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Product available on: 20/03/2023
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Bookseller Reviews

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Abstract Brilliance for All!
Azul is a beautiful abstract game with a lot of complexity for a very simple rules that is perfect for family and friends alike. Players will take turn... READ MORE
Toby Palfreyman


Draft coloured tiles to create beautiful murals in the Royal Palace of Evora! The winner of the 2018 Spiel des Jahres award rewards canny pattern-building and thinking ahead. Age 8+, 2-4 players, playing time 30-45 minutes. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts - Choking hazard.

  • Publisher: Asmodee
  • ISBN: 0826956600107
  • Weight: 1.2g
  • Dimensions: 262 x 262 x 74 mm

Customer Reviews

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A stunningly beautiful game
What can I say except WOW. The game itself is absolutely beautiful to look at, and the pieces are very robust and well made. Once you read the rules a c... READ MORE
Rebecca Bradley
Tiletastic Tactics
Absolutely love this game and is fast becoming a family favourite. Honestly wasn’t easy straight away and had to go back to the rule book a couple of times... READ MORE
Jenni Steele
Great Family Fun
Highly recommend Azul it’s a great family friendly game. I’d never heard of Azul before so I had to do some research but after playing it a few times a... READ MORE
Amie Brotheridge
Beautiful game to play
This games looked beautiful but I just find it way to hard to understand how to play it and what is actually goin on, me and my daughter read the instructi... READ MORE
Gemma Fleet
Great addictive game of strategy
We really enjoyed playing this game with family, it’s unlike anything I’ve played before. Although the instructions made it seem a lot more confusing than ... READ MORE
Sarah Doherty
Family fun
A lovely bright colourful game that the whole family will enjoy, once you understand the rules. We found the game quite difficult to get our head around an... READ MORE
Great Game
Brilliant game once you get the hang of the rules. May take a round or two to get to grips with the rules and find your style of play/tactics. Board de... READ MORE
Elisa Walton
Such a pretty looking game
This game is such a pretty looking game and also is now one of our favourite games to play in the household. After a while of playing while reading the... READ MORE
Kate Maitland
Confusing but stick with it!
Took a long while to figure out. We still have to play slowly to make sure we are getting it but lots of fun.
Victoria Diment
Complicating but fun
I played with my family last week, on the beginnings was a bit confusing with all those rules but after understanding them all was very fun and addicting g... READ MORE
Amazing Azul
Loved the fact that you didn’t need lots of people to play this game - 2 is fine ( and when you are involving children this is even better!) . A few people... READ MORE
Janet Hetherington
Aesthetically pleasing fun game.
This was a great family game once we got our heads around the rules - otherwise would have been 5 stars. The tiles are lovely and we all enjoyed the patter... READ MORE
Claire Walker
Azul a family favourite
This game is amazing, I’d never heard of Azul before but what can I say wow we love it and it has become a new family favourite. This game has lots of in... READ MORE
Mrs H
Azul game
Azul is suitable for 2-4 players, I really enjoyed playing it with just 2 players. It is suitable for age 8 upwards, but the younger ages might need help w... READ MORE
Beautiful looking game, tricky to learn score and follow at first.
A beautiful looking and made game. Kids found it tricky, as did wee to begin with so it's hard to explain until you understand yourself. I would like it to... READ MORE
Andrew Hogg
I’m addicted!!!
I LOVE this game!! If you like a strategic game, then this one is for you. I warn you though, it’s addictive! At first the scoring system confused me... READ MORE
Teresa Bowcher
Great family game
Loved this game, it’s absolutely stunning and gets your brain working. Amazing if you love strategy games
Sasha Walsh
Great game for a quiet night in
I love the way the game arrived. nice packaging beautiful colours and very inviting for a visual learner like myself. We first tried to make sure we read... READ MORE
Mariam Bashua
A little tricky at fast but slowly getting fun
I received this game and it looked amazing, however its a little tricky to start off and I had to resort to youtube videos…..however once you get the rules... READ MORE
Amy  Nolan
Good fun for families, we love Azul!
Initially, we struggled to understand the rules so I'd recommend reading it ahead of playing with younger people so that you understand how it works. Once ... READ MORE
Jo Dearnaley
All-time favourite board game!
I love this game, very easy to learn and teach others. I played it with both side of families and friends, this is something I don’t often do.
Great game
Azul is a colourful tile drafting strategy game for up to four players. It’s a game where you have to slow down and think and I love that about it. Most ga... READ MORE
Paloma Swiatkowska
Good Family Game
At first I was really confused by it, but once we got the hang of it, it was really fun! My 8 year old Son really enjoyed it, something a bit different to ... READ MORE
Jo Cassidy
Really interesting game!
Received as a free product test we really enjoyed playing this game. Yes it takes a while to get your head around the rules but once you do it’s a great st... READ MORE
Tanya Mccrave
Amazing Azul game for all ages.
We were given this as a free testing product and the whole family had fun. It is a beautifully produced game with arty tiles used to creatively invent pa... READ MORE
Fab family game
My boys really enjoyed this game, age 4 and 8. It's a great concentration and matching game for all ages plus perfect for a bit of quiet time before bed. G... READ MORE
Carrie Ridley
Logical, tactical game
Definitely recommend for age 12+. The rules take a lot of reading and re-reafing to understand. A long aim with lots of smaller steps that add together. Lo... READ MORE
Carla Massey
Easy family fun
A really fun family game which got us all together to build our mosaics. Took a few rounds to get into it but then the gameplay is fast and fun as you try ... READ MORE
Andrew Tran
Beautiful and intuitive
The first thing that strikes you about Azul is the quality of the pieces - rather than using cardboard tiles these are durable plastic and combine to make ... READ MORE
Sam Isaacson
If you’re looking for a new and fun challenge, this is it!
This is the most complicated game we’ve tried playing as a family, but we love it! My 7 year old quickly picked up the rules and aim of the game, and has e... READ MORE
Alison Powell
What a game!
This game is quite difficult to master and I am not 100% convinced we have done it correctly, but what a great game for the family to sit together and try ... READ MORE
Sonya Jones
A great abstract game beautifully made, excellent quality
A lovely family fun game, we enjoyed building our mosaics and trying to work out the best strategy. Took a while to get the rules mastered but great fun f... READ MORE
Fantastic, pretty, satisfying fun
This game is fantastic fun, it brings out the artist in everyone. Creating fantastic mosaics and being competitive with friends in this wall mosaic builder... READ MORE
Ben Colbourne
Such a fun, unique game!
My family and I absolutely love this wonderful new game Azul. The rules are straightforward and easy to follow, despite at first it looking slightly daunti... READ MORE
Zoe Sampson
Azul took some getting used to at first, we had to keep referring to the rules, but once we knew what we were doing, we were well away. The aim of the g... READ MORE
Joanne Rhodes
Amazing for the family
We played with friends so I will say good from about 10 years old, so rules are understood. 2 to 4 players, we thought that it would of been good to be abl... READ MORE
Lidia Fernandez Garcia
The more you play , the better it gets!
First impression was the beauty of the packaging, designs on the tiles, bags and the boards. Very tactile tile pieces. It is a complex game of many stag... READ MORE
Fiona Haward
Instructions could be clearer
The packaging is very vibrant and all pieces and boards are neatly packed and fit in the box. The tiles are well made, and great vibrant colours. The i... READ MORE
Neha Shah
The game's beautiful components and tactile experience add to its overall enjoyment.
We really enjoyed playing Azul.Players take turns drafting coloured tiles to complete patterns on their individual player boards, scoring-points based on ... READ MORE
Frances  Smith
Brilliant game
It’s a very colourful game and good fun for al the family, it’s a 4 player board game and once you get the hang of it, its amazing fun. It took us a few g... READ MORE
Rebecca holley
So confused
We loved the idea of this game but the reality is that we couldn’t understand it at all. My husband is an engineer so not lacking intelligence but even he ... READ MORE
A new favourite!
I am a bit of a board game fanatic so I was so excited to get Azul as I’d heard great things. It certainly lives up to expectations. The rules are a little... READ MORE
Elisabeth Rumble
Great strategy puzzle game for a games night
This is a great strategy puzzle game for a games night with adults and/or older children, my almost 13 year old and 15 year old enjoyed it and it was good ... READ MORE
Rebecca Doherty
Great for gamers and non gamers alike
Azul is a lovely aesthetically pleasing tile placement game. The rule book is easy to follow and as board game hobbyist we picked this up rarely quickly bu... READ MORE
Chelsea Entwistle
We really enjoyed playing this game as a family, it took a while to understand the game but once we got in to it the kids loved it. Lots of fun for everyon... READ MORE
Samantha Noke
The most beautiful game of bingo you'll ever play
Azul is a gorgeous, very addictive bingo style game. The scoring can take a few games to get your head around but once you get going it is brilliant. You c... READ MORE
Love this game!!!
This is quite addictive. We really enjoyed playing it. Very strategic, I still seem to end up with all the wrong tiles
Tan Berry
I just can't seem to understand.
Ok so I have tried and tried again and again to play this game but I just don't understand how it works. My children love this game but sadly im Still on... READ MORE
Fun family game
This is a great game for all the family to play. It is easy to understand and we all loved it from my 9 year daughter to her grandmother. Would recommend
Joanne  Freeman
Funny and original and must play board game!
I think this is one of my favourite game board ever! It's easy to set and super easy to start playing, you only need to build your own mural. The more c... READ MORE
Maria Pujol
Well what can I say
It really does get you thinking. A fun game to play with all the family, once you get your head round the scoring. Playing with two people does help get yo... READ MORE
Chloe Vaughan
Lots of fun
We really enjoyed this game as a family. It looks beautiful first of all and the game play is easy to understand and we could just keep playing all day! Gr... READ MORE
Joanne Chu
Strategic and Engaging
Azul is a “Portuguese mason” game for 2, 3 or 4 players, but the most interesting and exciting (for obvious strategic reasons) are the games with 3 or 4 pl... READ MORE
Taliya Wyte
Great game, with stunning visuals and easy rules
This game is great, the rules are quite easy (and the scoring is easier than it seems) so much so my 4 year old son loves playing too! The older the playe... READ MORE
Silvia  Lozza
Very complicated
I hate leaving bad reviews but I don’t think this game is suitable for 8 year olds, because the game is quite complicated my daughter got bored and frustr... READ MORE
Marti Jeffs
A very different board game for logical minds
This game isn't your "usual" board game. It does require some logic and skill. If you like the labyrinth type games, games of skill and not just rolling a ... READ MORE
Lyndsey Janes
Engaging and beautiful. But only once you have read the rules!
This is a really tactical game once you get to grips with the rules. I tried playing with my 12 year old and he got quite frustrated, but with other family... READ MORE
Rosalind Lawrence
Mastering the Mosaic - A Deep Dive into Azul
Having delved into the vibrant world of Azul with friends, I can confidently say it's a gem of a board game. Despite its initially daunting appearance, the... READ MORE
The Lost Attic
A great game for older kids!
The packaging is beautiful, love the coloured tiles and colourful boards. The scoring is a little complicated but once you’ve got it then you are away. ... READ MORE
Joanne Hayes
Beautiful but So complicated
It says it’s for 8 years plus but even as a 42 year old woman I struggled to take on board the 5 pages of instructions. Unfortunately things like that pu... READ MORE
Claire Vinall-Smith
Love it, great game
I love this game. Its quite strategic and you need to read the rules to understand play and scoring. Playing against the bot on the app helped greatly befo... READ MORE
Marie Edwards
Stunning tiles. Lot of thinking!
Game based on Portuguese tiles. You are a tile laying artist and you have to embellish the walls. There are quite a lot of thinking. Not everyone game ... READ MORE
Eileen Teo
Great game for adults or kids who can concentrate
I personally enjoyed this game. It did take me a little while to get my head around how to play it. I found playing it alongside reading the rules and hav... READ MORE
Heidi Sellors
Good game
we liked this game , need to get your head around the scoring tho , very easy to set up and lovely and bright , easy going from person to person deciding o... READ MORE
sam impey
A beautiful game
We played Azul as a family of 3 (2 adults and 6 year old) and after reading the instructions and having a practice round, we understood the rules and have ... READ MORE
Laura Jones
A Colourful Journey
My Azul Board Game adventure makes me feel like an artist while strategically outwitting my opponents. This board game takes you on a journey of colour and... READ MORE
Artistic game! Whenever I see tiles now I think of this game!
Me and my daughter have played this a few times since getting it. It’s hard to work out to begin which and I found the instructions hard to follow hence wh... READ MORE
Kerrianne Crane
Brilliant game night that all the family can enjoy!
We played this game as a family of four - mum, dad, and two boys 7 and 10. Once we’d got our heads around the instructions (thankfully not too tricky to un... READ MORE
Louise Holdstock
Azul Tiles v the Grey Matter!
Honest review - here goes! Having read the instructions, hubby had to re-read, to make them wife-proof
Alison Thackray
Great once it clicks
Invited my friend over to help me learn Azul after being kindly gifted it. Having ADHD I definitely struggle with learning some games and the points sys... READ MORE
Bright, fun and challenging!!!
I have honestly never played a game like Azul! It is so challenging however so fun and rewarding too! It definitely brought out my family's competitive sid... READ MORE
Melissa Hardy
AZUL v The Grey Matter!
Honest review - here goes! Having read the instructions, hubby had to re-read to make them wife-proof
Alison Thackray
Azul game
A very good tactical game for logical thinkers. When first opening the box it does look really complex and complicated, it isn’t once the instructions are ... READ MORE
Beautiful game that’s also a lot of fun!
This really is such a pretty game to look at. The tiles are just beautiful. We really enjoyed the game. Both my 8 and 12 year olds learnt the rules quickly... READ MORE
Cassie Craner
Brilliant once you get the hang of it!
It took us a moment to get our heads around the rules/scoring but after a trial round or two we really enjoyed the game. We played with our 9 year old who ... READ MORE
Jessica Collyer
Great family game
We hadn’t played Azul till recently, however it’s now played non stop. All the family are enjoying the game. It’s perfect for games night or even lazy... READ MORE
Annabel Ashdown
We’re Hooked
We received this game for free to provide a honest, unbiased review. So let’s just say this game looks complicated, it is unlike any board game we’ve p... READ MORE
Mosaic of Strategic Brilliance
Azul is a captivating board game where players craft stunning tile mosaics, blending elegance with strategic depth. Its accessible mechanics welcome newcom... READ MORE
Prateek Jain
A beautiful game full of layers
The concept of Azul is deceptively easy - lots of beautifully coloured and decorated tiles and you are the royal tile layer. You must choose your tiles to... READ MORE
What an interesting and addictive game it is! I did not expect it to be so good when I first heard about it. As soon as I opened the box, the first impr... READ MORE
Agne Sabestinas
Great game
I had this game sent to me in exchange for a review. Once you have figured out the rules ( we foundcthem confusing, found it easier to just play) this is a... READ MORE