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Product available on: 11/03/2022
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Dixit, the beloved modern classic that moved millions of players all around the world, is getting refreshed. Same wonderful original cards, same rules, with new material: a gameboard, voting dials, new cardtray… everything we love in a beautiful and modernized shell. The biggest change of all: we can now play up to 8 players, so gather family and friends for a dreamlike journey through your imagination! Plays up to 8 players with top game experience New modernized voting material, with ambidextrous dials Board for scoring, cards placement, and scoring aid New cardboard tray, allowing storage for 2 expansions The rich and dreamlike original artwork, no cards/rules change.

  • Publisher: Asmodee UK
  • ISBN: 3558380085348

Customer Reviews

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Fun game for all
This is a great game for board game lovers and new to modern board games, old and young and everything in between. Will be hitting the table lots over Chri... READ MORE
Chelsea Entwistle
Family Fun Board Game
We love board games and review different ones! They’re such a good way to bond with your family while helping your children develop important thinking skil... READ MORE
Kelly Rose
Great for imagination
We found this quite hard at the beginning, as too k a few rounds before our clues became hard enough, but we all enjoyed it. Goodnfor imagination and the p... READ MORE
Sarah Graves
Fun family game
My whole family has really enjoyed this game. The kids (5 and 8) took a little while to figure out how to give good clues for their cards, but once they fi... READ MORE
Sarah P
Fun family game
My whole family has really enjoyed this game. The kids (5 and 8) took a little while to figure out how to give good clues for their cards, but once they fi... READ MORE
Sarah P
Great fun game for all the family
We received this game as a gift in return for a honest review. We loved this game it was real fun to play and easy to understand. Even the young primary ... READ MORE
Cally Baker
Imaginative game
We had a great time playing this game, lots of ways for you to work together to create the ideas for a story ( we played the first time with our son and he... READ MORE
Victoria Cosgrove
Beautifully illustrated, great family game
As a family we enjoy board games that can be played with all the family. We also love games that can be played when friends come over. Dixit does just this... READ MORE
Charlotte Chase
Such a beautiful and clever game
Dixit is a beautifully illustrated game where you have to be creative with your clues so they aren't too cryptic or too obvious. It was easy to play as a ... READ MORE
Dixit is for all ages
Having played our first game , my children absoloutley love the fact they can use their imagination in story telling and play a competitive game . Many lau... READ MORE
Pablo Horsey
Creative Game
Trying out a new creative board game. Really fun for using your imagination and creating random ideas! Best played in groups larger than 3. We loved the vo... READ MORE
Carla Massey
Best Boardgame Ever!!
I have just received this board game through the post courtesy of come round and it is certainly the best board game we have played as a family. As soon as... READ MORE
Kayleigh Cross
Did we DiXit!!
When you have 4 children of different ages it's hard to keep everyone happy and entertained but we have come across DiXit and can honestly say it's brillia... READ MORE
Simple to learn - excellent playability!
I truly love board games and Dixit is no exception. It is a very simple concept with no complicated rules to keep checking. It is. in essence. a bit of a v... READ MORE
Elisabeth Rumble
Really encourages imagination!
We have just received this game and although it seems complicated at first it is very easy to pick up. My children aged 11 and 7 love it. I love the fact t... READ MORE
Michaela  Mann
A fun magical game
We thoroughly enjoyed this game, the cards are beautifully designed and conjure up a host of different feelings, descriptions. The game seems more complica... READ MORE
Family fun
This is a fab family game for 3-8 people and for children 8 plus. This is a lovely illustrated game. It’s comes with xx cards which is fab for small hands... READ MORE
Gemma Fleet
A fun family time!
We absolutely love this board game! It is so much fun and easy to follow. I love how good quality are all the packaging and materials. The illustration o... READ MORE
Sara Shbib
Family fun!!
We were lucky enough to be gifted this game and it was so much fun. I didn’t know what to expect from the box but the rules were clear and the set up was v... READ MORE
Kathryn Waters
The perfect leveller
This board game is great. Great graphic design and easy to understand. You need to be clever but not too clever, you need to be obvious but not obvious... READ MORE
David Bland
Mixed feelings
It was a little hard to understand how to play my kids 6 and 9 loved all the pictures and making up something to explain the picture. After a few goes we e... READ MORE
Dawn McClure
Good for budding imaginations
My children age 10 and 8 really got behind this game! Youngest was tempted to sabotage play by selecting totally random cards, but this was funny and certa... READ MORE
Eve  Williams
Family Fun ❤️
This game was great for all the family, a little confusing at first, but great for the family, especially making up their own stories for the cards! The pi... READ MORE
Bethany  Wintle
Family fun game
Great family game, beautiful illustrative card designs. A bit difficult to understand game play but after several games you soon pick it up. Same wit... READ MORE
Nusrat Siddique
Good fun for all the family
We all liked the beautiful illustrations and how big the 84 cards included in the game are. Expansion packs are available for once you've exhausted all th... READ MORE
Frances  Smith
Great fun game!
Absolutely love playing this new board game Dixit! Fun, quick, perfect for playing with adult friends or youngsters in the family. You need to exercise you... READ MORE
George Christodoulakis
Beautiful game with stunning visuals!
This is the most beautiful wholesome game with stunning visuals! The concept is so clever and suits such a huge range of ages and levels. My 6 and 8 year ... READ MORE
Susanna Fee
Fabulous game for all ages!
We LOVED this game!! The whole family enjoyed it - from our 5 year old to the grown ups! It was simple to u set stand the rules and fun to play. We loved t... READ MORE
Elizabeth Merriman
An imaginative fun family game
With non of us hearing of this game before we didn’t have any expectations … I can now confirm this game is a must! My children are 11 and 10 years and t... READ MORE
tanya Perry
Beautiful design and creative game
Great family game for all ages, from kids to grandparents. Gets the imagination going and the cards are beautifully designed. Once you get your head aroun... READ MORE
Katherine-Jane Cope
Unexpectedly fabulous
Really easy to follow. Started a bit slow but couldn’t put it down. It really is utterly compelling. You think you’re doing well but oh no. Very good for a... READ MORE
Lin McCool
Fun family game
A quirky game that's different from normal board games, kind of similar to Codenames plus Chameleon. Some great laughs and suitable for everyone!
Leah Dean
'Enchanting and Different'
We had never heard of the game before and did not know what to expect. The rules at first are difficult to comprehend but once you have played it a few tim... READ MORE
Worth it
So I’ve rated this game 4 stars as we all found it difficult so understand and follow the instructions (4 adults) the points system especially is hard to u... READ MORE
Lauren Duffy
Absolutely fantastic family fun
We usually don't play a lot of games as a whole family, generally it's me and the kids or my husband with the youngest. My eldest generally isn't intereste... READ MORE
Jo Dearnaley
Challenge your mind!
Ad / Gifted in return for an honest review We were very lucky to receive Dixit the board game to review,we have never heard of it before but love how m... READ MORE
Sarah Clegg
Great Family Game Night Game
Dixit is a semi-cooperative game of image interpretation and deduction. The players must decide which card of abstract art is the card put in by the "St... READ MORE
Jay Hutton
Fun for family night
At 1st I didn’t think this game would be our cup Of tea but i was wrong its a great game with lovely picture cards which enhance the imagination my 8 year... READ MORE
Jennifer  Kendall
Amazing game
My kids and my family loves playing Dixit whenever we get together for a meal, and we always take it on others house for more fun. This is game discover ... READ MORE
Anam Fatima
Pictionary and Charades fused together!
Spent hours and hours of creative fun with family and friends playing this game. I found it to be a fusion of Pictionary and Charades - what an awesome com... READ MORE
Carol Correa
A great fun family game
Absolutely loved playing this game with my family and friends, great for all ages
Ruth Graham
Fab for a games night!
I played this at the weekend with my sister (she and I are both in our 40s), my parents (in their 70s) and my 16 year old niece. It was a little confusing... READ MORE
Katy Millward
A beautiful game
We were given the lucky opportunity to review Dixit and what great fun we all had . The four of us played a few times and it was super easy to play. 4 Play... READ MORE
Kimberley  Howes
DIXIT where have you been hiding
Wow what a game of strategy. This really gives you the opportunity to get into the minds of the players. The balancing act of giving enough so some players... READ MORE
Great game to improve descriptive communication
Played this with my son. After youtubing how to play the game (I do better with visual instructions) we set off by picking a card, this helped my son to de... READ MORE
Caroline  Harrison
At first I found this game a bit confusing. We needed to play it a few times to get the most out of it. It is a game for young and old, taxes the brain a b... READ MORE
Wow unusual game is a win!
We loved this easy to set up game Shame my 4 year old couldn’t play but was a great game for us older ones Loved that there’s no timer or dice it’s... READ MORE
Della Gray
Imaginational fun for the family
This really was a fun and imaginational game our family loved to play. Easy to set up and play, with beautifully illustrated cards. Great way to get the fa... READ MORE
Incredible family game
So to start with, it's absolutely beautifully presented. The illustrations are gorgeous! I'm utterly obsessed with the entire aesthetic of it. It almost re... READ MORE
Taylor-Anne Walker
Great game
Great for a unique games tonight as you can let your imagination run wild being the story teller. Perfect getting the kids to run wild with a made up sto... READ MORE
Stephanie  Mcconnachie
Great for develop imagination
Game is absolutely amazing. High quality, and gorgeous pictures, you can read a lot from them. My kids love it since first time opened. We are playing over... READ MORE
Paulina  Krasniewska
Beautifully illustrated
Dixit is a beautifully illustrated game where everyone has a turn to be the storyteller and use their imagination to describe an illustration on one of the... READ MORE
Dixit board game
Amazing game! A little hard to get at first, but once you understand, it's very easy and a great game! It kept us busy for hours!
Kirsty Broadhurst
Dixit, a game for all the family
We have loved this game, we have played it with our kids (aged 12,9 and 8) , adult friends and grandparents. Everybody agrees it’s a great game, simple to ... READ MORE
Janine Bentley
Beautifully intriguing game
Dixit is the most beautifully designed board game I have every seen. It is made to inspire you to use your imagination. The Storyteller has to tell the oth... READ MORE
Natalie Plant
Wonderfully Creative Family Fun
Oh my, I didn't anticipate how much my kids would love playing Dixit! They want to play, as a family, all the time. Any time we have a spare moment, out co... READ MORE
Candice Adams
Fun for family and friends
A beautifully designed game to play with family and friends. Takes a while to get the hang of it but once you get the hang of it, it’s great. Not too tim... READ MORE
Vikki Enyedi
Hang in there !
This is a totally new game for us as a family. With a concept like no other. We played this between 3 with the ages 10,14 & 34 I’ll be honest i thought thi... READ MORE
Spectacular board game
I love the spectacular and beautiful illustrations on the cards and dials. Even the inside of the Dixit board game box is a masterpiece of art. Although th... READ MORE
Michele  Chung
Fun for all the family
We absolutely loved his board game, it was very easy to understand and we all had a brilliant family game night with Dixit. This now has to be one of our f... READ MORE
Rebecca Hammond
Great fun for all family.
Great table game for all family, as we are trying to reduce screen time for our kids this came very handy. Lovely artwork and quality. Can be very funny, a... READ MORE
Asta Semaite
Lovely family board game
It's our first time to play this game and it was really fun. My kids enjoyed it that they want to play more. The cards are colourful and with the 84 cards ... READ MORE
Analyn Trinidad
A picture is worth a thousand words!
* We received this game for free, in exchange for an honest review. Initial impression: Beautifully illustrated, good quality cards, strong box with lots... READ MORE
K Bryant
Top Game
Love this game!! Do much fun for family game night
Danielle Billett
Fun for all and beautiful illustrations
My friends and family have all loved playing this game. It's great being suitable for different ages. Slightly fiddly to initially put together, but once i... READ MORE
Laura Egerton
Imaginative fun
For a group of friends who aren't avid gamers, Dixit was a delightful surprise. The game's enchanting artwork immediately drew us in, and its simple rules ... READ MORE
Nuno Cruz
Perfect family game
We have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game as a family it’s so nice to see the kids away from their screens & using their imaginations. We love getting t... READ MORE
Sophie Gamble
Family game time with an 11,13 & 14yr olds
As a family of 5 we often enjoy a good ole board game. This was a different style of game to what we are used to. We often play strategic games were as thi... READ MORE
Cassie Fearnley
A unique game for all the family
Could be played from 8+ to 99 years it’s fantastic!! I loved watching my son think of different words to use
sarah Ackerman
Good Family Fun!
We loved spending time as a family playing Dixit! It made a nice change to other board games we tend to play. Dixit is a storytelling game, which require... READ MORE
Rachel  Savage
Fabulous game
Really enjoyed this game. Easy, quick set up and easy to learn the rules. Played as a family aged between 11 and 45 and it really got us thinking. The sort... READ MORE
Helen Dunlop
Game that makes you think!
We found this game such fun to play, although understanding the instructions at first was quite difficult, but it was easy once you got the hang of it. My ... READ MORE
Rebecca Bannister
Amazing game fun for all the family
This game is challenging funny and a great game, since receiving this game we have played it every night, my kids love this game and are ages 10 and 8 and... READ MORE
Kirsty Iddles
Fun for all
We had a fantastic evening, used our imaginations. Would say it is best with 3+ players already cannot wait for the next evening we get to play it.
lauren holland
So much fun!
Amazing game once you get the hang of the rules! There is video tutorials on YouTube if you still don’t get it! We played with a 9 year old and a 4 yea... READ MORE
Ashlea Teeney-Kelly
Great fun game
Great game for abit of fun. Love trying to come up with stories and captions for the cards. Highly reccomend and would be great for families too.
Jennifer  Bagworth
A game where your imagination runs wild!
The kids have loved it so much they've wanted to play it nonstop since last week. Dixit is a game where one player is the storyteller. They choose a card ... READ MORE
Great game, love the new score board and rabbit tokens.
Dixit is a game we've genuinely enjoyed. We've played it with different groups of friends at game nights, and it always leads to inventive hint-giving stra... READ MORE
Lucy Huish
Perfect tween family game
This has been the first game in a long time which my 10 year old and 14 year old will happily play together. A combination of creativity and deceit kept ev... READ MORE
Janet Hetherington
Good game fun
This games takes some time to set up especially for the first time. After this it's very much 5 mins to start up. Once your set up the fun starts straight ... READ MORE
Naseema Khonat
Board game with a difference
We love board games in our house! Dixit requires a good imagination. It does transport you into a magical and mystical world. It was different to any bo... READ MORE
Vanessa Wright
Great concept not such great gameplay
We had such high hopes for this game BUT it did not deliver. We are avid board/card players with an array of eclectic game genres but found this fell short... READ MORE
Catsrgrawsome  Catsrgrawsome
Imaginative game for all
Whilst this is more creative and intuitive than the strategic type games we normally go for, this provided an alternative option for those who aren’t keen ... READ MORE
Laura Morley
A next level game
This game is amazing. It's hard to get going, trying to understand the rules, but once nailed that, it's incredible. The artwork is fantastic and it's hone... READ MORE
Silvia  Lozza
Fun, Creative and Different
#Gifted We are a huge board gaming family and if you like board games Dixit will not let you down. It is a beautifully made game with wonderful pictu... READ MORE
Great fun for the family
It’s a thumbs up from us, the illustrations are beautiful. The instructions looked quite complicated at first but actually it was quite simple. The more th... READ MORE
Joanne Hayes