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Dobble Connect

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Product available on: 07/07/2023
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Fun, fast-paced and frantic: Dobble Connect is the ultimate reflex game! Be the fastest team to connect 4 cards in your colour, in a row. To line up new cards, name the only common symbol between the card in your hand and those already laid down. Everyone plays at the same time, so watch out for the other teams and block them with your cards before they do. In Dobble Connect, there is only one common symbol between every two cards. Your goal as a team: be the first to spot the match to connect the cards! - First, pick your teammate and a colour: will you choose pink, green, blue or orange? - Next, spot the match between a card on the table and one of your cards to place them next to each other. - Don't forget to block your opponents! The first team to align 4 cards wins the round. - With this many cards and symbols, spotting the match can be tricky! Will you be quick enough? Dobble Connect is a fun game of speed, perfect to play with friends or family! 2-8 Players | 8+ Years | 20 mins to play.

  • Publisher: Asmodee
  • ISBN: 3558380108054

Customer Reviews

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Dobble Connect
A lovely little twist on the original Dobble game
This game is a mix of Dobble and 4 in a row. It may take a few rounds to get used to but it's so much fun when you get the hang of it. It's a great game ... READ MORE
Dobble Connect
Competitive family fun
Our house is already a massive Dobble fan. And with the latest edition to the Dobble family we’ve been able to get a little more competitive with each othe... READ MORE
Helen Mundy
Dobble Connect
The best game for all ages!
We love this game franchise. It's a staple in our family, and we have so many variations. We all get it out and play at every occasion, adding this one to ... READ MORE
Daisy Dawkins
Dobble Connect
Great fun for all ages
First time Dobble player prior to receiving this game. I took this away for a holiday with friends and it proved to be a popular addition to our trip due t... READ MORE
Pippa Hyde
Dobble Connect
Fast paced fun family game ideal for travel.
This game is great fun for all the family. It’s a handy size for travel, we took it with us on our road trip to the Netherlands. The aim of the game is to... READ MORE
Heidi Sellors
Dobble Connect
Fun quick game
We loved playing this game, the rules are slightly more complicated than usual dobble but didn't take long to get used to once we started playing. Can play... READ MORE
Claire Stott Witton
Dobble Connect
A funtastic game for all ages!
I have never heard of Dobble before, until now! I love how simple this game is and so fun at the same time. The perfect choice for all ages. I was surprise... READ MORE
Dobble Connect
Perfect to take out and about
As a family, we love the original version of Dobble, so we were really looking forward to try out Dobble Connect. After reading through the instructions,... READ MORE
Yasmin  Islam
Dobble Connect
Double Connect - teamwork is your superpower!
My class absolutely loves Dobble so when they were given a copy of Dobble Connect to play - to say they were excited was an understatement. By putting the... READ MORE
Emma Nelson
Dobble Connect
A new Dobble game, a different Dobble mechanic
I received this product for free but this is my honest review. Dobble is a firm family favourite, the competitive nature and fast paced game appeals to u... READ MORE
Alicia Tremlett
Dobble Connect
A great new addition to the dobble range
We’ve been playing dobble as a family for some years now. Such a simple concept but such a fun game. When we read the rules we found them a little confusin... READ MORE
Andrena Harrison
Dobble Connect
Perfect family game
We have absolutely been enjoying dobble connect. I was new to dobble prior to receiving to test and review, but my children had previously experienced dobb... READ MORE
Katie Oakes
Dobble Connect
The perfect game for families on the go!!
This game has been a huge hit in my house! We have had grandparents, friends and family all get heavily competitive! All ages can play, it's fast, loud and... READ MORE
Samantha Payne
Dobble Connect
Fast paced fun!
A fast paced game for all the family, which can be played anywhere and anytime! Can be easily slowed down for younger children to play or perfect for compe... READ MORE
Becki Fuller
Dobble Connect
Family bonding game
We really enjoyed playing this game.. It took some time to understand the rules completely but it’s super fun and addictive. Great bonding time with the ki... READ MORE
Sowmya TV
Dobble Connect
If somethings not broken it doesn’t need fixing
A new version of the original Dobble game. But unfortunately there are a few negatives to this game. As a family we love that the original Dobble can be p... READ MORE
Jennie  Scrivin
Dobble Connect
Excellent version of the classic
A really interesting and challenging version of the classic Dobble. Cards are hexagon in shape and build from a central starting card. The idea is to match... READ MORE
Karl McCormack
Dobble Connect
Fantastic edition!!!
My children and family have had such a great time with this game!!! So good for learning and thinking fast, the competitiveness with the teams is so much f... READ MORE
Emilie Newton
Dobble Connect
Great family game
If you enjoy the original Dobble then this game could be just for you. You can play as individuals or in teams - which makes it a better game for larger fa... READ MORE
Rachel Cawte
Dobble Connect
Great fun
We enjoyed Dobble connect , great fun with family and easy to understand. A lovely handy size for travel too
Dobble Connect
Best family games
Dobble connect has got us gripped from the start, all kids aged 6,9,11 enjoyed playing together, for once, and even found time before school today! Great f... READ MORE
Amy  Nolan
Dobble Connect
A fab family game
We were kindly gifted Dobble connect for our honest opinion and review! Our Adventurers love the traditional Dobble so when the opportunity came up to te... READ MORE
Bina Nandha
Dobble Connect
A great excuse to spend time with family and friends
Lots of fun to be had with this game for all the family to enjoy. Even the little ones got involved all beit with their own rules lol. I would recomend thi... READ MORE
Matthew Emmott
Dobble Connect
A fast quick thinking fun game
This is a great fun game to get the brain working for quick fast thinking finding the matching symbols and trying to block opponents, the winner is the fir... READ MORE
Rebecca Doherty
Dobble Connect
Great fun for the whole family!
It’s not often that you can find a family friendly game that caters for all ages; most of the time, they are aimed at the very young, or teens + but Dobble... READ MORE
emma jaxon
Dobble Connect
Family fun game
Such a fun game for all the family.. It made us all very competitive and we already can’t wait to play this game again. It’s the perfect size to pop in y... READ MORE
Jennifer  Bridges
Dobble Connect
Dobble meets Connect4 and add some serious competition!
We received Dobble Connect to try courtesy of Come Round UK and this is an honest opinion: Dobble Connect is a fabulous, new version of Dobble (and we have... READ MORE
Lauren Abbott
Dobble Connect
Great family fun
It took us a little longer to understand the rules than it probably should have. But once we got them we had such a fun time. Its a fun mix between Dobble ... READ MORE
Samantha  Avery
Dobble Connect
Brilliant game! We've played many times. Lovely bright colours, and suitable for my 3 year old too, who was able to play a simplified version with a bit ... READ MORE
Charlotte Griebenow
Dobble Connect
Fantastic family game
We have played the standard dobble game a lot! But this brings a whole new dimension to it which we actually now prefer. Trying to find your matching item... READ MORE
Claire Walter
Dobble Connect
Fast paced, family friendly and fun!
Our household have been big Dobble fans for a while so we were so excited to try out this new version. The adults in the house struggled to get to grips wi... READ MORE
Siobhan Jones
Dobble Connect
Fab family game!
Got our game just in time for our Family Holiday! Perfect for keeping us all entertained whilst in our Apartment, the kids loved it! Beats playing standar... READ MORE
Jo Cassidy
Dobble Connect
Quick and fun
I played with husband and teen so not just for little kids. Was so much fun and we got super competitive. Easy to follow rules and quick rounds. Will be ta... READ MORE
Debra  Gold
Dobble Connect
Dobble is fun and frantic
We have loved that you can play more than one game with it. We love that it's simple to use because I have youngster age 8 and then the ages go up I have 3... READ MORE
Dobble Connect
Great game for rainy days
We love playing this game. It’s fun, exciting and rapid. No hard set up, no hard to understand rules. Quick simple and fun for all the family. Great for ta... READ MORE
Suzanne  Stanton
Dobble Connect
Great Family Fun
Dobble connect is all about connecting a row of 4 cards, using the symbols to match. We have mixed reviews in this house... I love it; it's fast-paced,... READ MORE
Tara Roulston
Dobble Connect
Fun, laughter and serious competitiveness!!!
This game has already given us its money worth- it’s quickly become the most played game in our household. The only goal is not too loose and boy does tha... READ MORE
Sarah Messer
Dobble Connect
Brilliant. Absolute carnage!
This will bring out the competitive side in anyone, even my granny, brilliant game for travel and at home play and fun for the whole family. Brilliant.
Charlotte Laycock
Dobble Connect
Great family game
A great game with a twist on the original dobble! We love playing the original dobble and this new version gives more of an extra challenge than the origin... READ MORE
Emma England
Dobble Connect
Great for the whole family
We love this game. It’s Dobble and connect 4 all rolled into one! Who wouldn’t love that!!
Sarah  Donaghy
Dobble Connect
Fun for all ages
After some time working out how to play Dobble Connect with the instructions it was great fun for the whole family and friends of all ages.
Natasha Lee
Dobble Connect
FUN for all ages and abilities
We had lots of fun playing this game thank you so much. My children have additional needs and sometimes games can be a struggle,but they both enjoyed it ,f... READ MORE
Aimee Marshall
Dobble Connect
Different to original dobble
Our family and extended family are huge Dobble fans. This new Dobble Connect is a slightly different take to the original and actually made us more competi... READ MORE
Elizabeth  Wood
Dobble Connect
Great fun
We have Dobble Connect and took it away on holiday to play. My girls, age 7 and 9 love playing this. We’ve always loved played Dobble so this was a great n... READ MORE
Katie Gingell
Dobble Connect
Game night
If your looking for a game that all ages can get involved in this is the one! You can make it as simple as you like or challenging as you like we had fun w... READ MORE
Geraldine Skelly
Dobble Connect
Fun for all the family
This is a brilliant game for all ages. We played with our kids (7 and 10) and we ended up also playing just as adults! It’s fast, furious and fun, it gets ... READ MORE
Dobble Connect
Excellent fun for all ages and a great addition to the Dobble family
I can't praise Dobble Connect enough – another fantastic addition to our collection of Dobble games! From the moment it arrived, it's been a hit in our hou... READ MORE
Sophie Worrall
Dobble Connect
Great family fun!
This is an excellent game that encompasses all ages and abilities. Lots of fun!
Gemma Lees
Dobble Connect
Double the Dobble Fun
We had so much fun playing Dobble Connect. My son always plays this in his after school club& the teachers always tell me he's really good at it. But we ne... READ MORE
Heather Coe
Dobble Connect
Dobble connect
A great portable game which is ideal to transport on holiday. It is suitable for all from the age of 8. It is fast paced and a great team game. You have t... READ MORE
Odette Britton
Dobble Connect
Fast paced, portable game
Firstly we had never played the game Dobble before so it was all new to us. So please don’t judge our version of how to play. So from reading the game... READ MORE
Dobble Connect
Dobble connect is great fun for all ages
We love Dobble and we’re therefore really excited to try the new Dobble Connect! It was great fun and pretty easy once you read the instructions! My boys a... READ MORE
Katy Thomas
Dobble Connect
Great family fun
At first my kiddies was abit confused on what the rules was but once they got into it they really enjoyed it! Such a fab game!
Julia Rafferty
Dobble Connect
Fun filled, competitive game
Me and my family had such a fantastic time playing this game. Myself, partner and 3 kids aged 12, 5 and 3 all aimed some healthy competition whilst playing... READ MORE
Jade Brown
Dobble Connect
A quick, engaging fun family game
We are a family of 4 and have greatly enjoyed playing this game. It is a very quick game that will see you laughing and working together. We love the hexag... READ MORE
Michelle Kirkup
Dobble Connect
Games night
We played Dobble for the first time and absolutely loved it. A great game that gets your brain working that any one can play.
Emma Stanley
Dobble Connect
All ages fun and all age’s competitiveness!
We love this game! Loads of new images that all ages recognise. All ages have played this in our family and as with other Dobbles it’s super easy to take a... READ MORE
Gillian Gaskell
Dobble Connect
Awesome fun and rivalry!
Received this amazing game free in return for my honest feedback. We love the original dobble so was excited to try this. It’s a new twist and makes it ev... READ MORE
Tanya Mccrave
Dobble Connect
Fantastic Game!
We absolutely love this game! We played it a few times to understand the instructions fully and now we love it so much that we have packed it to take away ... READ MORE
Michelle Harrahill
Dobble Connect
Harder than you think!!
I was lucky enough to be gifted this game in exchange for my honest review. At first, this game looks and sounds easy. You have two cards. They each have l... READ MORE
Esme Simper
Dobble Connect
Fantastic addition to the Dobble family!
Absolutely love this game! We already own two of the original versions of this and game but this edition took the play up a notch. At first it was a little... READ MORE
Sasja Brady
Dobble Connect
It’s a cross between other fun games
I was given this game to test and review and here is my honest review. Sooo it’s like Dobble got together with Snap, Connect 4 and Dominos and Dobble Conne... READ MORE
Fatima Khatun
Dobble Connect
Dobble Connect the fast and furious edition
As a dobble loving family we we’re lucky enough to be gifted this in return for an honest review. It’s far trickier than you’d think but once we got into ... READ MORE
Helen Corbett
Dobble Connect
Fun for all the family
We were lucky to be chosen to test this game I return for an honest review. The kids were really excited to play it and so was I. I remember playing Dobble... READ MORE
Naomi  Crawford
Dobble Connect
Our new favourite game!
We absolutely loved this game! The next level of dobble. Like the original you have to match up the pictures but in dobble connect there’s not always a ma... READ MORE
Rachel O'Leary
Dobble Connect
Great family game for most ages
I got this game for free but this is an honest review. As a family we love all board and card games. Dobble connect is another great little game. Good pri... READ MORE
Sharon Ecott
Dobble Connect
Great fun for the whole family!
We tried dobble connect over the summer holidays, with the age range of players 5-29 years old. Although it is advertised as 8+ my 5 year old daughter real... READ MORE
Corrie Valentine
Dobble Connect
Lots of fun
If you know and love classic Dobble, you'll love this new version, Dobble Connect. It's a brilliant, fast paced game where you are racing against your op... READ MORE
Victoria  Polson
Dobble Connect
Dabbling in Dobble - Fast n Furious Family Fun!
Whether this is your first dabble with Dobble or you are a seasoned Dobbler, Dobble Connect will not disappoint
Dobble Connect
100% recommend - All family members can play
Dobble connect - new card game. We as a family own dobble and love it. It gets extremely competitive (especially when we play it at our grown up board gam... READ MORE
Hayley  Alkins