... READ MORE
Kat Lockwood
Station Eleven
Survival is not enough.
I read this book while in a cabin in a forest in the middle of nowhere, and it was so atmospheric that I wasn't sure civilisation would still be there when... READ MORE
Anna at Knutsford
Station Eleven
Oh Brave New World...
Station Eleven is slightly unusual in the fact that it gives a great deal of attention to the immediate aftermath of its world-ending event (in this case a... READ MORE
Jane E Skudder
Station Eleven
This is an outstanding novel and it is worth bearing in mind that in spite of publishing houses applying a scatter shot approach to dystopian fiction in re... READ MORE
Emma Prince at Portsmouth
Station Eleven
Intelligent yet cold
This is an apocalyptic pandemic novel that is not really about either of those things. It is very much a novel of the before and after. This might be the p... READ MORE
Katie Reid
Station Eleven
Shakespeare in the time of a pandemic - oh brave new world!
Despite the fact that the storyline is not original (How many post-apocalyptic novels have I read, going back to “The Day of the Triffids”), I thoroughly e... READ MORE
Fiona Ellwood at Leicester Highcross


What was lost in the collapse: almost everything, almost everyone, but there is still such beauty. One snowy night in Toronto famous actor Arthur Leander dies on stage whilst performing the role of a lifetime. That same evening a deadly virus touches down in North America. The world will never be the same again.

Twenty years later Kirsten, an actress in the Travelling Symphony, performs Shakespeare in the settlements that have grown up since the collapse. But then her newly hopeful world is threatened. If civilization was lost, what would you preserve? And how far would you go to protect it?

  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan
  • ISBN: 9781447268970
  • Number of pages: 352
  • Weight: 252g
  • Dimensions: 197 x 130 x 22 mm

Customer Reviews

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Station Eleven
Mesmerising and beautifully done
I am a huge fan of dystopians and end of the world novels. What I especially loved about this novel was it's clear and beautiful writing and lightness of t... READ MORE
Hannah Temby, Bloomsbury
Station Eleven
I could have read this book for much longer
I've read a lot of apocalyptic stories, watched the world end in so many ways, but this is my new favourite. Jumping time and character has become bit of a... READ MORE
Jen Bean
Station Eleven
I have read a number of Sci-fi and apocalyptical books but this one is quite different and special. King Lear's production in a theatre in Toronto - what c... READ MORE
Station Eleven
Feel-good post-pandemic road saga
The interplay between past and present is brilliant. It all sounds utterly credible, and the message of this book is still one of hope
Unwitting Catalyst
Station Eleven
Realistic apocalyptic story which begins on stage in Canada when Arthur collapses - the Georgia flu has infected Arthur then kills 99% of the world populat... READ MORE
Sophie Jerram
Station Eleven
I am trying to find the right words to describe how this book made me feel. I went in to the book with high hopes but it wasn't what I expected I felt that... READ MORE
Ella Holt
Station Eleven
Elegaic, but with major weaknesses
While I was reading this book, I wrote a post on my blog about how I was enjoying Emily Mandel's imagination. Now I've finished, I certainly find it to be ... READ MORE
Roz Morris
Station Eleven
optimistic apocalyptic
I love this book so much. It has a warmth and humanity missing from lots of end-of-the-world novels. It reminded me how much I love the world and the human... READ MORE
Caitriona Row
Station Eleven
A deep and probing read - brilliant!
I found Station Eleven utterly fascinating. It is a story focusing on a handful of characters both before and after a flu outbreak that kills most people. ... READ MORE
Station Eleven
Brilliantly written
A very individual book, starting by giving you an in-depth knowledge of the characters, with never knowing which way it's going to turn and how each charac... READ MORE
Catherine  Rush
Station Eleven
A creative story set in a world that is unfathomable but yet plausible
The Georgia Flu has swept the globe. Deadly in its impact once caught, people die within 24 hours. Estimates give the death toll as over 99% of the world’s... READ MORE
Janet E
Station Eleven
Wait to read until COVID 19 is over
This book is clever both conceptually but also in how it is written. It's been ages since a book has been so thought provoking and made me reflect. I found... READ MORE
Micky - bookphenomena
Station Eleven
I loved this book
Great storytelling, skilfully told from multiple perspectives. Timeshifts and geographical relocations are handled with ease, and the characters and places... READ MORE
Marianne Talbot
Station Eleven
Sheer beauty
Absolutely stunning, I think up there as one of the most beautiful books i've ever read. The world-building is incredible, every character fully fleshed ou... READ MORE
Douglas Badger
Station Eleven
So good
Tough in these pandemic times, but so good
Siobhan Morris
Station Eleven
Post-apocalyptic story of hope and humanity.
Station Eleven is an poignant, moving and very human post-apocalyptic story told both before and after a devastating flu virus sweeps the world. It’s an... READ MORE
Ian Payton