The Chamber

The Chamber

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Hardback Published on: 06/06/2024
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Bookseller Reviews

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The Chamber
The Locked Room Mystery Beautifully Reinvented!
Will Dean beautifully reinvents the classic locked room mystery into a masterful tale of suspense and intrigue, where the mood remains on a knife edge and ... READ MORE
Steven at Bluewater


'The tension is almost unbearable. A masterclass in suspense - I absolutely loved it!' SHARI LAPENA
'A tour-de-force. Chilling, intriguing and most entertaining' LIZ NUGENT
'A superb read' SARAH PEARSE

The master of intense suspense, Will Dean, is back! THE CHAMBER follows the success of Richard & Judy Book Club pick THE LAST PASSENGER.

On a boat heading out into the North Sea, Ellen Brooke steels herself to spend almost a month locked inside a hyperbaric chamber with five other divers. They are all being paid handsomely for this work - to be lowered each day inside a diving bell to the sea bed, taking it in turns to dive down and repair oil pipes that lie in the dark waters. It is a close knit team and it has to be: any error or loss of trust could be catastrophic.

All is going to plan until one of the divers is found unresponsive in his bunk. He hadn't left the chamber. It will take four more days of decompression, locked away together, before the hatch can be opened. Four more days of bare steel, intrusive thoughts, and the constant struggle not to give way to panic. Mind games, exhaustion, suspicion, and, most of all, pressure. And if someone does unlock the door, everyone dies...

And Then There Were None meets The Last Breath in this tense and suspenseful locked-room thriller from the author of the "astonishing" (Ian Rankin) The Last Passenger.

'Horribly, claustrophobically compulsive' GUARDIAN

  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
  • ISBN: 9781399734127
  • Number of pages: 400
  • Weight: 620g
  • Dimensions: 238 x 162 x 42 mm

Customer Reviews

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The Chamber
You need to read this book!
As I start writing this review, I’m struggling, as I’m having to resist the urge just to write, “YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!”. I feel I must do the author,... READ MORE
Jennifer James
The Chamber
A tad repetitive
I will probably be very unpopular with this review as I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the authors previous books. The premise sounded great, six sa... READ MORE
Karen Farrow
The Chamber
Locked Chamber Mystery
Thank you to the publishers and Will for this review copy. This is a great locked 'Chamber' mystery. There is no escape, you are under pressure of all ki... READ MORE
Fiona Sharp
The Chamber
Intrigue until the last page
It's rare to find a new concept on a well-known trick, but my word, Will Dean has taken the locked room mystery and given us what will probably be one of t... READ MORE
Chris Scotland
The Chamber
A fantastic locked-room mystery
Ellen Brooke is a deep sea diver heading out to complete a job in the depths of the North Sea repairing oil pipelines. She knows she'll have to spend nearl... READ MORE
Barnsey's Books
The Chamber
An outstanding tension-filled pressure cooker of a novel
If there is one word I would use to describe Will Dean’s previous thrillers, it would “pressure.” Through the so-far five Tuva Moodyson thrillers, as well ... READ MORE
The Chamber
Never get ahead of your hat...
I'm grateful to the publisher for giving me access to an advance e-copy of The Chamber to consider for review. 'Never get ahead of your hat'. The fir... READ MORE
Blue Book Balloon
The Chamber
High Pressure Thriller
Will Dean is one of my favourite authors – his reads are always fast-paced thrillers, and each one is unique in its premise. The Chamber, set in a hyperbar... READ MORE
The Chamber
Raspberry Jam
If you don't like being confined in small spaces or have claustrophobia or germaphobia, this book may not be for you! I will admit that when I first starte... READ MORE
The Chamber
Terrifyingly claustrophobic!
What an intense, terrifying thriller this was! I LOVED The Last Passenger, the last third of which was utterly bonkers, so I had very high hopes for The Ch... READ MORE
Julia Littleton
The Chamber
A brilliant thriller that left me speechless
Six divers are in a hyperbaric chamber in order to repair oil pipes on the sea bed, when one of the group is found unresponsive. They must wait four days b... READ MORE
The Chamber
The Chamber
I have mixed opinions about this book which made me yo-yo from 3 and 4 stars. I had a lot of niggles, most of which were relatively minor so I managed to s... READ MORE
The Chamber
Claustrophobic and tense. Very tense
That was one of the most claustrophobic books I’ve ever read. I do suffer from claustrophobia so for me this really was a very tense read. It centres arou... READ MORE
Lynda Checkley
The Chamber
I found the environment fascinating
4.5⭐️ The Deep Topaz is a vessel that houses divers working on the oil lines using a submersible bell. They live in a pressure chamber for the period ... READ MORE
Lesley Lloyd
The Chamber
Will Dean at his best!
Six divers are to be locked into a pressurised chamber resembling a mini submarine, they will be lowered to the bottom of the North Sea and work there for ... READ MORE
Celia Short
The Chamber
Intense and claustrophobic
A team of six saturation divers face a job where they are confined together, under extreme pressure, to a small capsule. Shortly after the job begins one o... READ MORE
D Hart
The Chamber
Fabulous locked room mystery
When readers ask for a locked room mystery, the chamber by Will Dean is literary it. When six experiences saturation divers descends to the depth of the N... READ MORE
Michelle De Alwis
The Chamber
Claustrophobic murder-mystery
Two of the classic murder-mystery scenarios are “The Locked Room” (no one can enter or leave) and “Then There Were None” (people die one by one). The deco... READ MORE
The Chamber
Claustrophobic and fearful
Based in an underwater chamber, six sat divers begin a month of deep sea work. The fear factor begins immediately with detailed descriptions of the extreme... READ MORE
Pauline Cooper
The Chamber
The ultimate locked room mystery
4.5⭐️ The Deep Topaz is a vessel that houses divers working on the oil lines using a submersible bell. They live in a pressure chamber for the period ... READ MORE
Lesley Lloyd
The Chamber
Intriguing Locked Room Mystery
Six saturation divers are locked in a hyperbaric chamber when one is found dead. When another is found shortly after they begin to realise these may not be... READ MORE
Hannah  Boucherat
The Chamber
Superb plotting and pace
The Chamber by Will Dean I give this book 4.75 stars. Excellent! ...... I couldn't put this page turner down! The author's writing style and superb plo... READ MORE
The Chamber
The Chamber
One of the most compelling books I've read this year. The Chamber takes the locked room thriller to a whole other level. Six saturation divers are out wo... READ MORE
Big Bertha
The Chamber
A very tense read
After last year's nail-biting "The Last Passenger" by Will Dean, I couldn't wait to get my hands of "The Chamber". Talk about claustrophobic. Trapped in ... READ MORE
Mel Pretorius
The Chamber
After finishing this book in the early hours because I absolutely could not put it down, what can I say but WOW! Will Dean has created yet another masterp... READ MORE
Sophie Swainger
The Chamber
Oodles of tension
I have read a couple of Will Dean's previous books and have enjoyed them and this was no exception. The Chamber is a take on the 'locked-room' genre but... READ MORE